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General Practice Training Tasmania (GPTT) is a not-for-profit organisation that draws most of its funding from the Department of Health to train general practitioners in the island state. At any time it can be responsible for around 150 doctors training to be GPs, running workshops that provide the non-clinical element of their training.


Tricky cost centres, labour-heavy reporting

“I have to deliver monthly reports to our board, as well as regular reports to the Department and other funding providers,” explains Tricia Minck, Director Corporate Services.

 Tricia was spending too much time extracting data from the system and manipulating it to compile the budgets. This manual work on spreadsheets brought a risk of errors, and then she’d have to spend more time examining the budgets line by line when the figures didn’t reconcile.

The approvals process for expenditure was another heavy user of time and paper. Documents would be printed, the code written on them, and then sent to the various cost-centre owners for approval before being entered manually into the system.

“We needed to lift our game and find a system that could automate processes and reduce paperwork,” Tricia says.

"We have to manage numerous cost centres and we also needed to improve our approvals system."

Integration and streamlined reporting

GPTT assessed its needs: integration, reporting, and electronic data management that any approved person in the organisation could access.

“Greentree really appealed to me because of its FREE reporting engine,” says Tricia. “The Workflow live desktops and the WebView electronic viewing module were also major points for us, along with having integrated Fixed Assets.”

Tricia is saving hours of work through being able to drill down into the database to get just what she needs for a regular or ad hoc report. Using FREE, she just updates the data and the reports are generated on the spot. Reconciliations are quickly and easily resolved. The integration of Fixed Assets has removed the need to run depreciation manually and to search for paper invoices.


"Greentree really appealed to me because of its FREE reporting engine."

Seamless flow of information, approvals a breeze

“WebView delivers amazing benefits,” she says. “Being able to send reports to the budget centre managers with comments added makes life so much easier. WebView also lets our managers access information themselves, rather than having to ask my staff to do it for them.”

Rules in Workflow Approvals & Alerts send invoices via email for approval, with automatic escalation for approvals of expenditure above a certain limit. Managers also get an automatic email reminder if an approval isn’t returned within three days.

 “MYOB Greentree has improved the standard of our reports considerably. It’s made the running of reports and access to reports so much easier for everyone – that was always my focus and I’m delighted with what it’s helped us to achieve.”

"Greentree will make the journey much easier and assist the prospects for success."


  • Cost centre management slow and difficult
  • Reports took too long to extract
  • Unable to budget at cost centre level
  • Excessive paperwork
  • Cumbersome approvals process


  • All cost centres easily updated
  • Reports simple to extract
  • Paperwork slashed
  • Processes automated

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