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Save time and money by connecting your Magento store with MYOB

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Magento One Saas

Get Magento and MYOB working happily together

With these apps automatically sharing data, you’ll save hours of work – leaving you more time for business!

Your accounting, completely automated

Instantly track your sales revenue in MYOB. When a customer places an order on your Magento store, the invoice (complete with taxes and any discounts) is automatically created in MYOB.

Know that your customer information is up to date

The customer is automatically created in MYOB when an order is placed in Magento. If the details have changed, they’re updated.

Effortlessly manage your stock levels

If you update stock levels in MYOB, they’re automatically updated in Magento.

Automatically keep your products up-to-date

Adding a product in Magento automatically adds a product in MYOB. Any updates to the product are also passed to MYOB.

Automate your entire store with OneSaas

Connect your other online stores (e.g. Bigcommerce or eBay) and all the services you use to run your business, including fulfillment, shipping, inventory management, CRM and email marketing. More than 30 leading bussiness apps are supported.

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