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We took Australian Uniform Service to the next level

Founded in 2001, Australian Uniform Service enjoyed significant growth throughout its first 14 years, expanding to 115 staff across three sites in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane by 2015.



Specialising in commercial laundry, Australian Uniform Service purchases and leases uniforms. Once a week – or as per contract – they deliver freshly laundered uniforms to their clients, and pick up any soiled uniforms for cleaning and repair.


A stitch in time saves nine

Before switching to MYOB Exo Business, Australian Uniform Service used Alliant (an industry specific solution) for most of its business. Not to mention MYOB AccountRight for creditors, payroll and reporting – with BudgetLink as well. It was all too much.

“It was very frustrating collating three systems,” said Jan McIntyre, the company’s Financial Administrator.

“Reporting was time consuming and needed to be improved.”

"We looked at other systems but they weren’t suitable for our needs."
the solution

Choosing MYOB Exo Business

Making large changes in a business is a big deal, and it’s valuable to have a helping hand. In this case, Australian Uniform Service teamed up with Momentum Software Solutions to make sure MYOB Exo was rolled out without a problem.

Of course, every company is unique, and some customisation was required to fine-tune Exo to the specific requirements of the business.

“We have several bank accounts, so we had some customisation done to the cashbook process to automate the selection of the correct account, which reduced errors and re-work,” Jan said.

“I was originally concerned about the admin officers being able to understand Exo, but it didn’t take long for them to feel confident working in the new system,” says Jan. 

"Users picked up Exo really quickly."

Tailoring Exo to the laundry industry

Exo is extremely configurable to individual businesses, and that’s what helped Australian Uniform Service tackle its unique accounting problems – such as depreciation of uniforms.

“Running multiple branches or outlets is very common, but not well handled in off-the-shelf software. Exo handles it well, and with good control,” said Jan.

When it comes to streamlined processes, Exo has helped Jan save hours juggling several different disparate products. “We now have one system that handles our accounting, payroll, HR and assets needs. The difference is huge. We have dramatically reduced the time taken to prepare management reports and have real-time visibility.”

“[Exo] has positioned us for future growth.”


  • Running several disparate software systems
  • Security concerns regarding controlling data between three separate sites
  • Lack of customisability meant ‘band-aid’ solutions were needed


  • Stronger, more timely reporting tailored to specific business needs
  • Centralised accounting system with data security between branches
  • Customised P&L reports allow for more accurate forecasting

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