Small practice solutions with prices to match

Upgrade to MYOB Accountants Office for just $1,600*

Your current practice systems may manage your day-to-day operations but they’re probably not delivering the daily
efficiencies and value of an integrated platform. By upgrading to MYOB Accountants Office, you now get all these
big practice benefits for less. This means your most commonly used tools are combined and linked seamlessly to
improve daily efficiencies so you can focus more on clients and any new opportunities that accelerate your success.

Customer testimonials

“We have estimated a
reduction of about 25
percent in administrative
tasks after implementing
MYOB Accountants Office.”

See how MYOB Accountants Office enabled Abraham & Solomon Accountants to break free from complicated processes, manual data entry and re-keying – saving countless hours per month.

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Abraham & Solomon Accountants

A big offer for small practices

MYOB’s new Compliance Workflow Package now makes upgrading to Accountants Office
more affordable than ever before. The new package includes four of the most commonly
used and time saving tools:


Client Accounting

Makes it easy to manage client data no matter where they are coming from. Plus, a single consistent workflow delivers greater efficiency in your compliance processes.



Reduces time spent preparing tax returns, freeing you up to offer your clients more value-added tax consulting services.


MYOB Portal

Enables you to effortlessly collaborate with clients online, securely share documents and take digital signature approvals from clients, even when they’re mobile.

Only $1,600 plus GST for up two users

*Upfront costs plus GST for up two users. Available until 31 December 2021. Ongoing monthly subscription costs still apply.
Accountants Office system requirements

We’re with you every
step of the way

When you upgrade to MYOB Accountants Office, you’ll be
assigned a dedicated Project Manager to help you through
the installation and implementation process. Plus, you’ll
have access to MYOB’s comprehensive training and
support to ensure upgrade success.

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