Jason Turner’s journey from
sharemilker to farm owner

The low-down on Jason

  • Born and bred on a dairy farm
  • Now owns his own farm as a fourth-generation farmer
  • Tech plays a huge role in his success
  • Big supporter of MYOB’s big picture view

Forward-thinking farming & MYOB

Jason Turner milking cows

If you believe in fate, you could say Jason Turner is exactly where he was always destined to be.

Born and bred on a dairy farm, Jason’s farming journey started at an early age, first becoming a farm assistant, then working his way up to sharemilker, before owning his own farm as a fourth-generation farmer.

Hi Jason. You’re a fourth-generation farmer. Was that always the plan?

Well, I was going to be a builder when I was younger.

But growing up in and around farming, and with my family support network in place, I eventually answered the call – and it’s worked out really well.

Can you tell us a bit about your business?

Sure. We’re located just south east of Te Awamutu and we milk 380 cows.

There’s around 20 years of breeding in the herd, and the one thing I look forward to most, is the new genetics of cows coming through.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

We can tell how important that is to you.

You see the future of your herd being born. You're rearing those calves and then in time to come, you're milking them. It’s pretty special.

You’ve recently enjoyed great success; can you tell us a bit about that?

Three years ago, we were producing around 145,000 milk solids. Now we’re on track for 195,000.

We’ve done that through time and effort in ensuring we’re feeding our cows the best they can get. And putting a real structure to their nutrition.

"Technology is a big part of our business."

Jason Turner on a tractor
Jason Turner and Merve Gyde
So, what role does technology play on the farm?

It’s becoming a big part of our business now.

I have apps that tell me about the herd, apps to check the milk temperature going through the plant, all that stuff.

How does using MYOB help to run the business side of the farm?

My accountant and advisor, Merve Gyde, is a big supporter of MYOB so we’ve always had a great relationship with them.

MYOB Essentials is cloud-based and has fantastic cash flow reporting tools that give us that big picture view.

"I'm trying to leave a better farm for the next generation."

You have good tools at your disposal and a keen eye for financial planning. What’s next?

My next plan for the farm is to just consolidate.

In the last five, six years, we've bought and sold property. We've had compliance things that we've acted on, and we’ll keep ticking those off.

From here, for me, it’s just about spending time with my family now and getting my kids through school. I've done the hard yards and I've done a lot of work.

Maybe I’ll take time to enjoy it!

"Working with our accountant is really important to us."

Jason Turner

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