What is an online seminar?

An online seminar is exactly that – a seminar that is conducted over the internet. The advantage of an online seminar is that the presentation is live and attendees can ask questions via the Q&A panel onscreen. Online seminars are especially suitable for those who cannot manage to attend training in person – either due to geographical or time restrictions.

Who can participate in an online seminar?

Anyone who has a computer with soundcard, and either headphones or speakers, Broadband internet access, and has registered to attend.

Do I need any special equipment?

Just your computer, a compatible soundcard (most standard soundcards are fine), and either headphones or speakers so you can hear the presentation. Broadband internet access is also required for full participation, and because the online seminar is done online (over the internet), it does not matter if you have a Windows based computer, or a Mac.

In order to open the pdf manual that accompanies your login, you will need to have the current version of Adobe Acrobat installed.

What are some advantages of an online seminar?

Online seminars are short, sharp and to the point. They tend to deal with a specific subject in detail, rather than cover off on a number of them. This is especially good considering online seminars tend to last no longer than one hour.

Because users participate online, and manuals are distributed via pdf, online seminars are usually a more economical option for clients. There is also the convenience of not having to leave the workplace for a number of hours, or even a full day, to attend training, and because they are online, distance is no longer an issue for those not residing in major capital cities.

When do I receive my login details?

Enrolments are usually open several weeks prior to the event, and close the day before. You will normally not receive your login details until enrolments for the session have been closed – usually within 24hrs of the scheduled session.

Login details are emailed to the email address on your account, and include the date, name and time of the session, as well as the website you need to go to in order to participate. A manual in pdf format also forms part of the login details email, and a link to assist with troubleshooting should you experience any issues that do not allow you connect.

What will I see when I login?

The login email details the name, date and time of the course, as well as instructions on how to login to the session. A PDF is included that you can either print off, or just open, and is the manual that accompanies the session.

The email details the online seminar url, which you need to copy into your web browser. Your view should look like this:


This should be done well before the session commences, to allow you time to troubleshoot. A link is also provided which will allow you to check that the right media players are installed on your computer for sound compatibility.

Can I ask questions?

You can ask questions via a Q&A panel visible during the online seminar. These will be answered in real time by the ‘host’ of the session, not the presenter, which enables the presenter to focus on the task at hand. At the end of the session, and if time allows, one or two of the most popular, or commonly themed questions, are read out and answered so that all can hear.

What do I do if I can’t login?

The training team can provide minimal technical support for some commonly experienced issues, (such as not received login details) and these should be emailed to training@myob.co.nz. For more difficult technical questions, the enrolled participant will be referred directly to online seminar technical support service.