PayGlobal The Loop - Autumn 2019

Meet the team – Cara Drabble

Cara is originally from Christchurch and has been working in Australia for the last 5 years in various disciplines including working as a Pilot, Dolphin feeder and Photographer at an island resort and a Croupier in Perth. Having recently completed a year of overseas travel, she returns to PayGlobal in Christchurch after a 6-year hiatus from the Support team and brings her previous 6 years of experience with the PayGlobal product back to our team. On deciding to move ‘back home’ she is taking every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in the great Summer weather we’ve been having, recently going white water rafting!

Q. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?
A. Afternoon naps

Q. Who is your favourite cartoon character?
A. Stewie Griffin

Q. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
A. Therianthropy (Animal metamorphosis)

Q. What book are you reading?
A. Motherfoclóir, Dispatches from a not so dead language, Darach Ó Séaghdha.

Cara Drabble

2019 Tax Release Software and Documents

The 2019 NZ Tax Release was made available in early March, and we expect the 2019 AU Tax Release to be available in early June.  Make sure you have an active login for our client web portal: Access to the site is driven by our authorised contact list.

The software section of the site includes installers for the current versions of the core PayGlobal application, along with release notes and updated manuals.  On premise clients who have not opted for an MYOB PayGlobal Tax Upgrade Package will need to download the software and install it.

Tax upgrades are included as part of the PayGlobal Online service, but Online users will still find plenty of useful documentation and how-to guides in Documentation & Learning library.

For clients with NZ databases, time is running out to book an end-of-year tax package to ensure your compliance. For clients with AU databases, you should be able to book your tax package by early April. Please look out for our email notification.


Definition of a Week / Holiday Start date

After upgrading to the 2019 NZ tax release, you will be able to pay annual leave that spans multiple pay periods at a rate that is compliant with the MBIE guidance.

There is a new tab “Definition Of Week” that allows you to specify what constitutes an employee’s usual work week.

Screen shot
Annual Leave

You will be prompted to add these for every new employee. But it is not required unless you are setup to use the new rate rules.

Screen shot

Transaction View will automatically include the employee’s original Holiday Start Date for employees who have submitted a single leave request in ESS, that spans multiple periods.

Note: For all other methods of getting annual leave into Transaction View, the new Holiday Start Date field value defaults to the transaction Start Date.  This must be adjusted manually by the payroll user if it is not the correct start date of the leave.

The employee’s holiday pay will be calculated using the new Holiday Start Date when the associated rates are setup to use “H2003calc” rate calculations.

Please refer to release notes and following help articles for further information.

  • Help File topic #2691 - Holiday Start Date
  • Help File topic #1981 - Show Weeks Absent
  • Help File topics #10706 & 10708 - Definition of Week
  • Help File topic #2090 - New PW and QW Factor calcs
  • Help File topic #2093 - New PW and QW rate calcs

Payday Filing Update

Now is the time to be Payday Filing compliant. The Tax Release Software includes Payday Filing functionality to ensure your compliance. We’re happy to report that manual file upload is available to you. Instructions and guidelines on how to use Payday Filing are included within the Release Notes on

Post 1 April, we will continue to work with you to streamline and automate the process. For any questions, please contact your Account Manager or the PayGlobal Support Team if you have any questions.

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