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DSD Assist

A cloud based mobile platform for sales reps, van sales and delivery drivers.

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight
MYOB Advanced Business

With over 40 years industry experience, DSD Assist brings knowledge and reliable technology to our cloud based mobile sales and delivery solutions. Working seamlessly together, and with ERP systems, DSD Assist delivers results by streamlining workflows, improving communication and providing increased visibility.  The DSD Assist portfolio comprises multiple mobile solutions, each purpose designed for their role in the Supply Chain.

DSD Salesforce

Sales teams are empowered with up to the minute information to identify trends, find prospects and increase sales. Store ranging can be monitored to ensure you have the best possible representation in store, thereby increasing your revenue.

DSD Delivery

Delivery Drivers can have their delivery plan route optimised for improved efficiency.  At each customer they collect signatures and photographs to confirm the delivery, collect payment for customers if required with the POD  feed back into the ERP. Drivers can make more deliveries, and you know where they are up to on their run.

DSD Van Sales

Van Sales people need to account for inventory, make sales, print invoice and collect payment.  With DSD Van Sales this is all tightly controlled and auditable so that payments and inventory are all accounted for.

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