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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Essentials Connected Ledger compare to BankLink?

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How much Practice effort will be required to undertake migration from BankLink?

With a Concierge led migration, the effort required by the practice is significantly decreased compared with the previous BankLink migration process.

After an initial phone call to validate your requirements and handover files, a Concierge Consultant will take care of all the necessary pre–work taking the pressure and workload off you.

Your dedicated consultant will then keep you informed throughout the process and reach out to resolve any queries.

Once your migration is complete, you’ll be required for a handover phone call to ensure you have the knowledge and understanding to review files before commencing working with Essentials.

How long will it take for my files to be migrated? Will there be any downtime?

Concierge led migration is designed to minimise practice downtime during the migration process. By only processing files in smaller batches, you can keep working on your other files at the same time.

What training and support will I get after migration?

Your dedicated Concierge Consultant will provide support for you from project kick–off – before you handover your files – until after your training, to make sure you have the knowledge and understanding to review files before commencing working with Essentials.

After the migration, our Client Solutions Consultants will deliver to your staff a two–hour training session that will enable them to make the most of Essentials to complete their work. The training may be delivered either in–person or remotely. Follow–up training is available upon request.

After that, MYOB Support will be available via the usual channels.

Do I have to commit to migrating all of my BankLink files?

While you don’t have to commit to migrating all your files to commence migration from BankLink, we encourage you to plan for your whole–of–practice migration to ensure you get maximum efficiencies of working online across all your files.

What about banking rules and report settings – will they be retained from BankLink?

Your banking rules and report settings will not be transferred from BankLink to Essentials. Training provided post–migration will cover how to set up and get the most out of banking rules and reporting in Essentials, both powerful features of the new product.