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Grow your payroll bureau

With so many businesses now outsourcing their payroll, it’s a great time to grow your payroll bureau. MYOB Essentials Payroll makes it easier than ever, but putting client payday filing at your fingertips, literally. Simply switch from desktop payroll to Essentials Payroll and you’ll save a heap of time processing and filing for your clients. And it takes just one click to get started.

Our migration service is free

Move from Ace or MYOB Payroll to MYOB Essentials Payroll with our free migration service.

MYOB Essentials Payroll bundles: pay $10* per client data file, per month when you move your client data in bundles of 5

Whether your payroll client base is big or small, our great bundle offers mean you can move part or all of your payroll client base, cost effectively.

  • $50 for 5 MYOB Essentials Payroll client data files*
  • $100 for 10 MYOB Essentials Payroll client data files*
  • Or any multiple of 5 MYOB Essentials Payroll client data files that works for your practice

*Offer only available to MYOB partners and ends 31 December 2019. After 12 months pricing reverts to best possible partner pricing (partner programme pricing).

Make payroll pay off for you

Learn more about how MYOB Essentials Payroll is good for your business.

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Meet Scot, your Payroll Solutions Consultant

Scot Meek is passionate about payroll. He’ll work with you to tailor a strategy to make your payroll services more productive, profitable and scalable.

He’ll take you through the steps of switching to MYOB Essentials Payroll and show how easily it can transform your payroll services business and streamline client payday filing. 

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Thanks to Essentials Payroll, Stagler Ltd has halved payroll admin time

While mandatory payday filing has seen many businesses outsource their payroll others have seen it as a golden opportunity.

Like Shaista Maqbool, a Director at Stagler Ltd. With help from the MYOB partner team, they’ve moved 60% of their payroll online to MYOB Essentials Payroll, helping them save time, boost productivity and increase the practice’s earnings from payroll. 

"Moving to MYOB Essentials has been really easy. We’ve saved a lot of time and if we get stuck the MYOB team helps us out"
photograph of Shaista Maqbool
Shaista Maqbool