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The new IR Gateway is coming!

From 16 April, the IR will be replacing its E-file system with the new online Gateway Return Services.

Upgrade to MYOB Practice Tax now to remain compliant

By upgrading to MYOB Practice Tax you’ll be able to file tax returns on the IR’s gateway and benefit from streamlined workflows.

Before you upgrade, you’ll need to ensure that: Toggle Section
  1. You’ve activated MYOB Practice, have the most up to date software (AE/AO 5.436) and installed hotfix 59868757
  2. Your ‘Contact Sync’ is turned on. Talk to your support team if you still need to do this;
  3. Your data in AO/AE is up-to-date and ready for migration – especially your Tax Email Addresses and Primary Contact Email Addresses;
  4. Your E-file agency number and client list number has been entered into AO/AE. Find out more.
  5. Check the options for filing GST. Find out more.
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Upgrade now

Once you have completed the online learning follow the simple steps in the video below and
you’ll be ready to use Tax in MYOB Practice in no time!

  1. Log into AE/AO as an Administrator
  2. Follow the menu path: Maintenance > Maintenance Map > Online
  3. Click Upgrade Tax
  4. Click Upgrade Now. The upgrade process begins
  5. Click Launch Tax. A new browser window opens to the Compliance list of MYOB Practice.
No. of clients Expected runtime
Up to 800 Complete by start of business the following day – if started at 5pm.
Up to 2,000 Complete over the weekend – if started 5pm Friday.
Greater than 2,000 Expected to take 3+ days to migrate.

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New MYOB Practice Tax benefits

Get ready to capitalise on the following time saving features:

Tax manager

Consolidate workflows:

A single page view allows you to see all transaction types such as IRD and MYOB on one screen.


Multiple transaction reconcilations:

Perform more complex activities at the one time.


Mitigate risk:

Alerts for unreconciled IRD and MYOB transactions at both bureau and client view levels.


Tax filing

Integrated online solution:

Confidently and securely complete tax compliance from your favourite browser anywhere and any time.


Avoid errors:

Real-time validation checks when filing tax returns.


Auto reconciliation:

Automated data from tax work papers into returns.


Multiple MYOB Practice Tax benefits are just one click away.

Upgrade now

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