Add-ons for MYOB in Building & Construction

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EASEEedi software enables you to do full B2B EDI exchange with your customers & suppliers

EASEEedi EASEEedi allows you to import a Purchase Order from a customer into your MYOB software to create a sales order without the need to re-key any data. You can send an invoice back to the customer as an EDI transaction without ever having to enter or print. You can also send a Purchase Order to a supplier electronically and receive their invoices electronically. EASEEedi software enables you to do full B2B EDI exchange with your customers & suppliers
from $115/month (including Support) and a once off set-up fee
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Straightsell provides an out of the box B2B and B2C webstore and integration with MYOB

eCommerce Webstores for MYOB <p>Typically, integration will provide a number of benefits across the catalogue management and order taking process, these include:</p> <ul> <li>Save you time,</li> <li>Decreases operational costs,</li> <li>Reduces data entry errors,</li> <li>Unifies the point of data entry, and</li> <li>Enhances control.</li> </ul> <p>The integration between the MYOB Software and your Straightsell website is facilitated by our tried and tested CatalogueLINK application which automates the data transfer between the MYOB and the website.</p> <p>Order Taking:</p> <ul> <li>Eliminate the time spent on manually taking and entering orders into MYOB. Straightsell will download all orders and credit card payments placed on the website and add them into MYOB automatically&hellip; <em>Easy!</em></li> </ul> <p>Catalogue and Customer Maintenance:</p> <ul> <li>Reduce the time spent maintaining your website catalogue, customer information and invoicing, simply add the data through MYOB and let Straightsell do the rest&hellip; <em>Easy!</em></li> </ul> Straightsell provides an out of the box B2B and B2C webstore and integration with MYOB websites
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Timesheets, schedules, plan & manage projects, invoicing. For professional services firms.

Abtrac <p>Abtrac is used extensively by <ul><li>Architects, interior designers and architectural designers</li> <li>Accountants and bookkeepers</li> <li>Consultants</li> <li>Cost estimators (quantity surveyors)</li> <li>Engineers of all professional disciplines</li> <li>Land surveyors</li> <li>Planners</li> <li>Project managers</li></ul></p> <p>and many other professional services firms.</p> <p>Abtrac eliminates errors and inefficiencies that cost you time and money. It's simple, the more you know about each of your projects, the better you can manage them.</p> <p>Abtrac tracks clients, sub-consultants, projects, stages, fee estimates, employees, timesheets, disbursements, and everything else from the initial enquiry through to the final invoice.</p> <ul><li>Quickly review actual vrs budget by project to help you better manage this one and the next one</li> <li>Reduce write offs, correctly bill for variations, and make staff more aware of the value of their time</li> <li>Reduce endless paperwork and throw away your confusing and complicated spreadsheets</li> <li>Eliminate the inefficiencies and pressure at month end with all your data in one place</li></ul> <p>It's the quality of information Abtrac delivers that sets us apart - streamlined and industry specific reports. More just a software company we speak your language and understand your business. And our support and follow up is second to none. </p> Timesheets, schedules, plan & manage projects, invoicing. For professional services firms.
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Proven job management solutions for the office and the field

SmartTrade <p>SmartTrade has provided proven job management solutions for the office and field for more than 15 years, helping businesses to:</p> <ul> <li>Impress customers and win more business</li> <li>Slash paperwork </li> <li>Improve profitability and cash-flow</li> <li>Increase productivity</li> <li>Manage growth</li> <li>Improve compliance with regulations</li> <li>and do much more. </li> </ul> <p>With features such as SmartForms on Mobile, Asset Management and Project Cost Control, SmartTrade is used successfully by electricians, plumbers, HVAC, fire protection and many other types of business. </p> <p>SmartTrade users will attest to the great support, you get to talk to a SmartTrade support person to resolve any issues, no logging online tickets or working through third party call centres.</p> <p>Businesses seeking an affordable feature rich job management solution and excellent support should seriously look at SmartTrade. We offer a 30 day no obligation free trial inclusive of initial setup and two one hour online training sessions.</p> </div> <h3>Reasons to choose SmartTrade include:</h3> <ul> <li>Easy MYOB integration</li> <li>Powerful but easy to use</li> <li>Excellent support and training</li> <li>Low Risk</li> </ul> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Learn more about SmartTrade</a> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Video how SmartTrade integrates to MYOB</a> Proven job management solutions for the office and the field jobs mobile windows
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Buildlogic will help construction companies manage their business from quote to invoice

Buildlogic <p><strong>Buildlogic application is suitable for:</strong> Builders<br /> Construction Managers<br /> Developers<br /> and Subcontractors such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians, cabinet makers.</p> <p>Any business that creates quotes, manages jobs, and invoices will find this software useful.</p> <p>From the creation of an Estimate, using simple templates, rate and quantity breakdowns comes the Budget against which a Job is managed.</p> <p>Progress Claims, Variations, Subcontractor Management and the MYOB integration module (in the Sales, Purchases, Payroll, Journals and Contact information) eliminates the needs to rekey information.</p> <p>Our online timesheet program, that can be run on iphones, or andriod phones, allows users to capture up to date timesheet information and push it directly into MYOB.</p> <p>Are you looking for Estimating software, Job costing software, Construction Management Software, Project Management Software, Construction software for small builders or Residential construction management software then you should check out Buildlogic.</p> Buildlogic will help construction companies manage their business from quote to invoice estimating builder construction contractors job costing
$1495 per user + ALF

Customise and extend your Sales Order screen

Symphony <p><strong>SYMPHONY - Customise and extend your Sales Order screen</strong></p> <p><strong>Sales Orders</strong><br /> Customise and extend your Sales Order screen<br> Back to back ordering - Create purchase orders from a sales order<br> Show previous sales overview on sales order screen<br> Batch printing of Sales Orders<br> On The Fly Builds<br> Create new orders based on back ordered items<br> Add notes back to the customer directly from the sales order screen<br> Minimise switching between sales order screen and customer screens<br> Customisable additional details<br> Quick Pick Item Extras - Select items to add to a sales order based on previous sales</p> <p><strong>Telemarketing Call Lists</strong><br /> Create customizable call schedules<br> Create Sales orders from call list screen<br> Reschedule calls on the fly</p> <strong>Production</strong><br> Extended Bill of Materials / Works order functionality<br> Extra fields in BOMS / Works Orders<br> Multi-Level BOMs -BOM's made up from other BOM's and other normal stock items.<br> Interactive build options - build screen can record actual time taken and actual produced to give more accurate wastage reports.</p> Customise and extend your Sales Order screen
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Smart job management for small business, create quotes and invoices on the go.

ServiceM8 <h2>What is ServiceM8?</h2> <p>ServiceM8 is a field service management app which empowers small business to thrive.</p> <p>It’s a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). Field staff use the software via a native app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, and office staff can access the ServiceM8 dashboard via web browser on their Mac or PC.</p> <p>With powerful communication and job management capability, and real-time visibility on job status and staff location in the field, ServiceM8 is designed to help businesses win more work, complete more work, and get paid faster.</p> <p><Strong>ServiceM8 will help you:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Take control of your business</li> <li>Save time</li> <li>Win more work</li> <li>Look professional</li> <li>Improve productivity</li> <li>Boost cash flow</li> <li>Wow your customers</li> <li>Improve communication between your staff and customers</li> <li>Adopt great business processes</li> </ul> <h3>Who it’s for</h3> <p>ServiceM8 is a perfect fit for field-based trades and services businesses working in industries which involve high turnover jobs, such as:</p> <ul> <li>Electricians</li> <li>Plumbers &amp; Gasfitters</li> <li>Locksmiths</li> <li>HVAC technicians</li> <li>Refrigeration specialists</li> <li>Pest control</li> <li>Computer technicians</li> <li>Cleaners</li> <li>Gardening &amp; lawncare</li> <li>Poolcare</li> <li>Handymen</li> <li>Fire safety</li> <li>Communications &amp; cable installers</li> </ul> <p>ServiceM8 is especially suited to small field service businesses - sole operators through to businesses with up to 20 staff. </p> <h2>Features &amp; Benefits</h2> <h3>Job management</h3> <ul> <li>Manage jobs from start to finish.</li> <li>Schedule, dispatch, and communicate with field staff in real-time.</li> <li>Access all client and job details from the field - anywhere, anytime.</li> <li>Field staff have all the info they need to get the job done.</li> <li>Built-in checklists and job requirements ensure each job is done right the first time.</li> </ul> <h3>Communication</h3> <ul> <li>Work with real-time communication between your office, field staff and customers.</li> <li>Email and message clients directly from the ServiceM8 app.</li> <li>Use text and email templates to provide a consistent and professional message to clients.</li> <li>Send On-the-way Text Messages to notify customers that you're on the way to the job.</li> <li>Automatically email or SMS clients about upcoming bookings.</li> </ul> <h3>Scheduling</h3> <ul> <li>No matter where they are, all staff can view their schedules and job information.</li> <li>Use simple drag-and-drop functionality to schedule jobs to staff.</li> <li>Instantly notify employees of schedule changes with push notifications.</li> <li>Receive automatic reminders about upcoming bookings.</li> </ul> <h3>Quoting &amp; Invoicing</h3> <ul> <li>Create professional quotes and invoices in seconds.</li> <li>Print, email, SMS or even post them to your clients while standing on site.</li> <li>Use our quote and invoice templates, or design your own.</li> <li>Allow customers to view and accept your quotes online.</li> <li>Empower staff to invoice without giving them access to MYOB.</li> <li>Take payments anywhere directly through the ServiceM8 app, or allow your customers to pay online.</li> </ul> <h3>Job history</h3> <ul> <li>Access a full history of work done for every client, including notes, photos, emails &amp; messages - anywhere. </li> <li>Take photos or videos from within ServiceM8 and they’re automatically saved to the job.</li> <li>All forms, certificates, reports and documents are saved to the job diary for future reference.</li> </ul> <h3>Professionalism</h3> <ul> <li>Use email, SMS, quote and invoice templates to provide a consistent and professional message to clients.</li> <li>Use customisable forms, like inspection reports or site safety assessments, and immediately turn them into professional PDF reports while on site.</li> <li>Instil great processes into your business, leading to improved customer service and satisfaction. </li> <li>Impress your customers with powerful client communication features.</li> </ul> <h3>Cloud-based</h3> <ul> <li>Run your business from your office or the palm of your hand.</li> <li>See job status and updates in real time.</li> <li>Access client and job details, view staff locations and schedules, dispatch jobs and generate quotes or invoices - wherever you are.</li> <li>Rely on automatic cloud-based backups on ServiceM8 servers.</li> </ul> <h3>Control</h3> <ul><li>View job status and all staff locations in the field, in real time.</li> <li>See all your staff on a map to help you make smart dispatch decisions, without having to interrupt them with a call or SMS.</li> <li>Access daily reports on job activity, invoicing status and revenue. <li>Get great visibility across your business, giving peace of mind that you’re in complete control.</li> </ul> <h3>Integration</h3> <ul> <li>Integrate with MYOB Essentials, MYOB AccountRight Classic and MYOB AccountRight Live.</li> <li>Sync clients, items, invoices, and payments to prevent double entry, and reduce administration efforts.</li> </ul> <h3>Pricing</h3> <div align="center"> <img src="" width="570"> </div> <p>Four capped plans to choose from to suit your business size & feature requirements.</p> <ul> <li>Plans bundle jobs, SMSs & add-ons into a monthly price</li> <li>No contracts, setup fees, or ‘per-user’ fees</li> <li>Unlimited staff & storage</li> <li>24/7 live chat & email support</li> <li>14-day free trial</li> <li>Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.</li> </ul> <p><a href="">Learn more about our pricing</a></p> <p><a href="" class="btn btn-success btn-lg btn-block">Try ServiceM8 out or get started</a></p> <h2>What our customers say</h2> <p>"<em>ServiceM8 is outstanding for us. I can't talk about it enough. It's transformed my business, and it allows us to provide outstanding service.</em>"<br /> <strong>Patrick Whitehead</strong> | <strong>NT Plumbing &amp; Maintenance Services</strong> </p> <p>"<em>It's nearly doubled our business as far as the clients we've taken on and our repeat customer business has also gone through the roof!</em>"<br /> <strong>Clint Ruby</strong> | <strong>Ruby Electrical</strong> </p> <p>"<em>Whoever claims 'there aren't enough hours in the day' needs ServiceM8 because my business is more efficient and more profitable than ever.</em>"<br /> <strong>Dean Phillips</strong> | <strong>Podger Air-conditioning and Refrigeration</strong> </p> <p>"<em>It took 4 hours to teach a new technician our ServiceM8 system. The next day he was on-site &amp; using the app as if he had worked for us for years.</em>"<br /> <strong>Shane Cameron</strong> | <strong>Electrical &amp; Fire Services NT</strong> </p> <p>"<em>With ServiceM8 I can spend more time with my family. I can live my own life instead of running my business 24/7.</em>"<br /> <strong>Troy Willoughby</strong> | <strong>Willo's Plumbing Services Pty Ltd</strong> </p> <p>"<em>Everyone should trial the app. You will not find anything that gives you value for money like ServiceM8!</em>"<br /> <strong>Kelly Brennan</strong> | <strong>Imprest Business Services</strong> </p> <style> .add-on-description ul { margin-top: 3px; margin-bottom: 24px; } .add-on-description ul li { margin-bottom: 0 !important; } </style> <!-- Start of LiveChat ( code --> <script type="text/javascript"> window.__lc = window.__lc || {}; window.__lc.license = 3968211; (function() { var lc = document.createElement('script'); lc.type = 'text/javascript'; lc.async = true; lc.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(lc, s); })(); </script> <!-- End of LiveChat code --> Smart job management for small business, create quotes and invoices on the go. ipad jobs
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For the building and construction industries.

Workbench <p>Workbench has been specifically designed to provide an operational management solution for project based businesses.</p> <p>Workbench comprises an advanced Job Costing system with optional modules for added functionality in the areas of:</p> <ul> <li>Client and Sub Contract Management</li> <li>Quoting and Estimating</li> <li>Plant Management</li> <li>Document Control</li> <li>Browser Timesheets</li> <li>Expense claims.</li> </ul> Financial transactions entered into Workbench update the MYOB financial ledgers to provide a complete business management solution. <p>Workbench is a mature and well proven product used internationally by a diverse range of project based businesses from industry sectors which include:</p> <ul> <li>Commercial</li> <li>Industrial & Residential Construction</li> <li>Civil & Mechanical Contracting</li> <li>Process Automation</li> <li>Project Manufacturing</li> <li>Steel Fabrication</li> <li>Boat Building</li> <li>Professional Services.</li> </ul> The advanced functionality of Workbench eliminates the need to use spreadsheets for the management of projects and the modern database environment ensures a secure, robust and scalable system able to support many concurrent users operating locally and remotely via the internet. For the building and construction industries. jobs
from $250/m
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B2B Online Ordering for MYOB

B2B Online Ordering <h3>Online Ordering that seamlessly connects to your MYOB accounting package</h3> <p>Web Ninja’s feature rich B2B platform is specifically designed for wholesale companies. Our easy to use template-based system can have you up and running in just a few days, cutting out unnecessary double handling and add speed & efficiency to your operations.</p> <p>Our B2B platform allows your wholesale customers to self serve, freeing up your sales team and saving you money on administration costs.</p> B2B Online Ordering for MYOB
Prices start from $35 per month for a user
AccountRight Live Essentials

Job management for Tradies; All you invoicing, quoting and scheduling made easy

Tradify <h2 style="text-align:center">Tradify - the trusted app of choice for thousands of tradies around the world</h2> <p>Join over 10,000+ tradespeople around the world using Tradify to manage and grow their businesses. Its intuitive and easy to use, with no contracts or commitments, so why not give it a try today!</p> <p>Tradify helps you focus on running the business by making it easy to manage invoicing, quoting and scheduling while our seamless integration with accounting solutions makes managing your cashflow a breeze. Stay on top of things with Tradify through your desktop, tablet or mobile, anywhere, anytime.</p> <p>"<em>Tradify is a great value for money system that will cut your hours in the office and streamline your business</em>" David Alexander (London, UK) </p> <h3>Who is Tradify perfect for?</h3> <p>Beautifully designed, intuitive and feature rich, Tradify is easy to use for trades businesses of all sizes. From 1 to 100 vans or utes on the road. We have got customers across lots of different trades, including;</p> <ul> <li>Electricians</li> <li>Plumbers</li> <li>Builders and Maintenance men</li> <li>Service technicians</li> <li>HVAC technicians</li> <li>Appliance repair technicians</li> <li>Painters</li> <li>Landscape design and garden/lawn maintenance</li> <li>Property maintenance firms</li> <li>As well as Locksmiths, Security Specialists, Glaziers, Pest Control, Marine mechanics and plenty more</li> </ul> <h3>8 features our Customers love:</h3> <p><strong>Manage all your jobs online</strong> - never miss a beat, stay on top of your workflow and track every job from quote to invoice.<br /> <strong>Real-time reporting</strong> - see how much money each job is making you as you quote and invoice it. <br /> <strong>Easy Invoicing</strong> - collect all your timesheets and receipts for instant invoicing on your jobs. <br /> <strong>Smarter Job Scheduling</strong> - your team will arrive on time every time and assess the availability of every team member to book jobs as they come in.<br /> <strong>Sync it up with MYOB</strong> - keep your books tidy and accountant happy. Collate everything into MYOB for end-to-end workflow.<br /> <strong>Quoting quickly and painlessly</strong> - Pull up templates and quotes quickly and accurately. <br /> <strong>Fully mobile</strong> - with iOS and Android apps. Work from anywhere at anytime.<br /> <strong>GPS Location Tracking</strong> - See where everybody is working and re-assign workers to new jobs with ease. </p> <h3>Support:</h3> <ul> <li>24/7 global support in English from our customer service team in New Zealand available via email or phone. </li> <li>Our Help Center has an huge range of help articles, setup guides, video tutorials, training, and tips & tricks to become a Tradify expert.</li> </ul> <h3>Get started with Tradify for free</h3> <p>Sign up for a <a href=" ce=myob&utm_medium=marketplace&utm_campaign=profile_li sting&utm_term=&utm_content=try_tradify_for_free">free 14 day trial</a>. No obligation. No credit card required.</p> <p>Alternatively <a href=" utm_medium=marketplace&utm_campaign=profile_listing&utm _term=&utm_content=book_a_demo">jump onto a live demo</a> with one of our product specialists to learn more about how Tradify works. </p> <p>Pricing starts from just $35 /month per user.</p> Job management for Tradies; All you invoicing, quoting and scheduling made easy invoicing tradies scheduling trades timesheets Quoting job management
From $21 / month
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The World's Fastest Accounts Payable Automation Solution with Approvals

Lightyear <p>Key Benefits</p> <p>Line-item data extraction - Lightyear extracts line-item data from electronic bills with 100% accuracy in real time. Lightyear applies rules line by line, detects international currency, confirms the GST is correct and price checks each line item.</p> <p>Approvals workflow - Bills are sent to the correct person for approval, no matter the size of the business. You can dispute and communicate on each bill using the notes feature, before exporting to MYOB AccountRight.</p> <p>Inventory Supply Side Management - Lightyear can integrate/sync with your Inventory system to update product and raw material stock levels.</p> <p>Bills stored in the Lightyear cloud - Bills are reconciled automatically and stored in the Lightyear cloud for your regulatory period. You give auditors & external teams access to specific files and data, keeping all records secure and under control.</p> <p>Supplier Statement Reconciliation - In a couple of clicks Lightyear can reconcile all your supplier statements in real-time.</p> <p>Price Checker - Lightyear's price checker feature will confirm you have been charged the correct price from your agreed supplier price lists.</p> <p>How Lightyear works with MYOB AccountRight</p> <p>Lightyear is integrated with AccountRight for the seamless transfer of data between the 2 systems. All relevant data is extracted from your bills in Lightyear, categorised and exported into MYOB AccountRight, ready for payment by your accountant. We send suppliers (vendors), GL categories, items, chart of accounts, tax rates, bills and credit notes, into MYOB AccountRight.</p> The World's Fastest Accounts Payable Automation Solution with Approvals
$35/month/user inc GST, $999/year unlimited license inc GST
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Reporting solutions for AccountRight Live

SmartReports for AccountRight Live <p>Smart Reports has been assisting MYOB users with leading-edge reporting solutions since 2003. The popular reporting solutions from Smart Reports for MYOB AccountRight v19.9 and earlier versions are now being made available for MYOB AccountRight Live. The Reportelligence for MYOB is the cloud based reporting solution for MYOB AccountRight Live 2013.4 and later versions. <a href="">Click here to start your trial of Reportelligence for MYOB AccountRight Live today</a>.</p> <p>The Reportelligence for MYOB is created for both end users as well as their Advisor's such as Bookkeepers, MYOB Consultants and Accountants. Business professionals can subscribe to Reportelligence and offer the reports as value added service to their clients and increase their consulting revenue at the same time.</p> <!-- LIVECHAT --> <script type="text/javascript"> var __lc = {}; __lc.license = 2602891; __lc.params = [{name: 'Ext-Source', value: 'MYOB'}]; (function() { var lc = document.createElement('script'); lc.type = 'text/javascript'; lc.async = true; lc.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(lc, s); // turn off the MYOB survey link $('.add-on-survey').css('display', 'hidden'); })(); $( document ).ready(function() { $('.add-on-survey').css('display', 'none'); }); </script> Reporting solutions for AccountRight Live
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The leading job management system for trade service, maintenance and project contractors.

simPRO <h3>End to end management for businesses, large or small</h3> <p>With over 4,000 businesses and 90,000 users around the world, simPRO is the leading job management system for trade service, maintenance and project contractors.</p> <p>Discover how simPRO can help you build a more efficient business, with better visibility, more control, happier customers and less hassle.</p> <p><em>“simPRO has all the functionalities to run a contracting business, and has improved profitability across our group”</em> - <strong>Scott Carr, Laser Group New Zealand</strong></p> <h3>Integrate simPRO and MYOB AccountRight Live</h3> <p>With simPRO and MYOB combined, you can stay on top of your business operations &amp; finances with ease.</p> <p><em>The fact that I can link directly into MYOB has been amazing. 2 seconds flat I have got every bit of data from simPRO straight into MYOB… the simPRO integration is fantastic.”</em> - <strong>Russel King, King and Martin Electrical</strong></p> <h3>Maximise office to field service excellence with field mobility tools</h3> <p>“Empower your office and field teams to drive profits, productivity and customer satisfaction. simPRO seamlessly connects all your business teams in real-time to the most up-to-date information so they can efficiently carry out their work.</p> <p><em>“Our work output had increased by 25% but we hadn't increased our staff levels. That proved to us that the efficiency gained from simPRO was huge.”</em>- <strong>Andrew Steffert, Chris Peebles Electrical</strong></p> <h3>Master jobs, cost and profit with project, service and maintenance management</h3> <p>From small jobs to complex projects, keep your business on track. simPRO brings all your quote, job, scheduling, purchasing, invoicing and payment tasks into one system, giving you full control over every aspect of every job.</p> <p><em>“You know to the dollar what that job’s going to cost you and what you can charge that job at and make a profit.”</em>- <strong>Russel &amp; Gail King, King &amp; Martin</strong></p> <a href="" class="btn btn-info btn-lg btn-block">Request a Demo</a> <br> <h3>Make informed and proactive business decisions with business transparency</h3> <p>Access powerful insights into all areas of your business with simPRO reports. Track what matters to your business and make the right decisions, at the right times.</p> <p><em>“We were able to identify areas of work that were repeatedly costing us money, we then fed that information back to the estimating team.”</em>- <strong>Raynor Peirce, ADJ Electrical</strong></p> <h3>Achieve efficient business processes with workflow and automation tools</h3> <p>Find new efficiency with streamlined tools for</p> <ul> <li>Scheduling and Dispatch,</li> <li>Estimating, Quoting and Billing,</li> <li>Inventory Management, and</li> <li>Asset Maintenance</li> </ul> <p><em>“There is no question that it’s made a significant improvement to the efficiency within the office. To put a value on it I would suggest 20-30%.”</em> - <strong>Peter Devilee, Devilees Air Conditioning &amp; Refrigeration</strong></p> <h3>Shift focus to predictive maintenance with the Internet of Things (IoT)</h3> <p>Transform your business with new services, and increase operational performance. Including everything from hardware, software and setup, simPRO is the easiest way to implement predictive monitoring, alerts and scheduling of customer plant and equipment.</p> <p><em>“The partnership with simPRO provides us with both a competitive edge and the confidence that decisions being made using real time, accurate data. It supports our new motto ‘In Control’ and provides a strong foundation for us to provide our customers with a bespoke, proactive service they can rely on.”</em> - <strong>Aaron Guidice, SOWGA</strong></p> <h3>Re-define quality and services in facility management</h3> <p>Efficiently manage your field and office staff with real-time office to field connectivity. Automate your facilities management process with simPRO to enhance productivity, increase job profitability, empower staff, and improve customer satisfaction.</p> <p><em>“simPRO has evolved with the diversity of our business and ties all our divisions together. It's a central element for every part of our job management.”</em> - <strong>Zachary Lawrence-Sansbury, Armitage Group</strong></p> <h3>Extensive training and support at every step</h3> <p>From setting up your simPRO system to becoming a master, simPRO offers a comprehensive range of services.</p> <ul> <li>Local training and support teams based in Australia and New Zealand</li> <li>Access live chat, phone support or lodge a case online</li> <li>View our publicly accessible Help Guides and video library</li> <li>Follow our onscreen step by step walkthroughs for common tasks</li> <li>Registered users have free access to our extensive online learning portal with courses to help you become a simPRO master.</li> </ul> <p><em>“The support is always there. They're always there in a moments notice and they're very helpful.”</em> - <strong>Dave Kelleher, Edge Industries</strong></p> <table class="table table-bordered"> <thead> <tr class="active"> <th class="add-on-data-icon">simPRO</th> <th class="add-on-data-icon">MYOB AccountRight Live</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr> <td>Customer Invoices</td> <td class="add-on-data-icon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-arrow-right add-on-data-out"></span></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Customer Payments</td> <td class="add-on-data-icon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-arrow-right add-on-data-out"></span></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Customer Credits</td> <td class="add-on-data-icon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-arrow-right add-on-data-out"></span></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Supplier Invoices</td> <td class="add-on-data-icon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-arrow-right add-on-data-out"></span></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Supplier Credit Notes</td> <td class="add-on-data-icon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-arrow-right add-on-data-out"></span></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Contractor Invoices</td> <td class="add-on-data-icon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-arrow-right add-on-data-out"></span></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Customers</td> <td class="add-on-data-icon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-resize-horizontal add-on-data-both"></span> <strong>*</strong></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Suppliers</td> <td class="add-on-data-icon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-resize-horizontal add-on-data-both"></span> <strong>*</strong></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Contractors</td> <td class="add-on-data-icon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-resize-horizontal add-on-data-both"></span> <strong>*</strong></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Inventory Journals</td> <td class="add-on-data-icon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-arrow-right add-on-data-out"></span></td> </tr> <tr> <td>Tracking Data</td> <td class="add-on-data-icon"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-arrow-right add-on-data-out"></span></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <small><strong>*</strong> If you have a new simPRO build and all of your contacts are already in MYOB, perform an initial import in the accounting link to bring your MYOB contacts into simPRO as customers and suppliers. Once you have completed an initial import, you cannot perform it again unless you delete all of your customers and / or suppliers from simPRO.</small> <br /> <br /> <h3><strong>Get started with simPRO today</strong></h3> <p>Request a <a href="">free demo</a> to see how we can help your business. </p> The leading job management system for trade service, maintenance and project contractors. job
contact Horizon for pricing

Seamlessly integrated with MYOB EXO, gives you complete control of your hiring operations

HBiz 4Hire <p>Feature packed HBiz 4Hire manages all aspects of the hiring process. Seamlessly integrated with the MYOB EXO Business Suite, it gives you complete control of your hiring operation keeping you more informed, helping to deliver outstanding customer service, avoid headaches and save money.</p> <p><strong>4Hire Features:</strong> <ul><li> True tracking of all income and costs against each individual rental item</li> <li>Full integration with Exonet stock, locations, sales orders, invoices, job costing, serviceable units, and fixed assets</li> <li>Include non-chargeable time in a contract; i.e. Weekends, Public Holidays or Inclement Weather</li> <li>Non-chargeable time able to be specified as Global, per Client, per Contract, per Stock Item</li> <li>Front-of-house user accounts with limited functionality</li> <li>Admin user accounts for full control</li> <li>System tracks all jobs and income from each item over time</li> <li>Rental quoting supported</li> <li>Track rental items by serial number, just by quantity or both</li> <li>Flexible pricing and charging rules</li> <li>Batch pricing changes doesn’t affect existing past entries</li> <li>Choice of charging through invoices or sales orders, straight to Exo</li> <li>Invoice one customer or all customers in one action</li> <li>Ability to generate commissioning, dispatch, repair or exchange jobs against rental items</li> <li>Ability to view future stock availability</li> <li>Ability to produce a range of detailed reports</li> <li>Modern, fast and easy to use</li> <li>Ability to sell rental items at end-of-life</li> <li>Easy to read graphical user interface with big windows</li> <li>Supports commissioning and repairs</li></ul></p> <p>4Hire Pro - Includes Job Cost, Serviceable Units, Fixed Assets Support + all Basic</p> <p>4Hire Basic - Hiring, Downtime, Exchanges, Daily, Weekly and Calendar Month Billing</p> <p>Contact Horizon Business Systems today to see you HBiz 4Hire will help your business achieve!</p> Seamlessly integrated with MYOB EXO, gives you complete control of your hiring operations exo_platinum
$1,995.00 + GST + 20% ALF

A selection of popular style reports that export directly to Microsoft Excel

EBS Reports <p><strong>EBS REPORTS is a module that provides a selection of popular style reports that can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel without the need for Clarity.</strong></p> <p>EBS Reports allows you to customize the data to be presented via the selection of different options within an easy to use graphical interface, enhancing your reporting ability alongside the Clarity reporting function within MYOB Exo.</p> <p>A wide variety of reports are available for Sales, Stock, Debtors and Creditors, all with customsiable selections and the ability to save templates for easy regular use. EXOBIZ can also enhance existing reports and add additional reports in the future without the need to get heavily involved in the report designing of Clarity.</p> A selection of popular style reports that export directly to Microsoft Excel
from $25/month
AccountRight Live

The People's Safety Software

Donesafe Safety Software <h2>The People's Safety Software</h2> <p>Health and safety management has become a major drain on many businesses. As laws change and as companies grow it's becoming harder to meet compliance let alone surpass it. Here's why: It's complicated, expensive, high risk and extremely draining on resources. It is for these reasons that Donesafe was founded.</p> <p>Donesafe is an end-to-end, paper-free safety compliance platform that is easy-to-use, works on any device and automates your safety management. Donesafe is designed to be used by every worker in your organisation from any device, which takes the strain off the business and shares the load. By automating actions, surpassing your compliance and creating a safe workplace is now simple, low-cost, safe and quick. PLUS it's free to try, so there's really no reason not to take your safety to the next level today.</p> <p><img src=""></p> <p>For a quick intorduction to the platform watch the short video below</p> <p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p> <hr> <p> To find out more, visit the Donesafe website go to <a href=""></a>. Alternatively you can try the platform for free or contact us below: <p><a href=""><img src=""></a> - <a href=""><img src=""></a></p> <hr> <h2>Donesafe Features</h2> <h3>RISK, COMPLIANCE AND AUDIT MANAGEMENT</h3> <p>Learn about Using Donesafe for Risk, Compliance and Audit Management. Use structured workflows, customisable templates and action generation and tracking.</p> <h3>INJURY, COMPENSATION AND CLAIMS SOFTWARE</h3> <p>Learn about Using Donesafe for Injury and Claims management. Use tools like the PIAWE calculator, insurer integration and a library of aids and supports.</p> <h3>HEALTH AND HYGIENE MANAGEMENT</h3> <p>Learn about Using Donesafe for Hygiene Management. Build checklists and workflows and automate your health processes and set up routines and inspections.</p> <h3>TRAINING MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE</h3> <p>Take unrivalled control of your training management. Ensure your employees are trained & competent to carry out their daily activities & meet legislative compliance.</p> <h3>EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE</h3> <p>Take unrivalled control of your emergency management. Know what to do if there is an emergency and test how prepared you are for an emergency.</p> <h3>VISITOR AND CONTRACTOR MANAGEMENT</h3> <p>Manage your visitor and contractor entries and exits from any device. Print ID tags on site and ensure that all workers meet OHS training standards.</p> <hr> <h2>How Donesafe makes managing your Health and Safety easier</h2> <h3>AUTOMATED WORKFLOWS</h3> <p>Donesafe will let you know what you need to do and when. Actions are triggered as soon as an issue arises.</p> <h3>FOUR SIMPLE MODULES</h3> <p>You'll be guided through four simple safety management modules - Observe, Manage, Learn, Monitor</p> <h3>WORKS ON ANY DEVICE</h3> <p>No matter where you are or what you're doing, Donesafe works on whatever device you have at hand.</p> <h3>JARGON FREE</h3> <p>Powerful safety software features, plain language- promise.</p> <hr> <p>To learn more visit <a href=""></a></p> The People's Safety Software
$495 p.a
AccountRight Classic AccountRight Live

Import sales, purchases, customer and bill payments, items, jobs and more into MYOB

Transpost Plus <h2>Import data into MYOB AccountRight</h2> <p>Directly use text files from a variety of sources to import data into MYOB AccountRight. Import data from payroll, work/job management systems or sales. Wherever your data comes from, if it can be presented in CSV or tab-delimitted format it can be imported.<br /> TransPost Plus imports these data types:</p> <ul> <li>Customer cards (import and update)</li> <li>Sales Invoices and Orders (all types, full details)</li> <li>Item details (import and update)</li> <li>Customer payments</li> <li>Suppliers (Insert and Update)</li> <li>Purchase Orders and Bills (all types, full details)</li> <li>Supplier Payments</li> <li>Items (Insert and Update)</li> <li>Item Pricing</li> <li>Inventory Adjustments</li> <li>Jobs</li> <li>Spend Money</li> <li>Receive Money</li> <li>General Journals</li> <li>Timesheets</li> <li>Personal Cards </li> </ul> <h3>Flexible</h3> <p>TransPost 'mappings' flexibly relate import data columns to AccountRight fields. You can define and save as many as necessary to cover all your MYOB import requirements.</p> <p>You can import transactions using minimal data - TransPost Plus can add defaults and calculate the rest. Alternatively you can set up mappings that cover every possible field in MYOB. Once saved, mappings can be reused whenever you need to.</p> <li>Import from files irrespective of column order</li> <li>Specify defaults or automatically retrieve them from AccountRight for unmapped or blank data</li> <li>Calculate sale prices, where not input, using Item Price Level to look up the MYOB price matrix</li> <h3>Automatic</h3> Once you have set up your mappings there are many ways to import: <ul> <li>Use the Windows form, simply select your import file, choose a mapping then click theImport to MYOB button</li> <li>Set up a run sequence so that with one click of a button you can process many files based on a specified import folder</li> <li>Use the service so when files arrive in your specified import folder they will be processed and moved on to the output folder automatically</li> <li>Set up command scripts to run automatically when applications download or export the data</li> </ul> <h3>Effortless</h3> Just drop input data files into the nominated input folder. If the TransPost Service is running they will be processed completely automatically. <h3>Accountable</h3> TransPost Plus has comprehensive logging to show: <ul> <li>If any errors occurred</li> <li>What data has been imported </li> <li>What remains unprocessed </li> </ul> <h3>For Developers</h3> <p>If your system prepares data your users would like to see in AccountRight, you just need to output the data into a text file, a CSV output from a simple query will generally do. No need to inserts blank lines between transactions or use specific MYOB field names. TransPost Plus can do the rest.</p> <p>You can write a flexible Powershell or Cmd script to run specified TransPost Plus mappings against your output or just drop your output into the appropriate designated input folder for the TransPost Plus Service to pick up.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h2 style="color:red">Free 30 day trial</h2> <p>For more details and download see <a href=""></a>. <b>Download <a href="">TransPost Plus</a> now and try it out. </b></p> <p>Just install, register and use TransPost Plus free for 30 days from the installation date.</p> <p><b>More information and download at <a href=""></a></b></p> Import sales, purchases, customer and bill payments, items, jobs and more into MYOB import purchases bill payments import supplier import data into MYOB import invoices Import inventory adjustments import timesheets
From US$99/year/user
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ABUKAI Expenses eliminates the tedious activities associated with completing expenses

ABUKAI Expenses <p>Finish expense reports in seconds, and easily post your expenses and invoices to MYOB </p> <p>ABUKAI Expenses substantially reduces the time and effort required to complete expense reportss. ABUKAI Expenses can immediately help you save time creating your expense claims or entering invoices. ABUKAI Expenses eliminates all the cumbersome work associated with creating expense reports and invoices including typing data from receipts, categorizing expenses and looking up exchange rates.</p> <p><strong>Step 1. </strong>Simply take a picture of each receipt or invoice with your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device while on the road or at the office.<br /> <strong>Step 2. </strong>Press “Submit” whenever you are ready.</p> <p>You receive a completed expense report with cost categorization, date, vendor and all the other information already filled in, along with a copy of all the receipt images. In only 2 steps! ABUKAI Expenses automatically creates the expense entries for you including GST. Even better, with the MYOB Integration, ABUKAI Expenses will directly post all transactions into MYOB AccountRight for you. The MYOB Integration is available for Standard Corporate Accounts or Custom Corporate Accounts. Certain configurations may require a Custom Corporate Account. With a Custom Corporate Account, other versions of MYOB such as MYOB EXO are also supported using other integration methods.</p> <p>ABUKAI Expenses was awarded the Editors’ Choice Award by PC Magazine, and named one of the Top 20 Cloud Services. ABUKAI Expenses was also named “Instagram for Expense Reporting” by Wireless Week, one of the 6 best mobile applications for small business by Staples, and one of the top 5 finance applications by NASDAQ.</p> ABUKAI Expenses eliminates the tedious activities associated with completing expenses
from $0.50/transaction
AccountRight Classic AccountRight Live

EASEEbuy software enables you to undertake B2B electronic procurement with your suppliers

EASEEbuy EASEEbuy is fully integrated into MYOB Software and allows you to "punch-out", shop, and import a shopping cart into MYOB to create a purchase quote or bill without the need to re-key any data. Along the way you can keep inventory information up-to-date in your MYOB software, configurable on a supplier by supplier option. EASEEbuy software enables you to undertake B2B electronic procurement with your suppliers
Prices start from $190/month
AccountRight Live AccountRight Classic EXO

An online catalogue enabling all sales channels (B2C, B2B,salesforce) to purchase 24/7

EASEEsell EASEEsell is an online web catalogue that allows you to sell to all your customers 24/7. Fully integrated with MYOB EASEEsell allows you to control products pricing and sales from within MYOB without ever having to rekey any data. EASEEsell will support your business from regular web sales through to complex EDI transactions. An online catalogue enabling all sales channels (B2C, B2B,salesforce) to purchase 24/7 e-procurement supplier interface B2C B2B
AccountRight Classic AccountRight Live

Powerful Service Billing & Jobs Management system with field service capability using PDA

EZeService <p>With EZeService you’ll have all customer information right at your fingertips allowing you to focus on providing efficient service to your Customers through easy jobs management and visual diary bookings.</p> <p>Its not just about being efficient, you have to convert this into increased productivity while giving your business the edge over your competitors. It is important that your staff easily manage tasks in a timely manner like producing quotes, jobs, invoicing, receipting, purchase orders, supplier invoicing etc while all financial information flows directly into MYOB.</p> <h3>Field Service - PDA</h3> <p>Bookings including any changes or cancelations are immediately uploaded to the PDA. Capture signature, photo, parts, labour, notes or out in the field purchases are all relayed back to the office immediately ready for invoicing.</p> <p>As one customer said :</p> <p><em><strong>"….let me put it this way, without EZeService I wouldn't be in business!"</strong></em></p> <ul> <li>Job management (Quote &gt; Job &gt; Invoice)</li> <li>Work in progress</li> <li>Service Agreement</li> <li>Diary Booking Schedule</li> <li>To-do lists by user</li> <li>Link documents to job</li> <li>Add notes</li> <li>Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoicing</li> <li>GP on job</li> <li>Frequently used phrases</li> <li>Complete Service &amp; financial History</li> <li>PDA integration (optional)</li> <li>SMS capability</li> <li>Email invoices, reports, attachments</li> <li>Add Customers / inventory on the fly - automatically adds MYOB</li> </ul> Powerful Service Billing & Jobs Management system with field service capability using PDA integration email PDA Supplier Invoicing jobs SLA work in progress WIP

Amplify your MYOB EXO by unlocking value through integration.

Jitterbit <h3>MYOB EXO Connector - Jitterbit</h3> Jitterbit delivers powerful, flexible and easy to use data and application integration software. With currently 600+ available connectors, there aren't many application that we can't connect to. Jitterbit is designed for the technical business analyst, allowing non-developers to solve the challenges of application data, and business process integration between on-premise and cloud systems. The EXO Connector will bridge the gap to the rest of your organisation's environment and eliminate application silos. <h3>What can Jitterbit do for you?</h3> <ul> <li>Integrate corporate databases and CRM applications</li> <li>Automate electronic order processes across systems</li> <li>Consolidate corporate data to offer as a Web Service</li> <li>Synchronize inventories across multiple partners</li> <li>Transform data into multiple B2B formats</li> <li>Consolidate disparate data from multiple locations</li> <li>Eliminate manual data entry and double handling</li> </ul> <h3>Integrate Anything</h3> <ul> <li>based connectors for enterprise applications</li> <li>Connect to any SOAP or REST web service</li> <li>Complete ODBC and JDBC database connectivity</li> <li>Large Data Volume support for record-breaking speed</li> <li>Source Validation checks and filters data on-the-fly.</li> </ul> <p>Backed by our champion support and services team, our platform is the most powerful yet simple integration platform available.</p> <p><a href="">Contact us</a> and connect your EXO today!</p> Amplify your MYOB EXO by unlocking value through integration.
AccountRight Live

Fleetmtatics WORK gives you power of mobility which will save time, paper and money.

Fleetmatics WORK <p> What is Fleetmatics WORK? </p> <p>A field service management solution that works for you. Your business is our DNA, so we understand your problems and have the features to help you solve them. We put everything happening in the field at your fingertips so you can manage jobs, schedule, invoices and more, all in real time.<br> <ul><li><strong>Reduce Paperwork<br></strong> Take schedules, invoices, quotes and more off your desk and onto the cloud.</li><br> <li><strong>Control Your Schedule<br></strong> Simplify how you schedule and assign jobs, no matter how many times things change</li><br> <li><strong>Get More Done</li></strong> Be more productive by simplifying, organizing and managing your day to day operations</li> </ul> Fleetmtatics WORK gives you power of mobility which will save time, paper and money.
Prices start at $600/month (20 field workers)

Construction operations software to manage workforce, assets and compliance.

Assignar <h2>About Assignar</h2> <p>When construction contractors implement Assignar in their business, they benefit from on-the-go visibility of workforce and asset utilisation, data to increase speed of decision making and the advantage of real-time monitoring of costs.</p> <p>The system can be tailored to create solutions as unique as your business. The platform is used by general contractors and subcontractors, including Lendlease, Built, Ugl and Liebherr.</p> <h3>Workforce</h3> <p>Manage operators’ experience on equipment & tasks, schedule training, simplify toolbox talks, collect timesheets, capture QA data & keep documents in one place. Schedule and allocate available compliant workers to projects.</p> <h3>Assets and plants</h3> <p>Schedule maintenance reports, conduct and collect machine pre-starts & other checklists in real time. Visualise the data and manage corrective actions.</p> <h3>Compliance and safety</h3> <p>Pass ISO audits as a formality. No more last minute stress and panic. Ensure compliance the whole year round.</p> <h3>Subcontractor Management</h3> <p>Ensure your supply chain is compliant. Collect data from your subcontractors & gain visibility into their activities & performance. Perform budget v actual based on live field data.</p> Construction operations software to manage workforce, assets and compliance. subcontractors asset management compliance management. general contractors workforce management
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Bank more money each month and reduce admin time chasing payments.

ezyCollect <p>ezyCollect is the easiest way to take control of debtors so they pay invoices quickly and you have more cash in your bank. Simply link your MYOB account and set up an automated workflow to reach overdue debtors with polite, personal reminders. Communicate with care and consistency with any number of debtors and make it easy for debtors to pay you:</p> <ul><li>Reach every debtor with automated sms, email, and post reminders.</li> <li>Debtors click-to-pay online from invoices, reminders, monthly statements.</li> <li>One click access to credit check reports, demand letters and debt recovery agents.</li> <li>Records debtor’s credit usage and limit.</li> <li>Instantly see the status of overdue accounts in real-time.</li> <li>Issue new invoices and consolidated monthly statements with ease.</li> <li>Your team can monitor and manage every debtor’s account from one central hub.</li></ul> <p>"Now overdue debtors consistently receive payment reminders which include a copy of overdue invoices. It helps debtors too" says Linda Attenborough, Financial Controller, MARTEC, who saved 8 hours per day and cut overdue accounts by 80%. ezyCollect is a certified MYOB addon and offers free staff training so you are up and running with ease.</p> <p>To get started <a href="">book in your free consultation today</a></p> Bank more money each month and reduce admin time chasing payments. cashflow receivables management debtors collections bad debts letters of demand
AccountRight Classic AccountRight Live

EzeScan helps automate the data capture of financially relevant information from documents

EzeScan 4 MYOB <p>EzeScan is document batch scanning software. It substantially speeds up the scanning of documents, conversion to PDF and the capture of printed and/or bar-coded information from those documents.</p> <p>It allows you to scan in more than one document at a time, and it automates and streamlines the act of data entry, so as to significantly reduce the number of keystrokes needed to collect the required financial data from the scanned invoices or purchase orders.</p> <p>Its built in MYOB Integration exposes the power of MYOB within EzeScan. For older MYOB products this is achieved through using the ODBClink driver. For newer MYOB products this is achieved by using the MYOB API toolkit.</p> <p>Simply hookup any TWAIN, ISIS or WIA compatible scanner to your MS Windows PC to be able to scan document information into MYOB.</p> <p>It can even create a text Searchable PDF/A file that can be viewed or printed for later reference. These PDF's can be stored in your existing document storage system (e.g. file server folder, SharePoint Server).</p> EzeScan helps automate the data capture of financially relevant information from documents
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Advanced MYOB Greentree

Digital transformation without disruption, unleash your workforce

TOKN Enterprise Mobility Platform <p>TOKN is the quickest and simplest way to get great mobile apps that work on all devices, connected to your data. TOKN is the next generation cloud enterprise mobility platform built for MYOB. Simply log on and register to have your exiting MYOB systems connected and to create great apps. User our quick and easy app templates to get rid of your paper dockets, eliminate the unnecessary workload in you Backoffice wich secure managment of you mobile eco system - Try for free today !</p> <p>&bull; Take control of you mobile ecosystem with full Mobile Administration Console - remotely manage your Users, Apps and Devices.<br />&bull; Author amazing apps in minutes using our templates and Low Code app development workbench.<br />&bull; Ready To Go App Templates: Timesheets, Expenses, Service requests, Stock Movement , Barcode scanning, Assett transfers, Purchase orders, Invoices, Safety, Approvals and more<br />&bull; Fully branded to your Business<br />&bull; Full Offline Capability<br />&bull; Full app lifecycle managment - unlimited instances per cutomer<br />&bull; Bi-Factor Authentication standard for all apps and Secure container managment <br />&bull; Huge hardware savings with secure upports Bring Your Own Device Managment<br />&bull; No network coverage, No problem, TOKN automatically syncs all work with its Full offline Capability for all apps<br />&bull; App analytics - How many user or transactions per day ? What version of Android is in use ? <br />&bull; Full GEO location capability for all apps <br />&bull; Cloud service with Zero installation<br />&bull; Prebuilt integration with MYOB Adavabced and Greentree.<br />&bull; Supports all device IOS, Android and Windows 10 - (incl Desktop)</p> <p>&ldquo;We only put forward the best, to ensure our customers perform the best. TOKN&rsquo;s mobile solutions have delivered significant changes in the way our customers work, collaborate and connect with people.&rdquo;<br />Andrew Thomson <br />Addax Business Solutions</p> Digital transformation without disruption, unleash your workforce Apps Device Managment Enterprise Mobility App Security Apps for GreenTree Low Code platform Mobile Sulution
$55 per user per month
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Worldclass tool to manage your mobile workforce using handheld technology.

Upvise <p>Upvise is a mobile application that can let businesses manage their workforce from their mobile phones - whenever and wherever they are located. Upvise lets businesses put in place customised structures that can be used to standardise working practices and focus on operational efficiency. It contains a powerful project management module which encompasses job, asset, and equipment management. The eForms modules is known to help businesses turn "from paper to glass" as it can help digitise the process of data collection from the field. Not only are safety and human resource managers well looked after, managers are able to make quick decisions as Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards can let them analyse mission-critical data in realtime. Kynection is Australia's only provider who can offer integration with MYOB EXO and MYOB Advanced which synchronises Invoices, (Two way), Quotes, Purchase orders, Payroll systems, Timesheets, Pay Rates, Leave requests, Expenses, Synchronising contacts, Product inventory and more. </p> Worldclass tool to manage your mobile workforce using handheld technology.
Based on number of connected Users and Apps , tiered
Advanced MYOB Greentree

Your timesheets, just better. Mobile timesheet capture and approvals solution.

TOKN Timesheet+ <p>TOKN Timesheet+ time managment solution is the most comprehensive mobile time capture and approvals solution for MYOB. Timesheet+ allows staff to capture timesheets on a mobile phone and easily approve them. If you are a labour hire organisation, professional services or recruitment firm, TOKN will add heaps of productivity savings to your business. &nbsp;TOKN's Timesheet+ application has a powereful 1-Click email approvals service, sensuing you have both internal and external stakholders covered. &nbsp;Instantly have control and automate hours or administration. With integration directly to MYOB Adavanced and GreenTree, time is instantly available for billing and reporting. Use our timesheet app to get rid of your paper dockets, eliminate the unnecessary workload in your backoffice, while accelerating you billing cycles - Try for free today !</p> <p> <br> </p> <p>• Include an Easy to Use mobile app, that works on all your device types IOS , Android and WIn 10 + Desktop !</p> <p>• Cloud backend time approval administration Engine - Easily manage 1st and 2nd level approvals with both Internal and external stakeholders&nbsp;</p> <p>• Bi-factor authentication standdard</p> <p>• Get instant access to your MYOB week ending dates, SR's, Jobs and &nbsp;post your Timesheet - NO Paper work</p> <p>• Seemplessly integrated with MYOB Advanced and Greentree</p> <p>• Integrated attachment creation standard and email services extensions</p> <p>• Includes access to the &nbsp;the Full TOKN Enterprise Mobility Platform, with full Mobile app and device administration - remotely manage your users, apps and &nbsp;devices.</p> <p>• No network coverage, No problem, TOKN automatically syncs all work with its Full offline Capability</p> <p>• Cloud Service with Zero installation</p> <p> <br> </p> <p> <br> </p> <p>“We only put forward the best, to ensure our customers perform the best. TOKN’s mobile solutions have delivered significant changes in the way our customers work, collaborate and connect with people.”</p> <p>Andrew Thomson &nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>Addax Business Solutions</p> Your timesheets, just better. Mobile timesheet capture and approvals solution. Approvals Mobile App Time entry Labour Hire offline Timesheets
$159 a month
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Nucleus Logic innovates and simplifies the way your customer orders and supplier orders.

Nucleus Logic <p>Nucleus Logic provides process saving for businesses who sell, build or stock products by putting their order collection and fulfilment processes into the cloud.</p> <p>It was created by a business that was tired of costly and inflexible software solutions, to manage their orders in one central location with access from any device, anywhere in the world. </p> <p>Nucleus automatically connects to your MYOB account and creates a customised online portal that connects all aspects of your order management processes to relevant parts of your business in an extremely simple and intuitive way.</p> <p>The Nucleus Logic framework is highly flexible and highly modular, it adapts itself to your business and evolves with it as your business grows and changes. The evolution of Nucleus sees our offering always being relevant. Nucleus Logic has the ability to provide custom business solutions that can solve your businesses most complex processes and problems. Our team of Business Analysts and Developers can assist you in customising your Nucleus platform to fill the gaps in your business that other providers cannot fulfil, always keeping you ahead of the competition.</p> <p>Our management team is made up of business owners that call upon years of business experience to develop solutions that work seamlessly and most importantly make sense to all stakeholders within your organisation. </p> Nucleus Logic innovates and simplifies the way your customer orders and supplier orders. IOS Cloud Apps Workflow Purchasing Android Inventory Supply Chain
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Complete job management, mobile quotes and Invoices for trades and services

GeoOp <p>Online job management for businesses with mobile workers. Features real time job sheets, live job scheduling, GPS tracking, quoting, invoicing & more.</p> <p><strong>GeoOp</strong> - Job management made easy</p> <p>GeoOp is complete job management that and can be used on PC or Mac and on Mobile devices using Apple, Android or Windows.</p> <p>It really is job management made easy. With GeoOp, businesses can easily manage field workers, schedule and track jobs real-time, quote on the spot, invoice and take payments on the same day. Using smart devices already in the hands of field workers, GeoOp allows the office and field worker to collaborate and share real-time job information, avoiding double entry and costly errors. For business owners this means a huge reduction in time consuming admin and an increase in profitability, free time and delighted customers. Integrates quickly and easily with MYOB, you will be ready and set up in minutes.</p> <p>"<em>It took us four years to get to 24 jobs a day. With GeoOp, in the last six months, we’ve doubled that.</em>"<br /> Margarita Elevancini, Margarita's Cleaning Service Ltd,<br />Auckland, New Zealand,<br />Commercial and Domestic Cleaning</p> Complete job management, mobile quotes and Invoices for trades and services
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AEC people — get #moretimefordesign with Synergy business and project management software

Total Synergy <p>Synergy is business and project management software for architecture, engineering and construction design people (AEC). Our goal is to give AEC people more time for design.</p> <p>Synergy is like a wingman to your business — someone who’s got your back in the business of designing the built environment. It’s pure cloud software that works on any web-enabled device. All you need is an internet connection, web browser and your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.</p> <p>Synergy solves three key challenges for built environment design professionals: project accounting (including timesheets, invoices, budgets, accounting add-ons, rates and costs, and profitability reporting); project management (including documents, projects, work breakdown structure, phases, stages and tasks, and WIP reports); and collaboration (including communication, shared portal, shared documents, document audit trail, and more).</p> AEC people — get #moretimefordesign with Synergy business and project management software Document Management Contact Management Reports Mobile and Cloud Applications Timesheets Accounts Connect Projects
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Approvals at your fingertips. Purchase Orders, Invoices and Leave.

TOKN Mobile Approvals <p>TOKN Mobile Approvals Solution allows staff to approve Purchase Orders, Invoices and Leave on a mobile device. If you are on the go, get instantly alerted to your outstanding MYOB approvals and keep control your MYOB workflows with an easy and accessable mobile app. Available wherever you are with a simple intuitive interface.&nbsp;</p> <p>TOKN will add heaps of productivity saving to your business. &nbsp;With integration directly to MYOB Adavanced and GreenTree, multi-level approval managment has never been easier. Use our approval apps to get rid clumsy desktop screens and eliminate the unnecessary workload in your backoffice, while accelerating you payment cycels - Try for free today !</p> <p> <br> </p> <p>• Include an Easy to Use mobile approval apps, that work on all your device types IOS , Android and WIn 10 + Desktop !</p> <p>• Easily manage multi-level approvals based on MYOB approval rules, direclty on the mobile device.</p> <p>• Push message alters to inform you of new approvals&nbsp;</p> <p>• Bi-factor authentication standdard</p> <p>• Manage all Line item types , just as Stock, Free text , JC and more&nbsp;</p> <p>• Seemplessly integrated with MYOB Advanced and Greentree</p> <p>• Integrated attachment service to open supporting attachments on the device</p> <p>• Includes access to the &nbsp;the Full TOKN Enterprise Mobility Platform, with full Mobile app and device administration - remotely manage your users, apps and &nbsp;devices.</p> <p>• No network coverage, No problem, TOKN automatically syncs all work with its Full-offline capability</p> <p>• Cloud Service with Zero installation</p> <p> <br> </p> <p> <br> </p> <p>“We only put forward the best, to ensure our customers perform the best. TOKN’s mobile solutions have delivered significant changes in the way our customers work, collaborate and connect with people.”</p> <p>Andrew Thomson &nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>Addax Business Solutions</p> Approvals at your fingertips. Purchase Orders, Invoices and Leave. Leave Request HR Purchase order Invoice Mobile App Time entry
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Dashboards only diagnose financial pain. Businest® shows you HOW to fix it.

businest® <p><strong>Don't Guess.... KNOW</strong></p> <p>Dashboards, graphs and forecasts will only confirm you (or your clients) have a cash flow problem. Businest® will show how to fix it.</p> <p>Step-by-step business coaching, video training and expert tips based on your financial history (across sales, marketing, finance, leadership and operations) to help you make more money doing what you love. For accountants and bookkeepers - our simple, easy to use, business solution will help you monitor client performance, save time &amp; create opportunities to deliver more strategic &amp; advisory services.</p> <p><strong>Poor Cash Flow Keeping You Up at Night?</strong></p> <p>Replace spreadsheets, forecasts, guesswork, & sleepless nights with the peace of mind of knowing HOW to grow safely and put more money in your bank account. Businest® is a focusing tool - it will clearly present where you are at, where you are heading, and which 2-3 steps you can take today that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line and cash flow.</p> <p><strong>businest® named The App You SHOULD Be Using at Accountex</strong></p> <p>Each year more than 150 new apps are added to the global cloud accounting ecosystem. The Meridian Awards at Accountex, are presented to a prestigious few apps in the accounting technology space who have displayed excellence beyond their peers. There are only 4 awards presented, by an elite group of global thought leaders & Managing Partners of firms. Businest® was recognized for innovation, ease of use, market impact, & size of key pain point solved for entrepreneurs and advisors (accountants, bookkeepers, coaches).</p> Dashboards only diagnose financial pain. Businest® shows you HOW to fix it.
Prices start from $19/month
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Job Management Made Easy- everything from quotes, jobs, purchasing, invoices to payments.

Ascora <h3>Ascora – Job Scheduling and Operations Made Easy</h3> <p>Ascora is a real-time job management and operations system designed specifically for a mobile workforce.It&#39;s an all-in-one solution for reducing administration overheads, improving productivity and boosting profits by providing quotes, job scheduling, invoices and business reporting on your iPad, iPhone, PC or Android device.</p> <p>Work everywhere with our offline mode and automatic background sync when back online. &nbsp; Take photos against your jobs.Create an invoice in the field from a single tap and take credit card payments.Not only have you already been paid for the job but it&#39;s also been automatically and seamlessly sent through to your MYOB.</p> <p>Get started today with Ascora under a simple pricing structure with unlimited web users for a flat rate and a per mobile user per month subscription which all come with unlimited telephone and email support, no lock-in contracts and free accounting integration!</p> <p>Reclaim your time and take your business to the next level with Ascora!</p> <br/> <h3>Who is Ascora for?</h3> <p>Designed for mobility and the cloud, Ascora is perfect for businesses of any size from 1 to 1,000 users. It is built specifically as a platform for a mobile work force and suitable but NOT LIMITED to the following:</p> <ul> <li>Air Conditioning </li> <li>Electricians </li> <li>Plumbers </li> <li>Locksmiths </li> <li>Cleaners </li> <li>Pest Control </li> <li>Property Maintenance </li> <li>Security Installers </li> <li>Photocopier Technicians </li> <li>Lawn mowing and Landscaping </li> </ul> <br/> <h3>Key Features</h3> <p><strong>Drag &amp; Drop Scheduling</strong> – Simply drag and drop your Jobs onto the schedule for your team.Multiple bookings and re-attendances are handled with ease!</p> <p><strong>Quick Quotes</strong> – Kits, Quote Templates and copy functions enable you to quickly and easily generate a Quote.</p> <p><strong>Automated</strong> – Ascora can automatically send reminder SMS to your clients of upcoming bookings, automatically send email and SMS follow ups on any quotes and outstanding invoices.</p> <p><strong>Fully Mobile</strong> – With native apps for iOS and Android you can use Ascora anywhere – even in areas with <strong><i><u>NO mobile reception</u></i></strong>.</p> <p><strong>No more Paper Timesheets</strong> – Simply check in and out of your Jobs and Ascora records all your time throughout the day including travel and general time.</p> <p><strong>Checklists</strong> – Ensures your key processes for Jobs and Quotes are followed so you can rest easy.</p> <p><strong>GPS Tracking</strong> – Tell easily where your team is at any time and find the closest jobs.We’ll even give you turn by turn navigations to get there!</p> <p><strong>Job Done – Get Paid</strong> – Complete the Job, get customer sign-off and process credit cards in the field to get paid immediately.</p> <p><strong>Enterprise Reporting</strong> – Analyse the profitability of all your jobs, lead sources and time utilisation to ensure you stay on top of how your business is performing at all times.</p> <br/> <h3>What’s Included?</h3> <p><strong>Awesome Support</strong> – Free unbeatable unlimited support from our team in Australia.You can pick up the phone anytime and talk to one of the Ascora team (real humans!) or drop us an email if you’d prefer.</p> <p><strong>Unlimited Cloud Storage</strong> – Never worry about backups or storage again – it’s all taken care of by Ascora and stored safely in our Sydney data centre.Also because it’s cloud-based we can easily scale as your business does!</p> <p><strong>Free Accounting Integration</strong> – Push all your Customers, Invoices and Payments through to MYOB at no additional charge and with no double entry!</p> <p><strong>Upgrades and Enhancements</strong> – We’re always working hard on new features to Ascora and genuinely value your feedback and suggestions!</p> <br/> <h3>Get Started with Ascora for free</h3> <p>No credit card, no contracts, no per job costs and no hassles – <a href="">sign up online for a free 14 day trial</a> or speak to one of our friendly consultants on <strong>(08) 6311 5555</strong> to see how Ascora can take your business to the next level! <br/> It’s obligation free, we’re here to help!</p> <p>Pricing starts from just $19 per month.</p> Job Management Made Easy- everything from quotes, jobs, purchasing, invoices to payments.
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Supplier invoice processing just got easier

InvoiceSmash <p>Supplier Invoice processing just got easier. Smash your data, smash your costs, smash that paperwork, fast. InvoicesSmash gives one click e-invoice processing no .csv files, or export/import. Ready to go for MYOB AccountRight Classic on-premise and MYOB AccountRight Live. </p> <p>Simply <a href="">sign-up for a free trial</a> and start getting the benefits of end to end supplier invoice automation. InvoiceSmash drives costs out of supplier invoicing, while enabling full inventory control. All you have to do is sign-up, and start submitting supplier invoices for automation direct into MYOB, using your chart of accounts and stock codes, and start saving time and money.</p> <p><a href="" class="btn btn-large btn-info">Sign up for a free trial today</a></p> Supplier invoice processing just got easier
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Deputy is an all-in-one employee scheduling, time & attendance and communication platform <p>Deputy makes it easy to schedule employees, manage time and attendance, track performance, and improve workplace communication.</p> <p>Deputy empowers a world of mobility, integrates beautifully with MYOB software, and transforms the way businesses operate, saving time and optimizing resources. </p> <p>Deputy allows you to: <br /> &#x25cf; Create optimised employee schedules in minutes<br /> &#x25cf; Full visibility of your employee stress levels, their qualifications, allocated shifts and labour costs<br /> &#x25cf; Track time & attendance with geo-location and face detection technology<br /> &#x25cf; Minimise time theft and stay in-control of your business even from home<br /> &#x25cf; Our find replacement feature allows you to cover shifts in minutes<br /> &#x25cf; Communicate with instant messaging and keep your team aligned<br /> &#x25cf; Track compliance with individual tasks, record performance with journals and view real-time announcements across all your devices<br /> &#x25cf; Streamline your payroll process<br /> &#x25cf; Instant timesheets ready for approval and export to payroll </p> <h2>Deputy's iPhone app</h2> <p>Lets you see what's going on at your workplace even when you can't be there in person. See who's working, share important posts’, stop/start shifts, create tasks and contact or replace missing people.</p> <h2>The Deputy Kiosk</h2> <p>Allows your employees to start and stop their shifts from an iPad located within your workplace. Employees can also share important posts’, apply for leave, update their available hours and create, complete and assign tasks.</p> <script> window.intercomSettings = { app_id: "xxp21xjv" }; </script> <script> (function() { var w = window; var ic = w.Intercom; if (typeof ic === "function") { ic('reattach_activator'); ic('update', intercomSettings); } else { var d = document; var i = function() { i.c(arguments) }; i.q = []; i.c = function(args) { i.q.push(args) }; w.Intercom = i; function l() { var s = d.createElement('script'); s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.async = true; s.src = ''; var x = d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; x.parentNode.insertBefore(s, x); } if (w.attachEvent) { w.attachEvent('onload', l); } else { w.addEventListener('load', l, false); } } })() </script> Deputy is an all-in-one employee scheduling, time & attendance and communication platform
From $25/user/month
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Invoicing, Sales Orders and B2B. SalesIn is the ultimate platform to manage your sales

SalesIn <p>Packed with features such as real time visibility of stock levels, advanced pricing rules, products image galleries, sales histories and more.</p> <p>Whether you have sales reps on the road selling, or want customers ordering directly online – or both – SalesIn has got you covered!</p> <p>Who's it for?<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Sales Reps<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Wholesalers<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;B2B<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;eCommerce<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Van Sales<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Trade Event Floor Sales</p> <p>What does it do?<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Easy invoicing and order taking<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Show off your products in the gallery view<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Access to real time stock levels and previous order history<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Works offline without an active Internet connection<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Integrates seamlessly with your accounting system and work flow<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Includes a web portal for all administration and office staff use</p> <p>Immediate benefits<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Have your reps focus on selling, rather than paperwork<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Improve speed and accuracy, eliminate errors<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Remove paperwork out in the field as well as back in the office<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Increase your cash flow through visibility of overdue accounts<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Work offline without an internet connection<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Everything you need is in one integrated system</p> <p>Suitable for any type of business<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Food &amp; Beverages<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Fashion &amp; Accessories<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Convenience Store Supplies<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Home &amp; Giftware Supplies<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Hair Care &amp; Beauty Supplies<br /> &nbsp;&bull;&nbsp;Many more</p> <h3>Why choose SalesIn:</h3> <p><strong>Showcase your Products</strong><br /> Your product range is beautiful – show it off to your customers. Use our Gallery View and browse through your products simply and quickly with just a flick of your finger.</p> <p><strong>Code-Free Customisation</strong><br /> Easily fine tune what is shown on screen without a computer science degree! SalesIn is made to adapt to your individual workflows and business rules.</p> <p><strong>Integrated CRM Features</strong><br /> Build up Activity Notes relating to all your customers visits, phone calls and sales pitches and then share this with the rest of your team.</p> <p><strong>Instant Online Ordering Portal</strong><br /> Setup SalesIn B2B in a matter of minutes, allowing your customers to place orders for themselves.</p> <p><strong>Integrates with MYOB</strong><br /> SalesIn works seamlessly with MYOB AccountRight Classic and MYOB AccountRight Live so you don’t have to manually enter information into both systems. Your customers and products from MYOB are available for use in SalesIn, and sales flow back to MYOB automatically.</p> <p><strong>Free 14 Day Trial</strong> - Sign up to a free, fully functional trial and be up and running in a matter of minutes!</p> Invoicing, Sales Orders and B2B. SalesIn is the ultimate platform to manage your sales
Per User Licence or Site Licence models avaialble
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Heads-up is intelligent, integrated, web-based business management software

Heads-up <h2>Summary</h2> <ul> <li> Intelligent. Heads-up is intelligent, integrated, web-based business management software designed to work your way.</li> <li> Configured. We configure it to your business and processes so you can work faster and smarter, and know you’re working more profitably.</li> <li> Easy. Heads-up is an easy complement to your team’s day-to-day work. Seamless integration of your business processes means you’ll save time, gain insight and more easily manage and control your operations.</li></ul> <h2>Benefits</h2> <ul> <li> Simplicity. Heads-up is simple to deploy and offers easy access and intuitive processes for your team.</li> <li> Single-entry efficiency. Heads-up links functions such as time reporting with project planning. You only enter data once and Heads-up takes it from there. This saves time and improves client account management. It syncs with your accounting software to guarantee a single source of truth. <li> Web-based accessibility. All users can access Heads-up at all times via secure logins and based on their level of authority. With a web-based system you, and they, can effectively go anywhere and keep doing business.</li> <li> Real-time data. Gain fast access to reports on the time your team is investing right through your business’ value-chain. This helps you improve your capacity planning, your business development pipeline, and project and revenue management.</li> <li>Quality control. Each module is backed by a workflow-based quality control process. This includes clear delegations, approvals and accountability and gives you rapid precision and greater confidence in your business data.</li> <li>Profit-centre reports. Reports highlight profitability at various levels of your business, including staff capacity and business development conversion rates.</li> <li>Automation. Heads-up complements and interfaces with accounting software and automates processes between the two. For example, the creation of a new employee record in your accounting system sets them up in Heads-up; and the creation of a new project in Heads-up triggers a new accounting job number.</li></ul> <h3>Who is it for?</h3> <p>Professional services firms that want to bill their time rather than spend it managing their business.</p> Heads-up is intelligent, integrated, web-based business management software Business Management Scheduling Practice Management Expense Claims Office Management Professional Services Environmental Engineering Building Backlog Subcontract Management Consulting Leave Tracking Invoicing Timesheets Financial Reporting Architecture
Starting at $425 per user

Helping businesses track time, jobs & projects for users on the go or at a location.

TimeTrak <p><strong>Get back on track with job and project management software.</strong><br /> Today’s customer expects you turn up on time and get the job done right. So imagine having a job management solution that gives you the flexibility to manage your business from any location, using just the one system – whether you’re in the field, at the office, catching up on work from home, or even on holiday. TimeTrak is the answer you’ve been looking for.</p> <p>Designed for businesses in service-based industries, TimeTrak helps you to increase profits, work smarter, and provide better service to your customers. Streamline how your business works, from the initial contact and quote, through to final invoicing or ongoing support.</p> <p>Whether your staff are out in the field or in the office, they can manage jobs, projects, scheduling, quotes, inventory, workplace safety, other team members, plus a whole lot more.</p> <p>TimeTrak comes with everything you need to get the job done right, every time.</p> Helping businesses track time, jobs & projects for users on the go or at a location.
From $73/user/month ex GST
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A scalable and fully integrated Project Management tool for construction and engineering

IPM Project Management <p>IPM Project Management from IPM Global is a scalable and fully integrated Project Management software tool built for businesses within the construction, engineering and project based industries.</p> <p>IPM delivers a 360 degree real-time view of projects, documentation, job tasks and operations – combined with extensive reporting and back end financial information. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 to deliver extensive document and contract management features, IPM is also supported by native integration with Microsoft Office including Outlook.</p> <p>IPM was developed with users in mind so that is quick to learn and easy to use making it the project management software tool that staff will want to use.</p> A scalable and fully integrated Project Management tool for construction and engineering
From $61

sensational mobile technologies

Upvise <p>Vertical Matters delivers sensational mobile technologies that power SME and Enterprise business processes, including: job scheduling, project management, safe work systems, forms design, timesheets, video conferencing, mail, cloud storage and much more.</p> <p>Our turnkey implementation and bespoke software development expertise delivers more than just super cool technology, it provides powerful game changing outcomes that make our customers smile and have the ability to revolutionise industries.</p> <p>We hope to provide continuing information to support our cause and educate those seeking to leap into the big bad world of mobile applications.</p> sensational mobile technologies
From $150/month
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Enabling our MYOB clients to seamlessly connect to their entire supply chain

EDIStech <p>We help businesses reduce costs by up to 35% in their supply chains, increase the pace of doing business by up to 61% and deliver these benefits in less than two business quarters.</p> <p>Electronic Data Interchange or EDI software enables two or more businesses to exchange data securely in agreed formats, even if they use different ERP systems and applications. Critical data such as purchase orders and invoices are moved between trading partners electronically, avoiding manual intervention such as document re-keying and data entry errors. Document exchange under a manual system can take days, versus minutes when sent via electronic data interchange software. The security provided by EDI software is another major benefit.</p> Enabling our MYOB clients to seamlessly connect to their entire supply chain
Multiple Pricing Models Available
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Simplify and digitise your purchasing, bills, statement, banking and approval processes

DataDevice Digital Automation Suite <p>Digitise and automate your document based and data-centric processes with the DataDevice Digital Automation Suite.</p> <p>The DataDevice Digital Automation Suite allows organisations to eliminate paper-based, and time-consuming processes by replacing them with software technologies for automation.</p> <p>There are many processes that can be digitised and automated using the Digital Automation Suite, with turn-key, customisable, and bespoke solutions available. These solutions can be used individually, or in tandem to create entirely paperless processes;</p> <p>Digital Purchase to Pay Automation</p> <ul><li>Digital Procurement with Purchase Requisition and Purchase Orders</li> <li>Digital Goods Receiving for Purchase Order and Creditor Invoice Matching</li></ul> <p>Digital Accounts Payable Automation</p> <ul><li>Digital Invoice and Bills Processing Automation including Electronic Approval Process</li></ul> <p>Digital Accounts Reconciliation Automation</p> <ul><li>Automated Statement Matching and Reconciliation Reporting</li> <li>EFT (Bank Upload) Summary Approval Processing and Reconcile</li></ul> <p>Digital Customer Order Processing Automation</p> <ul><li>Digital Sales Order Processing</li> <li>Sales Invoice Automation (For Third Party Applications)</li></ul> <p>Digital Account Receivable Automation</p> <ul><li>Accounts Receivable and Remittance Advice Reconciliation Automation</li></ul> <p>Digital Payroll Automation</p> <ul><li>Electronic Timesheet with Pay Items Calculator</li> <li>Leave application with Outlook Calendar</li></ul> <p>Digital Stock Feed Automation</p> <ul><li>Automated Supplier Product Updates including Codes, Descriptions, Pricing and Edit Functionality</li></ul> <p>DataDevice uses a mix of class-leading software technologies to build our Digital Automation Suite - offering hosted, on-premise, and hybrid deployment models with thin, thick and mobile app clients available.</p> <ul><li>Digital Forms</li> <li>Workflow and Process Automation (BPM/RPA)</li> <li>OCR Data Capture</li> <li>Digital Document Management</li> <li>Reporting and Business Intelligence Software</li> <li>Data Warehousing Systems</li> <li>Application Integration Software and Connectors</li> <li>Custom Software Tools and Add-Ons written by DataDevice</li></ul> <p>Achieve your Digital Transformation goals with DataDevice' industry knowledge and the Digital Automation Suite.</p> <p>To speak with us further and discover what DataDevice can do for you, or to arrange a demonstration of any of the products and services we provide, please speak with one of our friendly analysts today.</p> Simplify and digitise your purchasing, bills, statement, banking and approval processes
1.9% per tap or inserted transaction
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From payments and point-of-sale tools to powerful analytics Square has everything you need

Square <div class="alert alert-info"> <strong>Coming soon</strong> - Square is in beta testing right now, and will be live with MYOB integration very soon. </div> <p><strong>Accept card payments today with Square. </strong><br /> You might have seen Square's little white credit card reader at your local coffee shop, bar or maybe whilst buying a drink at a music festival. From payments and point-of-sale tools to sales reports and invoices, Square has everything you need to start, run and grow your business.</p> <p><strong>Three Steps to your first swipe.</strong><br /> Signing up for Square is fast and free, and there are no commitments or long term contracts.<br /> <strong>1.</strong> Create your free Square account<br /> <strong>2.</strong> Download the free Square app and link your bank account for fast deposits <br /> <strong>3.</strong> Connect the reader to your smartphone or tablet and start taking payments. (That's it!) </p> <p><strong>Know what you pay.</strong><br /> <strong>Get Paid Fast.</strong><br /> Pay a clear, low price for every transaction and see deposits in your bank account in one to two business days.<br /> 1.9% for all tap or insert transactions including Visa, Master Card and American Express.<br />2.2% for manually entered transactions.</p> <p><strong>Integrate with your MYOB Account</strong><br/> Get your transactions organised right in your account, with your fees, item details, and more automatically imported with the new and improved sync with Square. </p> <p><strong>Australia only</strong><br/> For now, <strong>Square</strong> is available only for Australian retailers and businesses.</p> From payments and point-of-sale tools to powerful analytics Square has everything you need
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Powerful job management from any location - initial query and quote, through to invoicing.

AroFlo <p>AroFlo ServiceTrack is a powerful cloud-based job management system, accessible across a range of mobile devices so you’re always connected to your staff and business. It gives you full visibility across your entire organisation – keeping you in control.</p> <p>We offer a complete business management solution that’s reliable and easy to use. AroFlo offers a central port of call to manage all your jobs and projects – from the initial query, through to final invoicing.</p> <p>The system comes equipped with everything you need to automate your business processes and streamline workflows. Whether you’re out in the field or back in the office you can track jobs, schedule staff, record billable hours, create quotes, order materials, check compliance requirements, send invoices, take payments…and so much more.</p> <p>AroFlo isn’t your average job management software – it was made by a tradie for other tradies. Unlike other systems on the market, we offer a full featured product at a price you can afford. It’s why we’ve become one of the most trusted and respected solutions on the market.</p> <p>Use as little or as much as you need to get your business back on track and reaps the rewards. Less paperwork. More time. Productive staff. Happy customers. Better profits. With AroFlo, all of this – and more – is easily achievable.</p> Powerful job management from any location - initial query and quote, through to invoicing.
Prices start from $49/month, per user
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A smarter way to run your trades business

Telstra Trades Assist <h3>Running a successful trades business doesn't just mean working hard on the tools.</h3> <p>Many tradies are struggling to stay on top of their work and increase cash-flow, spending too much time doing non-billable admin and relying on manual processes to manage their business.</p> <p>Telstra Trades Assist was developed with tradies and industry experts to help tradies reduce admin and stay on top of their business, whether on the go, on-site or in the office.</p> <p>Telstra Trades Assist makes going digital easy for small-medium trades businesses, by bringing together a range of digital tools for quoting, job scheduling, project work, asset management and a host of other business functions including real-time business intelligence.</p> <h4>Why choose Telstra Trades Assist?</h4> <p>Telstra Trades Assist equips you to run your business as good as you do your trade, so you can concentrate on your customers and get back to achieving your personal goals – whether it's growing your business or having more time to spend with your friends and family.</p> <p style="font-weight: bold;">With Telstra Trades Assist you can:</p> <ul> <li>Schedule and track jobs according to skills and availability</li> <li>Plan and deliver project work with contractors or partners</li> <li>Proactively manage customer assets as well as your own</li> <li>Quote smarter with on the spot access to parts pricing and availability</li> <li>Access accounting integrations to keep on top of your finances</li> <li>Track how your business is performing and make informed decisions with real-time business intelligence</li> <li>Access partner and supplier services and products online</li> </ul> <p>All from a single, easy-to-use, web-based platform and iPad/iPhone app.</p> <p>Save time and take back control over your business future with Telstra Trades Assist.</p> <h4>Full support and setup</h4> <p>We can get you set-up quickly and make sure you're getting the most out of Telstra Trades Assist for your specific business needs with:</p> <ul> <li>Free dedicated Australian telephone concierge service for self set-up and support</li> <li>"Do-it-for-me" professional service packages including data integration and training</li> <li>Our Help Centre with a range help articles, how-to videos, and tips & tricks to access anytime</li> </ul> <h4>Get started with Telstra Trades Assist for free!</h4> <p><a href="">Sign up for a 30 day free trial</a> online now! Or if you want to find out more visit <a href=""></a>.</p> <p>Pricing starts from just $49 per month/per user, with flexible pricing plans and bundle offers available.</p> A smarter way to run your trades business
Transaction based pricing
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Early payment to your suppliers in return for a discount and extend your own payment terms

Working Capital Solutions for MYOB <p>Since 1987 the Dataline Group has been at the forefront of making accounts payables easy for organisations in Australia and New Zealand.</p> <h2How it works<h2> <p>Dataline’s accounts payable solution for MYOB will help you save time and money by managing your current manual processes associated with accounts payable. With faster approval times of invoices, take the opportunity to pay your suppliers early in return for a discount.</p> <p>Invoice Automation – With faster invoice approvals, you have an opportunity to select which invoices you wish to pay early in return for a discount</p> <p>Supplier Offer – Selected suppliers that you wish to pay early will receive an email offering an early payment of the invoice in return for a discount </p> <p>Gain A Discount – Recieve an acceptance from your supplier for early payment and get notified of the discount amount and new payment date for the invoice </p> <p>Retain Your Cashflow - Use the discount to leverage funding of the invoice to extend your own payment terms by up to 90 days.</p> <p>Turn your discounts into a substantial return on your payables or use the discount to fund your payments </p> <p>Dataline helps you optimise your Accounts Payable processing, providing you with high visibility daily of your business’ liabilities, and now offers the OPTION TO EXTEND PAYMENT TERMS with your suppliers, giving far greater flexibility and control of your working capital. By offering to pay suppliers early with unsecured, off-balance sheet funding, you can: </p> <ul><li>Capitalise further on supplier discounts available</li> <li>Free up valuable working capital to facilitate your business’ growth</li> <li>Extend your own payment terms by up to 90 days</li> <li>Strengthen your supply chain by also improving your suppliers’ cash flow.</li></ul> <p>A better way to manage your payables</p> <ul><li>Easy access to funds, with no borrowing and no security required</li> <li>Strengthen supply chain relationships with suppliers you choose to pay early; you’re in control of who and when you pay</li> <li>Workflow that allows you to benefit from supplier early payment discounts</li> <li>Use discounts earned to fund working capital requirements</li> <li>Extend your terms on any supplier invoice up to 90 days.</li></ul> <p>Want to know more? </p> <p>Dataline’s working capital solution is a great way to start your digital transformation journey. For more information, contact us on +61 2 9882 6301 or</p> Early payment to your suppliers in return for a discount and extend your own payment terms
$20/month per technician
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Scheduleflow specialises in HVAC/R Plumbing Electrical Scheduling Solutions

Scheduleflow <h1>Scheduling Software Overview</h1> <p>Scheduleflow works by combining the power of the internet with the practicality of a mobile phone to create a powerful scheduling and communication tool for Tradesmen.</p> <p>All your schedules and client data are securely stored online, this means they are manageable from a PC or anywhere on the job with your mobile phone. 24 / 7.</p> <p>Mobile phone access allows you to communicate with your customers with one touch SMS messages, notifying them of your ETA or any delays.</p> <h2>Job Scheduling and Management</h2> <p>For sole traders who manage their own business or larger organisations who manage a fleet of tradesman, scheduling jobs and managing customers is an equally simple task.</p> <p>Open a web browser and log in to Scheduleflow on any computer or anywhere on your mobile phone to manage your schedule and customers.</p> <p>See, manage and print your schedule for the day, week or month. You can also see the exact locations and driving distance of all your jobs for the day on a single map.</p> <h2>Maps &#038; Navigation</h2> <p>When scheduling on your PC, upon entering a new job the address is verified and pinpointed on Google Maps. All jobs for the day are then laid out on a single map.</p> <p>Driving distances for the day, week and year are accurately calculated. You can even see where the cheapest fuel is in a given area.</p> <p>When used on the job with a Google Map and GPS enabled mobile phone Scheduleflow becomes a powerful driving tool saving you time and money, everyday.</p> <h2>SMS &#038; Email Features</h2> <p>Simple mobile communication features notify the customer when their service will arrive, or of any delays or changes. Sending your customers SMS and Emails on the fly is easy.</p> <p>Log in to Scheduleflow from your phone, and see a list of todays jobs. Communicating with clients is simple &#8211; no searching for names, manually entering numbers or email addresses. It&#8217;s all available directly from your schedule.</p> <p>ETA messages are pre-written and can be customised, saved and ready to send with one touch.</p> <h2>Recurring Jobs</h2> <p>Flexible recurring jobs allowing you to manage recurring jobs every day, every month year, supports splitting a recurring schedule into another schedule if you need to push back a week or skip an job.</p> <h2>Simple Invoicing</h2> <p>We have invoice exports to MYOB Supports customisable Invoice templates, Quotes and Tax Invoices. A simple invoicing system to keep track of your work.</p> Scheduleflow specialises in HVAC/R Plumbing Electrical Scheduling Solutions
Starting from $140 a month
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Report incidents in the workplace

Incident Report <p>Creators of Incident Reporting, manage incidents with an integrated module to help businesses ensure their staff can report and capture all incidents in the workplace. From safety and security incidents through to near misses, safety observations, and property damage reports.</p> Report incidents in the workplace
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ODBC WriteNow, a true 2 way interface syncing tool

ODBC WriteNow <p>ODBC WriteNow allows businesses to have a true, 2 way interface with their MYOB AccountRight data. Your business can read, write and edit your MYOB Data in the cloud, from your database or excel spreadsheet. A fast, reliable interface that gives you full control of your data. ODBC WriteNow behaves like Premier ODBC, and if you used to use this, this tool is very easy to use. This brings the MYOB API interface to your data and gives you full flexibility and control. ODBC WriteNow will save you time and money. ODBC WriteNow is a new Tool for MYOB AccountRight companies that require true database integration with their MYOB Data.</p> <p>Start a FREE trial today by <a href="">visiting our website</a>.</p> ODBC WriteNow, a true 2 way interface syncing tool
Prices start at $1.90/day
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#1 Building Management Software for Invoice, Quote, Payment, Communication

Tradezquote <p><strong>Why you need Tradezquote:</strong><br /> Tradezquote is the software management system designed to save time, money and help organise the small to medium sized trade business. </p> <p><strong>Who is Tradezquote for: </strong><br /> If you are a trades business whose goal is to run a more professional, less stressful business and live a lifestyle where you get to take family holidays, have time to watch the kids sports game or go fishing once (or twice!) a week then tradezquote is designed for you. </p> <ul> <li>Builders</li> <li>Carpenters </li> <li>Electricians</li> <li>Plumbers</li> <li>Boilermakers</li> <li>Painters & Decorators</li> <li>Cleaners</li> <li>Roofers</li> <li>Landscapers</li> <li>Cabinet Makers</li> <li>Plasterers</li> <li>Handy Men</li> <li>Maintenance Professionals</li> <li>Welders</li> <li>Concreters</li> <li>Roofers</li> <li>Window Covering Installers</li> <li>Tilers</li> <li>Refrigeration Specialists</li> <li>Husband & Wife Trades Teams</li> </ul> <p><strong>Key features include:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Instant Quotes & Invoices: Save time by creating professional quotes on the spot and automatically email them directly to clients at the push of the button.</li> <li>Job Organisation & Secure Storage: No more filing cabinets, sticky notes or excel spreadsheets. All job information saved quickly, safely & securely.</li> <li>Transparency & Client Relationships: Keep clients involved in projects. Track communication. Securely record for future reference. </li> <li>Employee Engagement: Keep employees engaged in job progress and monitor job allocation and performance</li> <li>Accounting Software Integration: Complete automatic invoice integration with MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight at the click of a button which allows you to save time and keep your bookkeeper and accountant happy.</li> </ul> #1 Building Management Software for Invoice, Quote, Payment, Communication
Pricing is dependent on modules selected
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Nexvia provides one centralised platform to streamline your project processes

Nexvia – Software Built for Projects <p>Nexvia is a groundbreaking cloud-based management platform that helps businesses of all sizes streamline their project management processes. The software improves efficiency, accountability and communication. From financial reporting, tendering and estimating to sales, factory and site management. Nexvia uses cloud technology, giving managers the ability to easily access and control multiple projects at a detailed level from anywhere in the world. Further, Nexvia fosters a collaborative approach with Contractor and Client Portals - creating a more transparent environment for workers, contractors, managers and clients. All of these aspects work together to create a profitable outcome through increased visibility to make key financial decisions.</p> Nexvia provides one centralised platform to streamline your project processes
Free for single user - from $40/m for multiple users
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Job management solution for trade businesses to maximize revenue and streamline work flow

Fergus Job Management Software <p>Fergus is smart job management software for small to medium sized trade businesses. </p><p> Not just a clunky set of features, our all-in-one solution seamlessly moves your jobs through the workflow so you can always see what needs your attention most.</p><p> Designed to make job management easy and grow your business, Fergus helps you maximise your revenue by quickly adjusting material markups and billable hours so you always stay well in the black.</p><p><b>Feature Checklist</b></p><p><b>On-The-Go Job Management </b></br>Manage your business from anywhere, in real-time with our mobile app and cloud-based software.</p><p><b>Easy Scheduling</b></br> Assign staff to specific jobs. Our scheduling system makes sure there are never any overlaps.</p><p><b>GPS Tracking</b></br>Track employees out on jobs easily using our integrated map. Quickly find out who is best placed to help before you’ve even put down the phone.</p><p><b>Timesheets</b></br>Log both charged and uncharged time to a job in Fergus, or use the timer on our handy mobile app while on the worksite.</p><p><b>Back Costing</b></br> Accurately back-cost before invoicing to make sure you hit your margins every time. Easily add labour, stock–on–hand, invoices and credits.</p><p><b>Quick Invoicing</b></br> Make invoices quickly using our powerful pricing editor. Pull in back–costed site visits to instantly fill in your invoices, so you always stay in the black.</p><p><b>Smart Job Tracking</b></br>See how you’re tracking on a job–by–job basis and get early warning of jobs creeping over budget and needing extra attention.</p><p><a href="">Try Fergus for Free</a> for 30 Days. No Contracts. No Obligations and No Credit Card.</p> Job management solution for trade businesses to maximize revenue and streamline work flow
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A new way of managing your work orders, staff and clients

myPSR <p><strong>What is myPSR?</strong></p> <p>myPSR a new way to manage your work orders, staff and clients.</p> <p>It’s a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). Operators can use the software via an app (iPhone and Android) and administrators can access the myPSR dashboard via a web browser on their Mac or PC.</p> <p>myPSR is designed to be easy to learn and easy to use. With real-time visibility on work order status, client access and a number of useful modules, it’s designed to help businesses manage their work, staff and clients better and get paid faster.</p> <p><strong>myPSR will help you:</strong><br /> &bull;Take control of your business<br /> &bull;Secure client access portal<br /> &bull;Save time and money<br /> &bull;Look professional and win more work<br /> &bull;Improve productivity<br /> &bull;Improve communication between your staff and clients</p> <p><strong>Who did we build it for?</strong><br /> &bull;Commercial Cleaning<br /> &bull;Maintenance<br /> &bull;Electricians<br /> &bull;Plumbers & Gasfitters<br /> &bull;Locksmiths<br /> &bull;HVAC technicians<br /> &bull;Refrigeration specialists<br /> &bull;Pest control<br /> &bull;Cleaners<br /> &bull;Gardening & lawncare<br /> &bull;Poolcare<br /> &bull;Handymen</p> <p>With myPSR, your business is equipped to manage every quote, job, invoice, payment and more, all in the one place.</p> <p>We ensure you have no messy paperwork. Whether your business is small or large or anywhere in between, myPSR helps you work more efficiently in the office and out in the field. Getting the job done on time has never been easier.</p> <p><strong>Job Management</strong><br /> Track every job and clients’ request with the capacity to have all task information available to everyone (including your customers).</p> <p><strong>Client management</strong><br /> Free portal for your clients to log into and view the status of their jobs, job history as well as run their reports.</p> <p><strong>Building strategic partnerships</strong><br /> Partnering with the Australian Property Council we are strong advocates in supporting and promoting the future leaders of our industry.</p> <p><strong>Quoting, Asset Management and more</strong><br /> The tool to ensure you deliver the highest level of Customer Service – all your clients’ requests and compliance documents in the one place – making your job easier and ensuring the wow factor to your clients.</p> <p><strong>Help & Support</strong><br /> We are based in Melbourne and can be contacted via phone (1300 169 777) or <a href="">via our website</a></p> <p>Our online Help Center has an huge range of help articles, setup guides, video tutorials, training, and tips & tricks to become a myPSR expert - visit <a href=""></a></p> <p><strong>Get started with myPSR for free</strong><br /> Sign up for a <a href="">free forever 2 user account</a>. No obligation. No credit card required. Full access and nothing to ever pay</p> <p>Pricing is nice and simple: 2 users for free and each additional user is only $4 per month.</p> A new way of managing your work orders, staff and clients
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Resource management/Online timesheet/Labour hire software

R3sourcer <p>R3sourcer Software allows to automate complex business processes and HR management using wide range of functions - from basic ones to the most innovative up to day. This Software is developed to fit any industry while keeping automation processes simple and user friendly. </p> <p>Check how R3sourcer helps to solve issues that many businesses face nowadays:<br /> - If you have employee running late or not going to work at all, you’ll find out before not when it'ss too late. How? R3sourcer automatically checks workers are on their way and if not - a replacement has already been found and sent on his way.<br /> - Use the distance calculator and mapping function to find out the distance between your job site and the employee. R3sourcer has a visual solution to see the jobsite locations and employee locations on a real time map.<br /> - With an intuitive interface and tested security options, R3sourcer allows you to manage your timesheet generation and approval process with full control and peace of mind. Get reports of every tracked time, so you can easily identify working hours, overtimes and brakes.</p> <p>R3sourcer Software allows to use many other functions, such as automated invoicing, online timesheets, scheduling, sales workflow and much more for a very affordable price!</p> Resource management/Online timesheet/Labour hire software
Refer to for pricing on individual apps
MYOB Greentree

Applications developed by a number of MYOB Greentree Value Added Developers from NZ & A

Apps for Greentree <p>Apps for Greentree applications are pieces of add-on functionality that is designed to work seamlessly with MYOB Greentree. Apps are not smart-phone or tablet programs, they actually sit within your Greentree system. They can take the form of screen customisations, new end-to-end process, additional reports and scripts, new spread sheet functions, or complete modules.</p> <p> <br> </p> <p>Apps are activated in your MYOB Greentree system by:</p> <p> <br> </p> <p>A one-off installation of the Apps Framework.</p> <p>This will normally incur a cost with your Greentree Reseller for between 1 and 2 hours work and require a restart of your system.</p> <p> <br> </p> <p>Ongoing loads of update packs as you upgrade your Greentree system over time.</p> <p>This should not add to your upgrade costs.</p> <p> <br> </p> <p>Installation of a Registration Code for each new App.</p> <p>This is a simple operation, that can be done in minutes, by a consultant or an experienced Greentree user and does not require a restart of your system.</p> Applications developed by a number of MYOB Greentree Value Added Developers from NZ & A reporting automation greentree addon verde greentree
Prices start from $69/month. No Lock In Contracts. Ever.
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Rental management add-on that automates end-to-end rental from booking to invoicing

Viberent <h4 style=""text-align: center;""><strong><span style=""color: #00ccff;""> Inventory</span></strong></h4> <p style=""text-align: center;"">Track inventory as bulk items or serial numbered. Allocate pricing, upload images and view live availability anywhere, anytime.</p> <h4 style=""text-align: center;""><strong><span style=""color: #00ccff;""> Kits / Packages</span></strong></h4> <p style=""text-align: center;"">Group inventory items together to create Kits / Packages. Allocate pricing to your packages and let Viberent track these for you.</p> <h4 style=""text-align: center;""><strong><span style=""color: #00ccff;"">Quote</span></strong></h4> <p style=""text-align: center;"">Create Quotes and email them directly to your customer from within Viberent. Allow your customer to view your T’s &amp; C’s, sign online and accept!</p> <h4 style=""text-align: center;""><strong><span style=""color: #00ccff;"">Rentals / Invoice</span></strong></h4> <p style=""text-align: center;"">Create short and long-term rental transactions. Manage off hires and partial returns. Post to your accounting package with one click of a button!</p> <h4 style=""text-align: center;""><strong><span style=""color: #00ccff;""> Service and Maintenance</span></strong></h4> <p style=""text-align: center;"">Create service types within Viberent. Allocate periodic servicing to items and Viberent will notify you when items require servicing.</p> <h4 style=""text-align: center;""><strong><span style=""color: #00ccff;"">Mobile App</span></strong></h4> <p style=""text-align: center;"">Use Viberent’s mobile app to run your deliveries and returns. Create work completion advice and read barcodes using your phones camera!</p> <h3 class=""streamline"" style=""text-align: center; line-height: 30px;""> “I would 100% recommend Viberent! Purely for the ability to remove any human related error in double booking. We have found this a more professional brand approach to put forward to our clientele. We love it!” Mandi Turner, Ivy&Bleu" Rental management add-on that automates end-to-end rental from booking to invoicing
From $10/month
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Leading project, task and time management software

ProWorkflow <h2>Leading project, task and time management software!</h2> <p>ProWorkflow is an online project management software that enables you to keep accurate time-keeping records, organize, plan, and delegate jobs and tasks whilst using the timeline to have an overview of company activity. </p> <p>The information ProWorkflow collects allows you to measure and analyze your company performance so that you can streamline profit margins and show meaningful direction via our strong and robust reporting. </p> <p><a href="">Start your free 14 day trial now</a></p> Leading project, task and time management software
$13/year - Single User Quotes/Jobs/Invoices. Optional add on features eg, $10/month per User, $5/month MYOB sync
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Job Management Software that is powerful, affordable and cutting edge.

eBoss <p>eBoss is Job Management Software built by Australians for Australian trade businesses. It is powerful, affordable and cutting edge. eBoss Quote templates will allow you to send quotes in seconds. eBoss Business reports will show you your costs and profits with the click of a button. Our custom reports will make your Admin and Outdoor staff visible and accountable.</p> <p>Do you have complex contracts and Labour charge out rates? eBoss has unlimited Labour charge out rate multipliers in your company settings. We also have flexible Cost-Plus Markup rates via each Inventory item, Client or Location.</p> <p>Whether you’re big, small or somewhere in between, eBoss has you covered with free local support and training when you need it.</p> Job Management Software that is powerful, affordable and cutting edge.
Starter: $9 user/month
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Job, service & team management software that lets you work from anywhere

NextMinute <p>NextMinute is a <b>simple &amp; powerful online job &amp; team management tool</b> for businesses with a mobile workforce. Our product allows your work to be planned, scheduled, communicated, time-tracked, quoted, monitored, and billed on the go. Import your existing client list and get started scheduling and invoicing right away. NextMinute is a straightforward and easy to use tool for all Trades and Field Service businesses. If you want to get your work in order, reduce admin, eliminate paperwork, and grow your business we can help.</p> <p>There’s no need to change your workflow if you’re already using MYOB – it only takes one click to sync your customers, invoices, products and services and payments with NextMinute. NextMinute takes care of your job management and MYOB handles the accounting – it’s simple and you will spend less time invoicing and get paid faster.</p> <p><strong>Here are some of the features our customer’s love and we’re sure you will too</strong>:</p> <h2>Job Dispatch & Management</h2> <p>Perfect for any service oriented business with a mobile team.  You can plan, schedule, monitor and bill your work.  Keep track of every job and stay on top your workloads easily by keeping tabs on your team in real-time.</p> <h2>Work Scheduling</h2> <p>Create a job, choose a client and assign it to the team. Schedule your work as either a one-off job or a larger project type job. Recurring job management tasks are handled easily, and are ideally suited to regular maintenance work or repeat visits. Our cleaners, landscapers and property maintenance clients love this feature, and we think you will too!</p> <h2>Connected Mobile Team</h2> <p>Your front line team will have the job information they need to get the job done. NextMinute’s mobile app empowers the team to capture detailed job notes, customer signatures and photos from the convenience of any mobile device. They will also record time and materials against jobs in real-time, meaning more accurate time keeping and faster billing.</p> <h2>Task Management</h2> <p>Allows you to schedule appointments or bookings; to do’s for you, your team or other contractors. All of which can be added with specific date and time detail. Tasks can be billable or non-billable activities, it’s up to you. You can also associate tasks to jobs, providing more depth of activity for contracting or project type work.</p> <h2>Easy to view lists</h2> <p>View your jobs and tasks in ticket view and make sense of what's on at a glance.  With one-click drill down to see more detail including job sheets, photos, customer signatures, files or user manuals, customers notes, messages and more. View jobs in grid view and you have a dynamic summary of activity. Filter, colour code and sort the info to suit the way you work.</p> <h2>Easy Invoicing</h2> <p>Fast, accurate and easy invoicing. Get paid faster with the ability to invoice on the go, now in a few easy clicks you can create, review and approve any invoice to send to the customer. Using the mobile app to generate invoices is just one way NextMinute will help you reduce the burden of admin and paperwork. Once the job is done and the invoice sent, NextMinute offers an easy integration with MYOB AccountRightLive and Essentials. Use one-click to sync your clients, products, services and invoices. No need to re-key a thing!</p> <h2>Billing Flexibility</h2> <p>We know that businesses operate in a range of ways, that’s why we give you a whole lot of flexibility in your billing output. You can part or full invoice, choose to invoice sections or specific line items. You can mark-up using cost-plus or use a predefined margin. You can apply discount percentages for each line item. This flexible billing capability allows you to quote and invoice the way you want and accommodate your unique business needs.</p> <h2>Manage Sale Items</h2> <p>We want to make your life easier; NextMinute will manage all your sales items including labour, product and materials, and disbursements so your quoting and billing is always up-to-date with current pricing. Purchase orders can be created in minutes too.</p> <h2>Supplier Invoices</h2> <p>Being able to consolidate actual charges for jobs is essential, so we allow you to import supplier invoices from key suppliers.</p> <h2>Better Communication</h2> <p>Use in-app messaging to send the team an email or SMS with the high-level information of a job or task they have been assigned. Add a message to the customer while you’re at it to keep them in the loop too. Keep customers informed of all activity and be prompted to send updates via in-app Messaging. Great for post job reports, your team are prompted to send a personalised message to customers based on a status change.</p> <p><strong>If you love spending less time on business admin, you’ll want to sign up in the next minute.</strong><p> Job, service & team management software that lets you work from anywhere
Starting from $140 a month
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Induct contractors, employees and visitors into your workplace

Online Induction <p>Best known as the creators of We offer workforce software products for every level of business to help you engage and manage your workforce and workplace. Products include our most popular and flagship Online Induction Software and our Incident Reporting Software as well as our growing modules: Contractor Management System, Work Order Software, Visitor Sign In System, Compliance Training, Contractor Prequalification and our two most popular apps: Online Induction app and our Incident Reporting app. Powering organisations with Safety Inductions, Site Inductions, Contractor and Employee Inductions, Induction Programs, Incident Report Templates, Hazard Reporting and Workers Comp Claim Management.</p> Induct contractors, employees and visitors into your workplace
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For Joiners, Engineers and other Manufacturers

Empower Factory Productivity and Scheduling <p>Time Tracking Jobs and Staff, including Job Scheduling.</p> <p>Uses Tablets or PCs on factory floor. Empower assigns jobs to factory staff and tracks all jobs and staffs and all forms of factory productivity and work in progress.</p> <h3>Empower Management System (Used by Management and Office Staff)</h3> <p>150 Screens and Reports cover all forms of:</p> <ol> <li>Productivity (ie. Factory, Workcenter, Individual staff, Process productivity etc)</li> <li>Production / Job Status / Work in Progress </li> <li>Job Cost Labour </li> <li>Job Scheduling / Production Planning / Forward Job Lists and Workloads</li> <li>Payroll Times </li> <li>Factory Floor Downtime and all other forms of Time Slippage </li> <li>History of Times on Jobs</li> </ol> <h3>Empower Factory System (Used by Factory Staff)</h3> <p>Your factory staff view on their factory tablets or PCs their: Assigned Job list – to Individual staff or their assigned Work Centre(s), Job priorities, Job Budgeted times when they start each job, Achieved times when they complete each job</p> <h3>Client Industries</h3> <ul> <li>Joiners – kitchens/cabinets, commercial joinery, furniture in board, furniture in solid timber, laminate/stone tops, timber windows, timber processing, building products in panel or timber</li> <li>Engineers – general engineering, sheet metal/stainless, trailer & agricultural equipment manufacturers, aluminium boats, aluminium/pvc windows, hydraulics, building products in metal</li> <li>Other Manufacturers – Glass machining, boat building, contract fiberglass, plastic fabrication, apparel</li> </ul> <h3>Factory Productivity Increase on Your Factory Floor</h3> <p>In 15 years our clients’ factory productivity increase in currently 46% (current client average). </p> <p>In 15 years our lowest factory productivity increase is 15% and our client’s highest factory productivity increase is 160%. </p> <p>Empower’s goal is to help you secure a factory floor productivity of 20% or significantly higher – our track record strongly suggests we will achieve this goal.</p> <h3>Empower API</h3> <p>Empower has an API which allows your developer to write any link for you. Using your link information can be transferred from your other software to Empower or from Empower to your other software - to make one seamless software solution.</p> <h3>MYOB and Empower - One Seamless World Class Software Solution</h3> <p>Create a Job in Empower and this automatically generates your invoice in MYOB Essentials On Line – to make one seamless software solution.</p> <h3>Empower Cloud.</h3> <p>This allows management and factory staff to use phones or tablets to access Empower, wherever you have internet access. Further functionality and capability between MYOB and Empower will continue to be developed.</p> <h3>Empower Database</h3> <p>Empower has developed its database in Microsoft SQL Server, which is an industrial database capable of the highest volume of orders and jobs if required</p> <h3>Pricing</h3> <p>Based on Staff number you track – please request quotation. Each client receives unlimited factory and management software (Free 30 day trial)</p> <h3>Your Staff Scheduled and Tracked on Empower</h3> <ul> <li>All your factory staff (ie in machining, assembly, surface coating etc)</li> <li>Your management and office staff involved in pre production</li> <li>Your site Staff</li> </ul> <p>You can schedule and track any groups and any number of your staff as you require. You can stage your use of Empower to track factory staff initially then other staff later</p> For Joiners, Engineers and other Manufacturers
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EXO Advanced AccountRight Live Essentials

MyIntegrator specialises in connecting a range of eCommerce platforms with MYOB

eSync eCommerce for MYOB <p>MyIntegrator offers automation and integration for your online store and you MYOB accounting software and online products. We enable complete control of Orders, Inventory, Products, Pricing, Customers and Payment for your B2B and B2C store.</p> <p>MyIntegrator offers a scalable ecommerce solution that is fully integrated with your MYOB accounting software and online products. Save time & money with no duplicate data entry through our integrated ecommerce accounting software solutions.</p> <p>The benefits include:<ul> <li>Automate your workflows<br /> No data entry, copy/paste of information, spreadsheet data manipulation. Applications are connected and data synchronised.</li> <li>Save time<br /> No mistakes and duplication of data. Spend time for customers.</li> <li>Effortless management<br /> Manage shipment and stock level effectively.</li> <li>Up-to-date products<br /> Update products on web store and get MYOB products updated automatically.</li> <li>Flexible to your business rules<br /> Show inventory availability your way while pricing product and applying flexible discount rules with full support of international orders.</li></ul></p> MyIntegrator specialises in connecting a range of eCommerce platforms with MYOB
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Fast and flexible funding. Receive early payment on your customer invoices.

Timelio <p>Growing businesses need extra cash to pay suppliers, hire new staff, expand production and fuel growth. Timelio enables you to improve cash flow and receive early payment on your customer invoices.</p> <p>You select which invoices to fund, when you need it. You’re not locked in to minimum or maximum funding limits, so that you have control over your cash flow.</p> <p>Timelio can fund your Australian or overseas invoices, providing a flexible, trusted and personalised online service with a fast turnaround, no lock-in contract and no exit or joining fees.</p> <p>Simply apply for funding with Timelio <a href="">here</a> and follow the easy step-by-step process.<br /> 1. Provide your company information and ID<br /> 2. Link your MYOB account<br /> 3. Once approved, upload invoices for funding</p> <h4>Here’s what our customers are saying:</h4> <p><em>“I love Timelio. As a BAS Agent with clients in many varied industries, the funding options offered by Timelio are fantastic. It is flexible, fast settlement and very easy to account for. I highly recommend it.”</em><br /> Heather, <strong>BAS Agent</strong>, Geelong</p> <p><em>“Timelio is user friendly and their rates are very competitive compare to other providers. Ability to select and fund invoices provide flexibility and is cost effective. Timelio is a very valuable business partner and I highly recommend anyone looking for invoice financing to give Timelio a go.”</em><br /> Rohit, <strong>Head of Finance</strong>, Sydney</p> <p><em>“Timelio have done a fantastic job with increasing our company's cashflow. Their "no fuss" approach to each transaction has taken the headache out of the financing process and made life very simple for us. We would highly recommend Timelio to any business looking to improve their cashflow position.”</em><br /> Nadia, <strong>Office Manager</strong>, Gold Coast</p> <p><a href="">Check out the case studies</a> to find out how businesses have used Timelio to fund their growth.</p> Fast and flexible funding. Receive early payment on your customer invoices.
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HR Policies, Procedures, Compliance & Operations backed by on staff HR Specialists

HR Central <p>HR Central is about helping Small to Medium Sized Business in all aspects of HR with a simple and affordable online solution, making sure you have the right policies, procedures and templates and are compliant with employment laws and regulations.</p> <p>Our easy to use system enables employers to securely and efficiently manage all aspects of staff employment, including key areas such as leave and qualifications tracking. The system wide notifications ensure employers and employees alike are always kept informed of what needs to be done in HR. Both employer and employee can access their information, online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.</p> <p>In addition HR Central provides you with a dedicated Account Manager to assist you anytime and the support of experienced HR Specialists to guide you through some of the more complex situations, such as recruitment, employment contracts, training and termination of employment.</p> HR Policies, Procedures, Compliance & Operations backed by on staff HR Specialists
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Easy online estimating & job management software for builders & trades

Buildxact <p>Easy online estimating and job management software for builders and trades throughout Australia & New Zealand</p> <p>Buildxact is an all-in-one, simple to use, estimating and job management software for builders, renovators, roofers, carpenters, plumbers, plasterers and many more trades. We help our customers get ahead and stay ahead from first takeoff and quote to final invoice.</p> <li>Quick and simple takeoffs</li> <li>Fast and accurate job costing</li> <li>Create accurate and professional quotes</li> <li>Stay on top of scheduling</li> <li>Streamline cost tracking and purchasing</li> <li>Stress-free variations</li> <li>Easy invoicing</li> <li>Connect to MYOB and other apps</li> <li>Easy to get started and easy to use</li> <p>Buildxact manages the build process of projects, including tracking purchases, managing variations and issuing client invoices. </p> <p>Plugs straight into MYOB for effortless tracking of your finances – approved purchases and invoices automatically sync for payment or reconciliation.</p> <p>Cuts out the double handling of tasks between spreadsheets, paper and other tools and frees up hours in the day.</p> Easy online estimating & job management software for builders & trades estimating budgeting job management quoting variation
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Fieldmagic is an industry leading job management, maintenance, quoting and CRM platform

Fieldmagic Fieldmagic is an industry leading job management, maintenance, quoting and CRM platform designed from the ground up with field services in mind. The platform streamlines the process of Job Management, Scheduling, Billing, and provides an Offline Mobile Technician App with GPS Tracking that significantly reduces paper-handling processes. The platform is built on a leading CRM platform, meaning that it has an entire ecosystem of addons and integrations, which can be used to add value to your business. Fieldmagic is an industry leading job management, maintenance, quoting and CRM platform

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