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MYOB Greentree adds big value for produce grower

A.S. Wilcox is a family-owned business, growing potatoes, carrots and onions in four locations around New Zealand, for the local market and for export. Its MYOB Greentree system fills its special tracking and reporting requirements, while the addition of eDocs has brought major savings in time and paperwork.



Potatoes are Wilcox’s biggest produce line and it markets them in a wide variety of pack sizes,  cooking types and taste preferences. The orders are processed in two large packing sheds located in the North and South islands. With a need for detailed batch tracking, swift processing and complex grower payment calculations, Wilcox gave the job to Greentree ERP.

the problem

External database hard to use

Previously, Wilcox had processed sales reporting and grower payments outside of Greentree in an Access database. This required a lot of manual work and reconciliation to ensure the integrity of the data that was being imported into the ERP system.

"When we get an order it’s got to be out the door within 24 or even 12 hours."
the solution

Trees deliver easily manageable information

“We make extensive use of the trees in Greentree,” CFO Bruce Rowe says. “We report by customer group and product group. Each customer links in to different trees and we also define the different products we sell by certain trees and classifications. We also use them to do our grower payment calculations.

“The trees give you a lot of flexibility and they’re quite user-friendly. You can change them yourself without having to pay a developer to do it.”

"The trees in Greentree give you a lot of flexibility and they’re quite user-friendly."
the outcome

Reporting simplified, paperwork slashed

A key Greentree benefit for Wilcox is its ease of integration with Excel, where all the financial reporting is managed. Wilcox’s varying business cycles bear no relation to the standard financial year. Excel enables the company to create its own business cycles, and moving the data from Greentree into Excel is a quick and simple task.

“Being able to change the variables easily and then extract that data has been very valuable,” says Bruce. “Errors in data entry are greatly reduced, and having everything linked with all the draw-down capabilities within the one system is also a major benefit.”

The addition of eDocs has delivered even greater efficiency, with AP paperwork virtually eliminated.

Wilcox also adopted Greentree’s Workflow desktops, enabling easier tracking of sales orders. Some special tweaking by the MYOB Partner enabled that all-important batch tracking.

"Time-wise, getting rid of the paper has been a massive achievement."


  • Database calculations were slow
  • Too much manual labour
  • Too much paperwork


  • Data errors greatly reduced
  • Integration with Excel streamlines reporting
  • Data is easy to extract and manipulate
  • AP paperwork all but eliminated via eDocs
  • Transaction trees flexible and user-friendly

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