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A first-rate time-saver for First National 

A long-time MYOB Greentree customer makes expense payments easier and quicker by adding eDocs 



First National Real Estate is a real estate network with offices across Australia and New Zealand.  In operation since 1981, they provide administrative services, marketing and training to its members. First National have been a MYOB Greentree customer for over two decades, using it to manage business procedures, financial reporting and compliance. 


Reconciling expenses became a real hassle

For Finance Director, Shane Ryan, managing expenses was increasingly a monthly headache for everyone involved across the organisation. “We have 25 credit card users who are based around Australia,” he says.

“A lot of our staff were sick of the process around collecting all their receipts throughout the month and putting them into a spreadsheet before sending them in.”

The various managers then had to reconcile and approve many separate spreadsheets and receipts. Incorrect or double entries, missing receipts and out-of-sync information meant processing expenses efficiently and in a timely way was impossible. It was time to find a better reconciliation system.

"We looked at other alternatives but the fact that I was already working so well with Greentree made eDocs a really easy decision."

Landing on a better solution by adding eDocs

MYOB Greentree eDocs reduces delays between receipt and approval of receipts and invoices. The information only needs to be entered once, eliminating double handling and printing of documents. Expense receipts, invoice PDFs and emails are captured and automatically entered into the system.

While First National initially wanted a better solution to manage expenses, they soon realised eDocs was also a much more powerful, efficient means of managing all of its payments.

“We could stop printing all of the invoices and having them manually coded,” he says. 

"We can allocate invoices to our managers and have those documents automatically flow through the system."
Adams Pest Control

Greater accuracy, costs saved

eDocs makes First National’s supplier invoice processing far more accurate and leads to considerable savings in printing and paper costs. Signing off on expenses and invoices has become much easier for managers, and staff no longer view putting in an expense claim as a time-consuming burden. 

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"The management team can allocate all of the invoices directly to their budgets. It gives them a better understanding of what happens in their departments."


  • Filing expense claims was a laborious chore
  • Manual entry of expenses 
  • Time wasted reconciling claims
  • Duplication problems
  • Riddled with errors 


  • Approval process automated
  • No longer print and manually enter expenses
  • Processing time dramatically reduced
  • Double entry eliminated
  • Greater accuracy achieved

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