A checklist for the right business technology

Every business should invest in the right technology to make life easier. But like all decisions, it should be one that clearly reflects needs and future plans. Whether it’s a new server, new software, or new equipment, business owners should use this checklist to clearly map out the core

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What’s with Twitter?

Is Twitter relevant to your small business? Guest blogger Joanna Maxwell shares her experiences with the popular social media tool and explains how it’s helped her business. …

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How to write perfect job ads – introduction

When I started writing for MYOB several years ago, the first topic I covered was recruitment advertising (job ads). I did this because job ads are my forte. I’ve written thousands of the buggers, and can count on one hand those that didn’t work.…

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Do you have a customer focus?

The experience a customer has in dealing with your business drives much more than the prospect of repeat business or sales growth. Typically, business believes that delivering great service will cost them too much, and so they simply deliver what they think they need to. Or worse still,

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Why getting online can help your business

So people are telling you ‘you should get your business online’, but is anyone telling you why?

Businesses with a website perform better

Results from the MYOB Business Monitor tell us that businesses that have a website perform better – generating more revenue gains than businesses without a website.  When

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