Access AccountRight in a web browser

Work anywhere, any time and from any device

Work the way you want with new online browser functionality

Ready for a more flexible way of working? The new AccountRight browser experience
lets you work from anywhere and on any internet-enabled device.

You’ll have the freedom to seamlessly move between the web and desktop app
on the same file without having to worry about syncing or any special setups.


Work anywhere, any time

Work on the move with new browser-based functionality, accessible from any internet-enabled device or smartphone.


New, intuitive design

Making it easy to view reports and check transactions – even on your phone.


In-product help experience

Quickly access in-product support to easily set up new features.


Easy-to-use reporting

Simple meets powerful with our new online reporting suite, with new performance enhancements including customisation and flexibility.

How to get started


Sign in via with your my.MYOB sign in details, or launch browser from within your desktop app by clicking on the ‘Open in web browser’ button from the main menu screen.

Select the file you’d like to work in


Work in browser functionality as you need, or switch to your desktop view whenever you like.

Who can access the new browser interface? Toggle Section

If you are an AccountRight user whose file(s) is in the cloud, you can now choose which experience you prefer to work in and switch between desktop and browser modes with ease. Your data will sync automatically.

If you need to update your AccountRight, learn more about getting the latest version here.

How do I upgrade my files? Toggle Section

If you are on the latest version, you can start using AccountRight in a web browser immediately. The first time you log in, you will need to link your my.MYOB account by entering in your user name and password. There is no special setup or migration required.

If you are using an older version of AccountRight Classic (version 19 or older), you will need to upgrade to the latest version here.

How do I navigate between desktop and browser? Toggle Section

You can access AccountRight via a web browser in two ways:

  • Open your file directly from the main menu screen in AccountRight by clicking the ‘Open in web browser’ button.
  • Go to and sign in with your username and password. Once you log in, you will see your company files.

If you wish to continue working in the desktop experience, you can simply revert back at any time.

If I use the browser, do I still need to install the desktop updates? Toggle Section

Yes. You will continue to receive updates from MYOB periodically. Whilst the browser will be automatically updated to the latest version, you will need to ensure you are still downloading any updates on your PC.

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