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Success is listening and leading, staying focused, and working as a team. New Zealand has the fourth highest number of women business owners in the world* and is first for creating strong opportunities for women entrepreneurs to thrive. Despite our impressive global ranking, there is a disproportionate gap in the activity rate of entrepreneurship between men and women due to a number of cultural and social reasons. This is why MYOB is committed to providing Kiwi business women with a unique place to access resources designed specifically to help them start and grow a business.

How MYOB helps

At MYOB, we’re helping to grow the number of female entrepreneurs by sharing authentic and actionable advice from other successful women in business and sport. That’s because in the early stages of business, access to practical know-how and technology are the key enablers of success. You can start taking advantage of our helpful content today. Below you’ll find everything from conversations between successful Kiwi female entrepreneurs and our World Champion Silver Ferns, right through to a range of resources that can make a difference to your business now.

Stand Tall, Leap High

New Zealand business women and Silver Ferns share their story, inspiration and advice on achieving success.

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Inspiring women in business

We don’t just tell you the news – we share stories of business people just like you.

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Inspiring business woman.

Cracking the Success Code

Achieve your success by learning from other female leaders in business.

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Sara Chatwin - Psychologist

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*In New Zealand, women make up one in three business owners, the fourth highest rate in the world (33.0%) as a percentage of total business owners.