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Resources and information on product enhancements that will help provide you with more control and visibility when managing leave entitlements

The New Zealand Holidays Act 2003 is the fundamental piece of legislation outlining leave entitlements for employees. It is widely acknowledged that the Act is a complex piece of legislation and issues of  implementation  have  posed challenges for a range of public and private sector  organisations.

As part of MYOB’s ongoing software review process, we regularly assess our product capabilities to ensure we are evolving our product suite to meet our customers’ needs, as well as seeking to help them satisfy current compliance obligations. 

In 2020 We identified issues with our New Zealand MYOB Essentials product which may have affected some calculations made using these products.  Predominantly, these relate to the calculation of leave rates or entitlements for some employees who have varied hours and pay and the treatment of changes to work and leave patterns. 

As each business is different, customers will need to assess whether the issues apply to them and the steps required to satisfy their obligations under the New Zealand Holidays Act 2003. This is likely to include reviewing their HR and payroll records, particularly in respect of employees with variable hours and pay or whose work or leave patterns have changed over time.

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