How much is your current payroll solution costing your business?

Data processing, split pay runs and manual onboarding costs your team time.
Find out how much you could save every year.

Outdated systems can slow your payroll team down
when it comes to processing important payroll information

According to research commissioned by MYOB and conducted by Forrester Consulting, employees
can spend over 32% of their working week on manual tasks.

This not only leads to errors, but can also impact your bottom line.

Find out how efficient your systems are and get insight into your potential savings with our productivity calculator.

Each month on average, your business spends:

hours onboarding new hires
hours collating and reconciling
data for payroll
hours collating, reviewing
and reformatting data
hours running split payroll processes
hours submitting, reviewing and
processing leave applications
On average, you could be saving   hours per year
That’s   weeks each year

* Calculations based on 12 pay cycles per year

Speak to a cloud specialist to find out how much money you could save

A payroll solution with connected and automated digital workflows can
reduce wasted hours and boost your team’s efficiency.

Get in touch with an MYOB cloud specialist to understand how to better connect
your workflows and reduce manual tasks in your business.

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