Stand Tall, Leap High

New Zealand businesswomen and Silver Ferns share their
story, inspiration and advice on achieving success.

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What does it take to be the
best of the best?

We believe the qualities for success are in every woman’s grasp – whether in sport,
business, art or science. And confidence is key.

Episode 1: Motivation, building high performance teams, balance & finding your passion – Irene Van Dyk and Cecilia Robinson

Episode 2: Balance, asking for help & confidence – Ameliaranne Ekenasio and Fiona Gower

Episode 3: Courage, support & confidence – Gina Crampton and Marisa Fong

Episode 4: Resilience, success & lucky breaks – Bernice Mene and Julie Christie

Episode 5: Doing the work, Confronting fear, Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable – Shannon Saunders and Lisa King

Episode 6: Staying focused, Dealing with failure, Building confidence – Phoenix Karaka and Ezel Kokcu

Episode 7: The Secret to success, Staying motivated, Mental strength & resilience – Michaela Sokolich-Beatson and Shandre Kushor

Episode 8: Finding Inspiration, Building a team that shares your vision, Finding your purpose – Linda Vagana and Carmen Vicelich

Episode 9: Courage, Believing in yourself, Following your intuition – Jane Watson and Helen Robinson

Episode 10: New way of leadership, Looking after yourself and Pushing the boundaries – Jennie Wyllie and Kylie Shine