How much is your current payroll solution costing your business?

Data processing, split pay runs and manual onboarding costs your team time.
Find out how much you could save every year.

Outdated systems can slow your payroll team down
when it comes to processing important payroll information

According to recent research, employees can spend over 32% of their working week on manual tasks.
This not only leads to errors, but can also impact your bottom line.

After all, time is money.

A payroll solution with connected, automated and digital workflows can
reduce wasted hours and boost your workflow efficiency.

Speak to one of our specialists to identify ways to improve your workflows and discover
your potential annual savings with a health check on your current system.

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Free your people to do better work from anywhere
with MYOB Advanced Payroll


Reduce time consuming and
error-prone manual tasks with
connected, automated and
digital workflows


Enjoy peace of mind knowing
you’re always up to date with
NZ tax rates, awards rules and
automatic product releases


Empower your people
with access to real-time
information whenever and
wherever they need it


Drive your business forward with
reporting and insights based on
accurate, real-time data, from
one single source of truth