EBS POS is a touch screen point of sale system which enables fast, easy sale entry

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EBS POS is a touch screen point of sale system which enabled fast, easy sale entry.
It can be run using full touch screen or keyboard but it is designed around touch screen

1. Designed from the ground up to be touch screen friendly
All screens feature large buttons and there are very few situations where you will be reaching for your keyboard

2. Fast transaction flow
Transactions are completed with a minimum of key presses. Items can be sold using barcodes, menu shifts and\or hot keys

3. Easy to use
It is designed so your staff can pick it up quickly with a minimum of training. the user interface is intuitive and can be customised with several menu layered menus

4. Offline POS option
You can have your terminals running independently of the server. This means you can run your terminals in a different building / country without having to worry about the internet going down

5. Mix and Match pricing
Along with using EXO's pricing policies we also have retail based mix and match pricing. For example buy 2 items in a stock group and get a discount or a 3rd item for free

6. Vouchers
You can print your own vouchers or use preprinted voucher cards

7. POS Specific reporting
We have reports designed specifically for the POS industry. These include hourly sales, staff specific sales, sales statistics including number of no sales, voids, refunds, etc

8. Laybys
We have specific layby design including the minimum % deposit, layby length, etc

9. Customisations
We are happy to develop custom modifications to our POS and are actively adding new features on an ongoing basis

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