PayGlobal The Loop - Spring 2018

Farewell John Rynearson and welcome Manny Kokkonis

John Rynearson and Manny Kokkonis

The incumbent Support Manager, John Rynearson, has taken up a new challenge within MYOB. John has joined the PayGlobal Sales team as a Key Account Manager. After successful positions in support and development spanning seven years, we have no doubt his wealth of experience and knowledge will benefit our clients a great deal. The extroverted and charismatic Kiwi (née Texan) will be missed by his former team, who wish him every success. John says, “the Support Team means a great deal to me so I’m very pleased that Manny has taken up the team leader role – I know the team and our clients are in good hands!”

This has opened an opportunity for Manny Kokkonis to take a leadership role within the MYOB PayGlobal Support team. As a long-standing member of the support team, Manny has built some great relationships with our clients and looks forward to building on the support team's existing strengths. Manny says, “John leaves me with a very steady ship to sail. I’m looking forward to the obvious challenges of a new role and continuing the good work of our steadfast support team. We are constantly trying to improve and always welcome your feedback.”

Tips & Tricks – Windows 10 update

Windows 10

If you log into the cloud to access PayGlobal and use a Windows 10 computer? Then you have probably experienced a very frustrating problem where the PayGlobal application is minimised when started. The problem is mostly apparent for users with multiple screens or users that login from multiple computers with the same account.

The support team have investigated the problem along with the development team. We have found you can bring the application back up onto the screen by pressing the Windows key and Up arrow simultaneously. However, the same problem occurs the next time you start the application.

Some good news, there appears to be a permanent fix for this problem in the latest Windows 10 updates. Please check with your IT team and run the latest Microsoft updates to upgrade to Windows 10 version 1803 build 17134.285 or later.

Finding it slow navigating to the PayGlobal inbox?


If you find it is slow navigating to the PayGlobal inbox. You can remove old messages from the Message Table to speed things up. The following script can be provided to your IT team if your database is in-house. Or if hosted online, the PayGlobal Support can assist.

Important: Before you run this script, we recommend that you test it by replacing DELETE with SELECT *.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Navigate to the database.
  3. Click New Query.
  4. Run the following SQL script:

DELETE Message WHERE FolderID = 2 AND ModifiedDate < 'YYYY-MM-DD'

Note 1. ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ is the year, month and day (date) of the last message that you want to keep.
Note 2. See below for FolderID explanation.

The FolderID refers to Local Folder. Details follow:

  • '0' is the Inbox.
  • '1' is the Outbox.
  • '2' is Sent.
  • '3' is Deleted