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Resources and information on the upcoming product enhancements that will help provide you with more control and visibility when managing leave entitlements

The New Zealand Holidays Act 2003 is the fundamental piece of legislation outlining leave entitlements for employees. It is widely acknowledged that  the Act  is a complex piece of legislation and  issues of   implementation  have  posed challenges for a range of public and private sector  organisations.

As part of MYOB’s ongoing software review process, we regularly assess our product capabilities to ensure we are evolving our product suite to meet our  customers’  needs, as well as seeking to help them satisfy current compliance obligations.

We have identified issues with our New Zealand Exo Employer Services product which may have affected  some calculations  made using these products.  Predominantly, these relate to the calculation of leave rates or entitlements  for some employees who have varied hours and pay  and the treatment of changes to work and leave patterns. 

As each business is different, customers will need to assess whether the issues apply to them and the steps required to satisfy their obligations under the New Zealand Holidays Act 2003. This is likely to include reviewing their HR and payroll records, particularly in respect of employees with variable hours and pay or whose work or leave patterns have changed over time.

We have a dedicated team  of MYOB payroll software specialists  available to assist our customers  to assess whether they may have been impacted by this issue.

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Before you upgrade

In the meantime, we recommend you review your HR and payroll practices with regards to the following items:

  1. Review records for up to the last 6 years to check that entitlements stored in days/hours have been recalculated for employees whose work patterns have changed 

  2. Check work pattern changes are documented in employment agreements 

  3. Review and confirm employee’s current leave balances and entitlements 

  4. Review your internal process for managing ongoing changes in work patterns 

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Frequently asked questions

What assistance and support will you be offering me?  Toggle Section

We  are working with  all  our  NZ payroll  customers to assist them in identifying  if  they may have been impacted by this issue. 

We have a dedicated team of MYOB payroll  software specialists available to assist you as you work through this process.  You can  request  a call back for a phone consultation with one of  these  team members using the Holidays Act Hub. Following this call, we  will also be able to share more detailed information with you and provide you with further assistance.

Once you have had a chance to review  this additional information, just book in another call back and our team will be happy to assist you further.

I’m waiting for my call back, what do I do in the meantime? Toggle Section

There are a number of  helpful  resources  available  on  the Holidays Act Hub  on our  website,  and we recommend you download these as  a starting point.   These  documents  are designed to  help you identify  if your business may be impacted  and give  you  a guide on what you might  need to action prior to our call  with you. 

Enterprise customers can also contact their Business Partner / Account Manager for queries related to this issue. 

Can I call your usual support number about this? Toggle Section

Working through the Holidays Act issues we have communicated  is complex, and as a result we have a dedicated team of payroll support  specialists  available to assist you to identify if you may have been impacted by this issue. 

We also have online resources available to both our SME and Enterprise customers  on the Holidays Act Hub  on  our website.  The Hub  includes  an  online appointment booking capability/call-back request form  (to talk to one of our specialists) and  provides  access to  FAQs and other relevant information relating to this matter.

Our  general  payroll  support  team is  still  available  to help you with  everyday support queries  and can be reached on  0800 223 729. 

Can I talk to a specialist using Live Chat? Toggle Section

We don’t believe live chat is the best approach  to assist with this issue as it is  complex  to work through.  We  have  established  a dedicated  specialist  support team to help  customers  with  their  enquiries directly related to this issue. 

If you would like to book  a call-back,  phone  consultations can be booked  using  the  call-back request form on our Holidays Act Hub.

Speak with a specialist

Arrange your phone consultation with one of our MYOB payroll software specialists.