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MYOB Exo has Abode Living covered.

With 24 years of experience, Abode Living has a huge customer base. But when its website took off, the company needed a new system to manage its complex inventory and customer records.



Founded in 1991, family owned Abode Living is Australia’s leading manufacturer of luxury bed linen. What sets the Abode Living products apart is the family’s close relationship to the manufacturing and design process. The factory, office and warehouse are right behind the showroom.

As the company prides itself on selling the best quality products, and providing customers with made to order items, shipped within 24 hours, a greater level of efficiency was needed.


An all-in-one solution

Abode Living previously used a point of sales system called ERP Australia to stay on top of stock, customers and the retail store. “Then our website took off dramatically, but it wasn’t connected to our stock control or our customer records,” says Ben Adair, Abode Living Operations Director, during his interview with SmartCompany.

Ben continues, “We wanted a system where a customer could order in-store or online and it would be processed with the same account. And likewise, for stock, where we could update a record in one place, for example prices, for both in-store and online.” So the company started the search for a new all-in-one system.

"Exo has everything we need without being too complicated."

Beauty is only skin deep

Abode Living looked at a number of systems and discovered many looked great but weren’t flexible. “As soon as you needed to customise something or add functionality, it either gets expensive or it won’t let you do it,” Ben explains.

Abode Living finally settled on MYOB Exo. “Exo has everything we need without being too complicated. It’s quite flexible,” says Ben. “We’re implementing Exo in two stages, because we’re both a retailer and manufacturer,” he continues. “So we’ve already implemented it in the retail side of our business, and we’re doing the scoping for the manufacturing side at the moment.”

"Exo has provided us with a high level of confidence."

Time to relax

Ben is happy with his decision to use Exo. “It’s simple to use. It has anything we need without being too complicated,” he explains.

One of the biggest contributions Exohas made to Abode Living is giving the company peace of mind. “Exo has provided us a high level of confidence,” says Ben. “Confidence in the figures and confidence in knowing that we can get the customisations we need going forward.”

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  • Unable to calculate GP margin
  • Couldn’t link system with website
  • Difficult to update or improve functions


  • Less double handling
  • Customised reports specific to Abode Living’s needs
  • Greater functionality & stock control
  • Accurate figures

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