Together, MYOB and Lightyear provide you with a complete Accounts Payable solution.

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Lightyear is the only solution that includes immediate line-Item data-extraction from AP documents (bills, credit notes and statements), a customisable approvals workflow and tax-office compliant document storage.  In addition, automatic Price-Checking, Statement Reconciliation, Instant Messaging and Task Management provide a complete AP solution for MYOB users, both in browser and on mobile.


Get more power with MYOB + Lightyear


Line-item data-extraction

Best in class real-time data-extraction right down to product codes, unit prices and line-item level.


Customisable approvals 

Automatically route bills to the assigned approver. Add notes, Instant Messages & get Notifications.



Automatically price-checks and flags overcharging, allowing you to notify the supplier immediately.



Seemless Sync

As well as sending data to MYOB, Lightyear allows you to send that data to other 3rd party systems.


 Document storage

All of your documents, notes, and audit trail is stored in your Lightyear archive.


MYOB Integration

Easily post your supplier bills and credit notes to MYOB, including line-by-line GL Codes, Jobs and Categories.



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