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Brighter Future Series

Developing a growth mindset within your team

Join our panel as they discuss the value of adopting a growth mindset and how to promote one among your team.

  • John Rives – Founder, The Growth Institute
  • Kyelie Baxter – Partner, IQ Accountants
  • Leah Ferguson – Senior Organisational Development Consultant, MYOB
Brighter Future Series

When word of mouth goes digital – Marketing your business in 2021

Join our panel as they take you through the importance of digital marketing in 2021 and provide you with some simple tips to raise your business’ online profile.

  • Richard Conway – CEO, PureSEO
  • Indianna Roehrich – Director, Simply Social
  • Jane Betschel – Head of Marketing, MYOB
Brighter Future Series

From manager to leader – driving change in your business

Join our panel as they discuss the importance of becoming a catalyst for change in your business and how to become an effective change leader.

  • Tracey Petrie – Managing Director, White Cloud Recruitment
  • John Peterson – Founder, The Best Practice Group
  • Katy Rowett – Program Manager, MYOB
Brighter Future Series

Delivering the right services to the right clients – Conducting a value assessment

Join our panel as they discuss the importance of working with the right clients, how to assess their overall value to your business and how to spot those clients who might not be worth your time.

  • Rob Pillans – Founder & Principle Consultant, Planet Consulting
  • Amanda Gascoigne – Coach, Mentor, Author
  • Nick Latham – Head of Success, Services and Support, MYOB

5 signs your software is holding you back

Why disconnected systems could spell trouble for your practice – and what to do about it.

9 signs you’ve outgrown your business software

How outdated systems could be causing problems in your accounting practice. This guide provides the signs, implications and the next steps when assessing your business software.

Driving change in accounting

Using cloud software to accelerate growth in your practice, this guide provides insight into the benefit to your business and future implications if you don’t make the switch.

Attracting and retaining talent

Why new talent matters and how to get the best and brightest on your team. Download your copy for insights on:

  • Importance of attracting retaining talent
  • Finding Talent
  • Keeping Talent

Serious capability in one business management platform

Your guide to the features and benefits of MYOB Advanced Professional Services.

The future of accounting: Do the numbers add up? – Adam Zuchetti

Automation and technology are fundamentally reshaping the future of accounting work. So what does the future look like for the profession?

The hidden opportunities for accounting firms to grow and thrive – Adam Zuchetti

Accountants are often so heavily invested in the growth of their clients’ businesses, opportunities to grow their own can get overlooked.

The accounting industry’s biggest challenges to growth at scale

Industry leaders and partners at some of the country’s top 25 firms reveal the biggest challenges facing growing accounting practices today, writes Adam Zuchetti.

Tech-driven accounting: How the move to cloud tech is evolving client-advisor relationships

Tech developments continue to have positive impacts on the accounting industry as developers create new tools and features for advisors and their client.

How professional services firms can attract and retain top talent

Finding the right talent for a business is always tough, and that’s before you factor in the wealth of education experience that workers such as lawyers and accountants are expected to possess.

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