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Greentree prepares importer for market changes

MYOB Greentree helps Dateline boost its e-commerce presence, and equip them with a seamless inventory system to manage around 6000 SKUs. 



Dateline Imports distributes premium hair care and beauty products to salons throughout New Zealand. With a catalogue containing dozens of products, sold by mobile representatives, customer service staff and via the web, strong inventory management is essential.


Keeping track of changing trends

Dateline credits its Greentree ERP system with giving it the total visibility that ensures best-quality customer service, sound management processes and profitable performance. It’s also ready to face big changes in sales and marketing.

“Our business can change literally within an hour of things developing, and being able to upload new data in the course of a day is fantastic,” says Dateline’s Director Troy Little. “In order to stay competitive you have to be aggressive and be willing to do more promotions, offer better deals or reduced margin. A solid, flexible ERP system becomes even more important.”

"Greentree has given us live visibility of our business."

Mobility and best analysis

Dateline processes upwards of 700 orders a week. Apart from phone and web orders, its sales reps on the road have access to Greentree on iPads, integrated via the Saleslink mobile application.

“We don’t have any paper reports from the field staff, which makes them more time-efficient, saves trees, and means we have instant access to information they supply,” Troy says.

Automated order entry and inventory control, integrated with financial management, ensure a seamless flow of data from the time a container is landed till the contents are unloaded at the warehouse, the orders are despatched, and invoices are sent out.

"Greentree plays a vital role in showing us what is selling and what’s not."

A system geared to handle big changes

The addition of Greentree Webstore has boosted Dateline’s e-commerce business, which will only increase with the launch of a new web portal. The Workflow live Active Desktops have also delivered major benefits for Troy and his staff.

Troy is now able to drill down whenever he wants a particular set of figures, and IQ enables monthly reports to be generated in a matter of minutes.

“The automation delivered by Greentree through Webstore enables the most efficient handling and tracking of orders, and IQ gives us the best view of where the money is coming and going. Change is coming whether we like it or not, and I believe our investment in Greentree makes us well equipped to handle those future challenges.”

"Our investment in Greentree makes us well equipped to handle future challenges."


  • Lack of visibility of sales and inventory data
  • Data never up to date


  • Live visibility across the company
  • Seamless inventory management
  • Easy to extract reports
  • Equipped to handle future challenges

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