Wholesale and Distribution

Help your sales, purchasing and logistics teams deliver best-in-class results, growing confidence in your supply chain to drive customer satisfaction.

How does MYOB help wholesale and distribution businesses succeed?

It’s simple. Our range of ERP solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of wholesale and distribution businesses, just like yours. Together with our unrivalled network of hand-picked implementation experts, you can access years of experience developing solutions for the wholesale and distribution industry. So, if you want to gain real-time control over your operations and scale for growth, choose Australia & New Zealand’s No.1 ERP vendor*.

*According to iStart’s ERP Buyers Guide 2017/18.

Key benefits of MYOB ERP software

Help your sales, purchasing and logistics teams deliver best-in-class results, growing confidence in your supply chain to drive customer satisfaction.


Inventory (stock) management

The flexibility to track inventory by lot, batch or dimension (colour / size / style), across multiple warehouses. Eliminate the costs of dissatisfied customers through efficient quality control plans.


Improve profits, reduce wastage

Get a real-time view of inventory holding costs, so you can accurately track costs of goods sold. Boost profitability and make better decisions with different valuation methods for different inventory items


Deeper insights, better cost control

Efficiently manage your distribution process with system-wide inventory control, and effective inventory management - including real-time access to inventory in transit, available inventory, and cost of goods sold.


Order management

End-to-end supply chain tools for orders, replenishment, unique agreements, and forecasting – all integrated into your sales and financial modules. The EDI template designer, gives you the ability to meet trading partner file format requirements.


More control over pricing

Avoid re-entering information like price and discounts, manage your discount policies and pricing models with ease - while still maintaining any price override policies you have in place.


Reduce errors, automate processes

Create and approve quotes, manage your purchases, fulfil your orders, obtain vendor bids, eliminate paperwork, all through one automated system.

Functionality tailored to Wholesale and Distribution

Streamline the end-to-end management of your business. Our ERP software offers an array of features and functionality tailored for Wholesale and Distribution.


Inventory management


Supply chain management


Purchase order management

Explore our ERP software

There are a lot features we could list. So instead, let’s cut to the chase. Follow the links to read about our ERP products in more detail. Each of ERP software products can help wholesale and distribution businesses of all shapes and sizes.



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MYOB Greentree

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