What you need to know about the new MYOB Partner Program

14th August, 2017

What’s the big deal about the new and improved MYOB Partner Program? Let’s go over the answers to the most asked questions about it and find out.

Why is there a new MYOB Partner Program?

To help businesses (your clients) succeed, and to provide you with more value than ever before.

What does that mean, exactly?

The new Partner Program is programmed (ugh) to reward you when you help businesses. Simple as that. There’s a rewards program that rewards (ugh) members who do things that, ultimately, help businesses succeed.

For example, if you move a business onto an online software solution, you get points. If you attend MYOB events, you get points. If you become a Certified Consultant, you get points.

These activities help businesses, either directly or indirectly. Hence, you get rewarded.

How much does membership cost?




There’s no charge unless you want access to legacy versions of MYOB SME software (like MYOB AccountRight v18, for example).

If you’ve moved everyone online already, however, or you simply don’t have a need for old software versions, you’re good.

Tell me more about the partner status stuff you mentioned earlier

Sure. There are four tiers, that you reach depending on a bunch of algorithms.

The tiers commence with purple and move up through silver, then gold, up to diamond.

For the first time, there are scaling rebates available as you move up the tiers. In other words, the higher you climb, the bigger the discount on things.

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What if I want AccountRight for my practice? Does that come free?

Yes. Regardless of the tier you’re on, you get a  freebie copy of AccountRight.

Ok, what else do you get as a member?

You get:

  • One shiny copy of MYOB Essentials Accounting per practice (if you don’t already have one from another membership program)
  • Access to the MYOB dashboard (if you haven’t got it already)
  • Continued access to your dedicated partner support team to assist you with all your questions and concerns
  • A bunch of marketing collateral to advertise your new partnership and the opportunity to co-brand with MYOB
  • Increased commission opportunities
  • Access to MySuccess

MySuccess? What’s that?

Ah, so glad you asked.

It’s where the magic happens.

It’s a portal where you can review your status points, talk to your peers, read and watch industry content, join industry groups to make cool things happen, and a whole bunch of other good time things.

How do I join?

If you’re a member of an existing partner program, you can join right now.

Just ping your partner manager or call 0800 696 272 if you’re an accountant or 0800 696 227 if you’re an MYOB Approved Partner.

If you haven’t been a member of any MYOB partner program in the past, the doors open for you in September.

There’ll be a big noise about it then.