International Payments for MYOB

The perfect add-on for any MYOB user paying suppliers overseas in foreign currency.

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TransferMate Global Payments

A beautiful add-on purpose built for MYOB to enable MYOB users to book, pay and post their foreign currency payments all from within MYOB. This add-on for MYOB is simply the best way for companies across Australia and new Zealand to book your foreign currency payments.

Save your business money on every payment

Using this add-on not only do you have a better way to pay your overseas suppliers but your business also gets better exchange rates and lower transfer fees than using your bank so you save money on every payment booked.

Save your business time on every payment

Click one button to view all of your overdue foreign currency invoices, view live exchange rates, book payments and post back to MYOB in seconds. Book unlimited invoices in seconds and save your accounts team hours of double entry and hassle.What takes seconds with this add-on takes hours using the bank.

24 hour booking

Using this add-on your business can book your international payments 24 hours 7 days a week.

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