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We’re upgrading MYOB Essentials. Here’s what you need to know.

Pre-upgrade preparation

Your upgrade will happen automatically, but before it does there are a
few pre-upgrade tasks you need to complete for a smoother transition.

Pre-upgrade tasks

Make sure you complete all bank reconciliations​

For a smoother upgrade, we recommend you get into the habit of completing all bank reconciliations.​

Incomplete, or 'Saved', transactions will not be migrated during the upgrade.

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Complete Bank Reconciliations
Check users

Check users (for Practices only)​

When a file is upgraded, all current users will be migrated; this means any users who have been invited to the file.​

Therefore, we encourage you to review your contacts and clean up any old users that haven’t been removed.​

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How will I know once my file has been upgraded?​​

When you sign in to Essentials you’ll see the new dashboard and be guided with in product prompts to guide you through key changes.

Check users