Exo Tips & Tricks - Winter 2018

The challenges of processing employee leave in the New Zealand environment

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It was great to hear recently via the various NZ media sources that the government is putting together a task force to review potential changes to the Holidays Act.

As the legislation has existed for years, its emerged many employers were operating under different interpretations of the Act. Even government departments were not immune, such as the NZ Police, Corrections and even the MBIE – the government department we go to for advice in these matters!

The Holidays Act states there are two ways to calculate holiday pay, either on the basis of ordinary weekly pay or an employee’s average weekly earnings over the past 12 months. Employers should be paying whichever option gives the employee the most money. On top of this there can be such a range of variations in hours, taking commissions into account or any other variable pay. The definition what constitutes 12 months (days/weeks) itself can be challenging to understand.

The Holidays Act was originally designed for workers with regular working patterns, but as we all know the labour market has changed to be increasingly resourced by shift workers, casual workers and a whole host of flexible working agreements. Performance based remuneration also comes into play.

MYOB has been lobbying the government for many years to simplify the Holidays Act so we’re delighted to hear of a positive step in this direction. The Exo Employer Services Support team receive a high volume of calls regarding this area and we’ve worked hard to create a number of KnowledgeBase articles to provide some assistance to our customers in this area. You may find these useful over the coming months.

The KnowledgeBase can be accessed through your software Help menu or directly at myobexo.custhelp.com

Saving time in MYOB Exo

Did you know that there are a number of utilities built into your Exo Payroll software that can potentially resolve as much as 80% of the common errors that are reported to support?

Here are a couple of great timesavers for Exo Payroll software users and IT teams, with the added bonus of saving you a phone call to the support team!

Utility number 1 – network.exe: This utility basically reconnects all system files and dlls in your software that may have been affected by corruption, power loss or simple glitches in a networked environment. See this article for a more in-depth description and instructions on how to run this stress busting utility.

Utility number 2 – file reindex: Another utility that works to reconnect several key database files within the software. See this article for instructions how to run this little gem and when it might be required. Error 2066 in a networked environment is a prime candidate for this utility.

Utility number 3 – Report Views. The best kept secret in Exo Payroll shouldn’t be a secret!  The report views (Accessed from Reports menu > Report Views) allow you to chop and change what information you want shown, what you want to export, and allows you to save many different views creating personalised reports.   The report views allow you to see your pay, leave and employee information like never before.  The Holiday Pay view is especially powerful giving you real insight into your companies leave liabilities. 

Check out the videos on our education centre for more information on the Employee and Pay lists.

Be sure to check out other available options in the Fix Utilities screen of your Exo Payroll software and save yourself some time this winter.

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How do I get the latest version of the Exo Employer Services Payroll Software?

MYOB software

There are several reasons you may need to install a fresh copy of the payroll software. You may find you have a new PC, or as an IT Administrator you may be required to reinstall the software in your environment, or you may have had issues with your current installation and the logical option seems to be a fresh install.

Each time we release a new version of the software we update the download link on our KnowledgeBase to ensure the most current version is always available to you.

There's also easy to follow articles to give you a helping hand to reinstall your software. You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is.

See the Recommended links section at myobexo.custhelp.com

Training has a new home


To help you get the most out of MYOB Exo Employer Services, MYOB runs training throughout the year. We normally let you know about training at the time you need it most: end of calendar year and end of financial year.

However, we know that not everything happens when you expect it. Sometimes you have new starters who need training on the system, or an unusual pay event to be put through and you could do with some on-demand help.  Or perhaps you need a system health check, at a time that works for your business.

You can now access and book the training and professional services support you need here, in the new MYOB Exo Employer Services training home. Here you can review and book in face-to-face support and training in a class room, or access on-demand webinars at your own convenience. All costs will be invoiced back to your organisation, so you don’t even need a credit card to access the help you need.

Looking for professional services support that isn’t listed? Just send us an email to enterprise.services@myob.com and we’ll see how we can help.