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Unless you’re a purveyor of fine brews, a bar owner or restaurant manager you might not be aware of the implications when the beer runs dry. Thirsty patrons, anyone? Thank goodness for entrepreneur and MYOB Head Start for Start Ups 2018 finalist, Adrian Wills. He’s also the founder of start up, Trickle, a tech-based beer monitoring system.

“I’m a problem solver. I like getting stuck into other people’s problems and helping them find a solution”

You could say that Adrian has made a career out of problem solving, having spent many years creating software solutions which help make people’s day to day lives easier. He got the idea for Trickle while he was working as a software developer at his last company, which had a beer tap. Sure, it was a great perk, but come beer o’clock every Friday, it would inevitably run out. What started out as a side project to keep the work beer taps flowing soon became a bona fide business idea. He realised that accurately measuring, recording and keeping track of beer would be valuable to anyone who owns a beer tap. Every bar, in other words.

Adrian first encountered MYOB during last year’s Head Start for Start Ups competition. It was a fantastic experience where he reached the finals and received expert pitch mentoring from Dan Khan at ZeroPoint Ventures. Adrian pitched his business concept onstage to an audience of industry professionals. A year later, he’s still using the business advice he received.

“You should absolutely enter the Head Start for Start Ups Competition. It was exciting to get out there and pitch”

But life before MYOB looked very different. Let’s just say that Adrian Wills and accounting weren’t always the best of friends. Like a lot of small business owners, time management was a sticking point. However, these days, MYOB helps him get more done and he doesn’t have to set aside a full day at the end of each month for invoicing and reconciliations, like he used to. Knowing his bookwork is sorted is the most important part of his business next to the actual Trickle product.

“MYOB has just helped me get more done with my time. For most people it's the most important thing you need. Knowing that I can rely on MYOB to do all the nitty gritty stuff and not have to touch a spreadsheet means I can just get on with the business.”

What Adrian loves about MYOB

Cash flow visibility

Adrian loves that at any given time on any day, he knows exactly where he stands with his cash fow, allowing him to plan more accurately and make better informed business decisions.

Adrian Willis photograph

Admin made easy

Adrian makes a great analogy between MYOB and Trickle: “It’s about taking a piece of admin that someone doesn't want to deal with and making it easier for them.”

Adrian Willis photograph

Cloud-based flexibility

“With MYOB, it’s knowing that everything’s right there in the cloud,” which for Adrian, means he can easily sort through payments and invoices during any little bits of spare time he gets.

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