Access AccountRight in a web browser

Work anywhere, any time and from any device

General Upgrade Info

What is happening?

  • AccountRight users whose file(s) are in the cloud can now access AccountRight in a browser. This means you can sign in to AccountRight on any supported browser and work in your file from an internet-enabled device (such as your phone, tablet or any computer).

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Can I use AccountRight on a Mac?

  • If you are using AccountRight in the browser you will be able to access your file on any computer, including a Mac.
  • One important point to note is that using AccountRight in a browser is not suitable for users that ONLY have access to a Mac computer. A company file will still need to be kept up-to-date via the desktop app (which can only be installed on a Windows operating system).

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Do I still need to install desktop updates?

  • Yes. We will continue to release periodic updates which will need to be installed on your desktop. The browser experience will automatically update to a new version when available. Users will be notified of all new releases.

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If I use the browser, can I still use the desktop?

  • Yes. How you work is completely up to you – on the desktop app, in a browser, or both. As your data is stored in the cloud, your file will always be up to date and automatically synced. For example, if a user adds an invoice in the browser experience, they could then go to the desktop and see that invoice in the invoice list.

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Are there any new features in the browser experience?

There are a number of new features while using AccountRight in a browser:

  • A new browser-based experience, accessible across all devices and computers (even a Mac) and mobile-responsive.
  • An insights-driven dashboard to give users instant insights into their business’s performance.
  • A powerful, new online reporting suite, including:
    • Cash management reporting.
    • Combined summary/detail/hybrid reports.
    • Create reports that span multiple financial years.
    • Consolidated reports crossing multiple entities.
  • Create customised, branded report packs.
    • Add company logo and customs colours.
    • Add disclaimers or watermarks.
    • Create multiple styles and save them.
    • Share templates to other people within your business and publish them to the different businesses that you work with.
  • Reporting performance enhancements.
    • Account number flexibility.
    • Quantities reporting in Banking, General Journals, Spend Money, Receive Money and in several reports, including the GL Detail, P&L, Cash Movement.
  • In-product help.
  • Accessibly designed (Hi-contract, UI-zoom and screen reader modes for vision impaired users).

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What features are not available when using AccountRight in a browser?

While there are still some features we are still working on and are not yet available in the browser experience, we will be delivering these over time:

  • Multi-currency
  • Time billing
  • Recurring transactions (recurring invoices only available – other transaction types coming)
  • Purchase and sales orders
  • Inventory
  • ARL invoice types: Professional, Miscellaneous, Time Billing.

If you try to use any of these features within a browser, you will be prompted that they are not yet available but you can return to your desktop software at any time to continue using them.

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How do I access AccountRight in a browser?

Users can access AccountRight via a web browser in two ways:

  • Open your file directly from the main menu screen in AccountRight by clicking the ‘Open in web browser’ button.
  • Go to and sign in with your username and password. Once you log in, you will see your company files.

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Is there anything I need to do to start working in the browser?

  • The first time you log in, you will need to link your my.MYOB account by entering in your username and password.
  • If you have banking rules setup: users will need to switch on ‘auto-allocate’ and ‘auto-approve’ bank transactions in the desktop app for rules to apply in the browser experience. More information can be found via our online help on ‘How to access your AccountRight company file in the web browser’

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