The new Connected Ledger is packed full of powerful new features

MYOB make it easier than ever to manage your business from anywhere, any time.

What enhancements have been made?

Here’s an overview for what’s new in your MYOB.


Your dashboard is an easy-to-read view of how your business is performing. It’s arranged into several sections:

How your business is tracking
Here you’ll find a financial snapshot, which lets you visualise your business’ performance over the year.

Manage your day-to-day
Here you have your balances listed for bank and credit card accounts. Keep an eye on this section as it’ll tell you how many transactions you need to categorise.

Quick Links

Navigating through the product is easy!

Mobile Responsiveness/Accessibility

We’ve optimised your MYOB mobile experience to ensure you’re able to manage your business from any internet-connected device.

User roles and permissions

There’s now flexible user access management to control what users can access and enter. ‘Admin’ users are able to set user permissions through the ‘Users’ section.

Job Tracking

Quickly tag income and expenses to a job/cost centre/project location so you have visibility into how specific activities or areas of the business are performing.


You’ll find a brand-new reporting suite which covers every aspect of your business, compiled automatically, easily customisable and provides real-time insights into your finances.

Drill down, customise and edit all reports, create detailed budgets and comparisons to actuals, as well as view a summary, detailed or hybrid view of major reports.

We’ve built in a smart data auditor and provided you the ability to consolidate reports across multiple entities. You can save and share custom report templates and create custom report packs.

App Integration

Extend you software through seamless integrations with a huge range of new apps. Why not see what we have for your business here: