Building on success

Success. At MYOB we know that achieving it takes lots of hard work, careful planning and hours of dedication, whether it’s on the netball court or in business. It’s why we’re excited to be a Principal Partner of the Silver Ferns as their journey to ongoing success goes from strength to strength. So come on, join us in supporting the Silver Ferns to reach their goals.

Essential for your Club's success

To keep scoring goals on the court you need to make sure your club is successful off court, and the easiest way to keep all your club’s business needs covered is with MYOB Essentials. Take up our special offer and take care of GST, invoices, reporting, expenses and payroll for your club.

Plus, to help sporting clubs make the most of their finances, people and resources, we have created a guide to Financial Fitness in NZ. This comprehensive guide details how to successfully operate a club in NZ – from choosing the right club structure and promotion techniques, to managing finances for future growth and profitability.

Exclusive offer for Clubs

MYOB Essentials for just $10 ex GST p/m for the life of your subscription! (RRP from $30 ex GST p/m)

Are you a club member?

Then you can also benefit, with 25% off our MYOB Essentials range.

Which MYOB Essentials is right for your business?

MYOB Essentials Accounting - Payroll for one

$10+GST p/m*

Club members $26.25 +GST p/m^ (RRP $35 +GST p/m)

  • Great for people new to accounting
  • Keep on top of GST
  • Works on both Mac & PC
  • Always up-to-date, and securely backed up online
  • Payroll for one
  • MYOB BankFeeds^
  • Unlimited invoices p/m

MYOB Essentials Accounting Payroll - Unlimited Payroll

$10+GST p/m*

Club members $39 +GST p/m^ (RRP $52 +GST p/m)

  • Great for people new to accounting
  • Keep on top of GST
  • Works on both Mac & PC
  • Always up-to-date, and securely backed up online
  • Unlimited payroll
  • MYOB BankFeeds^
  • Unlimited invoices p/m

MYOB Essentials Payroll

$10+GST p/m*

Club members $22.50 +GST p/m^ (RRP $30 +GST p/m)

  • Perfect for those with 1-10 employees
  • Works online
  • Pay employees & track leave
  • Automatic leave calculations
  • Real-time timesheet access

^ Subject to Fair Use Policy

Get your time back with online accounting software

Fast and easy way to manage your cash flow

A clear picture of cash flow.

  • A fast, accurate way to monitor your cashflow and boost your profit.
  • Set regular targets as your goals expand and your success grows.
  • Every outstanding payment tracked, no money missed.
  • Take payments, send invoices and manage your contacts on the go with your accounts updated across all your devices at the same time. Real-time invoice tracking helps you take more control of your sales process and better manage your cash flow, all from the palm of your hand.
  • Bankfeeds - bank transactions are automatically imported and matched to your sales and expenses so you can see you cash flow in real-time.

The smart way to manage bills

Making accounting easier than ever.

  • A secure location to store every expense, past and present.
  • No matter the size or scope of your bills, they all fit into one place.
  • Tax time is solved, before it even happens.

Collaborate in the cloud

Work together with your bookkeeper without having to be in the same place.

  • Easily invite your bookkeeper or accountant into your files and collaborate.
  • There’s no need to be in the same place – work together, wherever you are.
  • Meeting your tax obligations has never been easier.

Tax and compliance made easy

Be up-to-date with any changes to Government legislation.

Easily track, calculate and meet your compliance obligations such as GST, employee tax (PAYE) and KiwiSaver. Efficiently manage complex payroll, and automatic updates keep your online accounting software completely up-to-date with any change to Government legislation.

Manage Payroll

Cut time spent managing payroll by 40%*. You can manage the pay run in just three easy steps. With real-time access to staff timesheets save hours on manual data entry and improve accuracy. Includes payroll for one, as your business grows upgrade to unlimited payroll.

* Source: Customer survey via MYOB Client Insights Panel, June 2014.

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*Offer not available to existing MYOB subscription or businesSUPPORT customers. Offer applies to Essentials Accounting (Payroll for one), Essentials Accounting Payroll, and Essentials Payroll. $10 Clubs offer is for the life of the agreement. 25% discount for Club members is for the first 12 months after which time the monthly price will revert to RRP. For more information including up to date pricing, check Offer valid until 31st December 2019. If additional MYOB products and services are purchased then MYOB charges will apply for those products and services. No contract period is required for the MYOB Essentials product range. This offer may be cancelled or changed at any time. The Offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer, is not transferable and not refundable. You can use the best offer available to you at a single point in time, but not a combination of offers at any point in time (e.g., BankLink Migration discounts, free trial periods, subsequent file discounts, etc)