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The Weka Customer Portal is a result of 10 years worth of servicing clients with their ERP to eCommerce needs.

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Advanced B2B Portal

The Weka B2B Portal is the face of your business and the new way to interact with customers. Customers can now view their invoices, orders, and quotes online.


The Key features of the Weka B2B Portal are:


Whitelabel Solution

●      You can customise the customer facing side of the portal to display in your branded colours and logos.


Custom Dashboard

●      Customers can quickly view their balances, Orders, Invoices.


Order Form

●      Weka Online have developed a streamlined online shopping system to allow your Customers to find and purchase your products as quickly as possible.


Order History

●      Customers can view their complete order history, displaying both online and offline orders. Search through their order history using their purchase order number or sales order number, and re-order previous orders.


Quote Management

●      Customers can now manage their Quotes Online.


Invoice History

●      Tired of customers’ ringing up requesting their invoice statement? Now your customers can view their invoice statement online, including their complete invoice history.


Role-based Pricing

●      You can now offer your customers tiered pricing and pricing specific to an individual customer. When your customers’ login, they will see their pricing and purchase the product based on their pricing level.


Team Management

●      The team management module gives your customers the ability to update, remove, and create logins for key staff members, as well as provide their users with different access levels to the B2B Portal.


A B2B portal can improve the way you do business with your customers. We are happy to demo our B2B portal to your team; fill in the form below to request an initial consultation.

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International Phone: +64 9 973 5951

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