Cracking the Success Code

Achieve the success you want by watching the episodes below that feature the actionable advice of other successful women in business.

What is the formula for success?

The reality for most entrepreneurs or business owners is the need to take action despite not feeling certain, confident or that things are right. Backing yourself to take action seems to be the common formula for creating success. Discover how to achieve this confidence by watching the first of our four episodes to be released every two weeks.

Episode 1: MYOB – Cracking the Success Code
Leading psychologist Sara Chatwin, shares the key characteristics of successful people and her blueprint for growing confidence from our successes.

Episode 2: Desire – Olivia Storm, The Smile Initiative
The first of the 3 “D’s” blueprint to success is about identifying the level of desire and commitment to actionable steps to make your idea happen. Desire without commitment is often the cause of failing to realise dreams and it starts with believing in yourself and what you want to achieve. It’s about getting really excited about your project to feel that sense of "buy in" so that you can harness your energy to create the drive to move forward.