The Future Makers Academy

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Why the Future Makers Academy?

The Future Maker's Academy is our program for bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to create great software.

It provides a solid foundation to those new in their career on the things we value most in making software at MYOB. Participants learn by doing, working collaboratively with others under the guide of their mentors.

The academy is not just about writing code, it's about having a growth mindset, it's about team work, it's about learning our culture.

Our culture

Our culture at MYOB is fun, innovative, diverse and collaborative. We love to learn and apply what we learn. We also value having a healthy work/life balance.

As an organization we are values based, supported by a flat leadership structure. We are a fixture in Job Advisor's Coolest Companies in Tech and BRW's Most Innovative Companies lists.

Don't just take our word for it - check out our recommendations on job sites including LinkedIn and GlassDoor.

What to expect?

Mentors are the lifeblood of the academy, when you join the Future Makers Academy you are placed under the guide of one or more mentors who are experienced practitioners in your field.

Under their guidance you work through a series of increasingly complex problems aimed at identifying and stretching your core skills followed by a series of 3-6 month periods spent in different delivery teams working on different parts of our platform.

By the time you progress out of the academy you will have further developed your technical and collaboration skills necessary for a long and successful career as a software professional at MYOB.

The MYOB graduate program proteges of 2018

Intake periods

We have two intakes a year February & July in three locations:




Don't wait until just before one of those intake periods to apply. We usually confirm candidates at least 3 months in advance. Sign up to the mailing list to be notified when applications for an intake open up.

Meet our protégés

Thi Do

Thi Do, Protégé Developer

"The FMA has given me such a great opportunity to learn from a wide number of highly experienced and incredibly helpful mentors. I've learnt so much in the last two months here compared to a whole year at uni!"

pedro coelho pais

Pedro Coelho Pais, Protégé Developer

"I thought I learnt a fair bit at university, but MYOB has showed me that I was only scratching the surface. I have realised that I have much more to learn, and that everyone in the FMA program will be here to help me along my journey."

karen xie

Karen Xie, Protégé Developer

"I enjoy my job as a developer more than ever before - the Future Makers Academy has greatly impacted the way I look at software development and my career."

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