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BI4Cloud | Easy Business Intelligence

Flexible Reporting and Analysis from Dashboard to Detail

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  • Prebuilt reports for Jobs, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Inventory, Sales and Purchasing
  • 50+ Favourite Reports out-of-the-box
  • Design your own Dashboards and Visualisations for an overall view of your business
  • Analyse extra dimensions including Ship To Address, Category, Custom Lists, Custom Fields and more
  • Auto Email reports and create Alerts for when exceptions occur in your business
  • Access reports via your web browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or iPad

Features and benefits

  • Analyse, Chart, Pivot, Compare, Visualise and drill-down in just a few clicks
  • Change report dimensions, charts, date ranges, periods, sorting, subtotalling and filters
  • Maintain what reports users access reports and data they see
  • Create new Favourite Reports to expand your report library
  • Export reports to Excel

Who is it for?

  • Real businesses wanting to get a lot more from their MYOB
  • Business owners who want up-to-date visibility into their business
  • Sales and marketing teams needing a deeper understanding of their customers, market segments, brand and salesperson performance
  • Purchasing managers needing the tools to instantly know what inventory is selling and how much is on hand at each location
  • Accountants who want to keep using MYOB when the business grows
  • IT departments who are wasting time extracting data and writing reports for end users
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