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MYOB delivers efficiency geared for growth

MYOB Exo helped Eeny Meeny automate their stock and ordering processes, giving them the confidence future growth. 



Eeny Meeny sells school stationery and office supplies to customers throughout New Zealand. After years of doing most of its financial and order management manually, it purchased MYOB Exo, in order to handle substantial business growth.


Manual labour becomes impractical

In its early days, Eeny Meeny relied on manual spreadsheets for its accounting and stock management. Kent has “painful” memories of how laborious that was. As the company’s customer base and product range grew, management became more difficult. Eeny Meeny was troubled by lack of inventory visibility.

“There were so many inefficiencies back then, it’s staggering looking back at it now,” Kent recalls. “Stock checking was random – you can do it manually when you’ve got a few hundred lines, but when you’ve got thousands, it’s impossible to manage effectively. We were playing catch-up a lot of the time and running out of stock – it was never up to date.”

"There were so many inefficiencies, it’s staggering looking back at it now."

Venturing into ERP to fit special pricing policies

Venturing for the first time into the ERP space, Eeny Meeny went looking for a reputable business system that could start off by enabling in-house management of its debtors and stock control.

“We were comfortable that Exo could fill our requirements, and we were especially impressed that we were able to incorporate our special pricing policies,” Kent says. Creditor control was added later, and the company set up an e-commerce web portal to allow customers to place orders easily.

"Our processing of orders is seamless now."

Flexible integration is a breakthrough

Exo’s flexibility enabled integration with third-party software applications that handle specialised stock control, CRM and dispatch functions. Order details from the website are fed directly into Exo, which automatically updates details of prices and availability.

Exo has boosted confidence in the integrity of Eeny Meeny’s accounts and enabled an unprecedented depth of reporting.

“Exo holds the key to driving more efficiency because it’s such a core part of the business,” Kent concludes. “It’s provided us a platform where we can continue to grow through offering a consistently high level of service – we’d never have been able to do that without Exo and we’ve had absolutely no regrets about choosing it.”

"Exo holds the key to driving more efficiency because it’s such a core part of the business."


  • Too much manual labour
  • Poor stock visibility
  • Backlog of orders piling up
  • Growth difficult to handle


  • Manual processes automated
  • Live stock visibility
  • Orders processed efficiently
  • Confidence for future growth

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