Safeguard your data in MYOB PayGlobal Online with two-factor authentication

A small step for you, a giant leap for your security.

Two-factor authentication makes your data safer

With MYOB PayGlobal, your focus should be on managing your payroll, not worrying if it's safe. Confidentiality is crucial to managing your workforce and two-factor authentication drastically increases protection of your payroll cycles, super, overtime and penalty rate data. Even if your passwords are compromised, two-factor authentication keeps your data safe.

Introducing two-factor authentication to MYOB PayGlobal Online

Two-factor authentication (or 2FA) is the best way to enhance the safety of your data. We’ve partnered up with the trusted security experts at Duo Security to add this extra layer of security to MYOB PayGlobal Online.

2FA functionality will be added to your MYOB PayGlobal Online account, and is a simple addition to your sign-in process. When you use your current username and password to log in, a prompt will be pushed to the Duo mobile app on your mobile device.  All you need to do is to accept the in-app prompt as the next sign-in step and you'll be logged in, just like before. Watch this video to learn more.

Someone might be able to guess your password, but they won't get far without the 2FA code, which is different every time. 2FA goes a long way to making sure your data is protected more than ever before.

What do I need to do?


Install the Duo mobile app

Get ready for 2FA by pre-installing the Duo mobile app on your phone. Download it now at the Apple App Store or Google Play App Store.


Enrol into Duo

When we turn on 2FA, you’ll receive an email inviting you to enrol into Duo. You’ll need to complete the process before your next login. It’s easy and only takes 2 minutes.


Sign in

Simply log in to PayGlobal via the Web Gateway and you’ll be prompted for 2FA.

That’s it!

All your data is now safer, and you can use the app to keep it that way when you log in.


General questions

Is 2FA compulsory? Toggle Section

Yes, it is. MYOB PayGlobal Online will require all users to use two-factor authentication to keep your data safe. Without registering and enrolling in the new process, you won’t be able to log in after 23 January 2020.

We’ve done this to protect your account and the sensitive data within your account. This simple tool drastically reduces the changes of fraud, data loss or identity theft.

Do I need to pay for 2FA? Toggle Section

We’ve added 2FA to MYOB PayGlobal Online at no extra cost to you.

Can I register multiple accounts to the same device? Toggle Section

Yes, you can. We do, however recommend registering one device per person to ensure the best security measures are put in place for your account.

I don’t want to use my mobile phone for 2FA. Is there another method available? Toggle Section

Not at this stage. If you don’t want to use a mobile phone to register for 2FA, please contact your MYOB sales specialist or our MYOB PayGlobal Support Team for more information.


What if I have trouble signing in with 2FA? Toggle Section

If you get stuck signing in, we’re here to help. Please contact our MYOB PayGlobal Support team who are available to assist you.  

You can also find more information in these troubleshooting articles for Andriod or iOS devices.

Why have I been prompted twice for 2FA when logging in? Toggle Section

For all users, when you’ve registered for two-factor authentication and downloaded the Duo mobile app, you will be prompted to start 2FA when logging in to your account from 23 January 2020. Depending on how you log in whether through the Web Gateway, or a Remote Desktop shortcut saved to your computer, you may need to accept two prompts for 2FA when logging in to ensure access to your data is secured.

If you’re using the Remote Desktop Web Gateway:

Please log in as normal and follow the prompts to log in with 2FA. If you see the below screen, please confirm the prompt again and launch ‘Start PayGlobal’. This step makes protecting your sensitive data more secure when using the Remote Desktop Web Gateway.

screenshot of show details dropdown

If you’re using a Remote Desktop shortcut saved on your Desktop:

Please log in as normal and follow the prompts to log in with 2FA. You will only be prompted once.

What does ‘Remember Me’ do? Toggle Section

If you select ‘Remember Me’ you won’t be prompted for 2FA for the period specified – and, your account will still remain secure.

This option will only be visible when logging in via the Remote Desktop Web Gateway and will only apply to the Remote Desktop Web Gateway.

If you’re finding the Remember Me option is greyed out, please refer to this article for more information.