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Fast, flexible and personalised business loans that help small businesses get ahead

MYOB Loans <p>MYOB Loans are fast, flexible and personalised business loans that help small businesses get ahead . Loans from $10,000 to $150,000 are available, with repayments over 6-24 months.</p> <p>MYOB Loans are powered by OnDeck<br /> • OnDeck are Australian-based loan specialists<br /> • $6+ billion in funding delivered to businesses globally*<br /> • OnDeck has helped over a thousand businesses just like yours</p> <p>"I would recommend MYOB Loans to other businesses and we will continue to use it in the future."<br /> Siobhan Belmore, Tree Access Owner </p> <p>It’s quick and easy to access finance. Here’s 3 steps to your next Loan <br /> 1. Apply online <br /> A fast and easy 10-minute online application and 3 months of business bank statements<br /> 2. A quick decision Funding based on the health of your business <br /> 3. Get funded Receive funding in as fast as 1 business day</p> <p>PLUS receive ongoing support from dedicated Australian-based loan specialists. They’re available Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm. Reach them on 1800 817 596</p> <p>96% of MYOB clients who used OnDeck recalled a great service</p> <p>Apply now / Request a call from MYOB Loan specialist </p> Fast, flexible and personalised business loans that help small businesses get ahead
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Early payment to your suppliers in return for a discount and extend your own payment terms

Working Capital Solutions for MYOB <p>Since 1987 the Dataline Group has been at the forefront of making accounts payables easy for organisations in Australia and New Zealand.</p> <h2How it works<h2> <p>Dataline’s accounts payable solution for MYOB will help you save time and money by managing your current manual processes associated with accounts payable. With faster approval times of invoices, take the opportunity to pay your suppliers early in return for a discount.</p> <p>Invoice Automation – With faster invoice approvals, you have an opportunity to select which invoices you wish to pay early in return for a discount</p> <p>Supplier Offer – Selected suppliers that you wish to pay early will receive an email offering an early payment of the invoice in return for a discount </p> <p>Gain A Discount – Recieve an acceptance from your supplier for early payment and get notified of the discount amount and new payment date for the invoice </p> <p>Retain Your Cashflow - Use the discount to leverage funding of the invoice to extend your own payment terms by up to 90 days.</p> <p>Turn your discounts into a substantial return on your payables or use the discount to fund your payments </p> <p>Dataline helps you optimise your Accounts Payable processing, providing you with high visibility daily of your business’ liabilities, and now offers the OPTION TO EXTEND PAYMENT TERMS with your suppliers, giving far greater flexibility and control of your working capital. By offering to pay suppliers early with unsecured, off-balance sheet funding, you can: </p> <ul><li>Capitalise further on supplier discounts available</li> <li>Free up valuable working capital to facilitate your business’ growth</li> <li>Extend your own payment terms by up to 90 days</li> <li>Strengthen your supply chain by also improving your suppliers’ cash flow.</li></ul> <p>A better way to manage your payables</p> <ul><li>Easy access to funds, with no borrowing and no security required</li> <li>Strengthen supply chain relationships with suppliers you choose to pay early; you’re in control of who and when you pay</li> <li>Workflow that allows you to benefit from supplier early payment discounts</li> <li>Use discounts earned to fund working capital requirements</li> <li>Extend your terms on any supplier invoice up to 90 days.</li></ul> <p>Want to know more? </p> <p>Dataline’s working capital solution is a great way to start your digital transformation journey. For more information, contact us on +61 2 9882 6301 or</p> Early payment to your suppliers in return for a discount and extend your own payment terms
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Fast and flexible funding. Receive early payment on your customer invoices.

Timelio <p>Growing businesses need extra cash to pay suppliers, hire new staff, expand production and fuel growth. Timelio enables you to improve cash flow and receive early payment on your customer invoices.</p> <p>You select which invoices to fund, when you need it. You’re not locked in to minimum or maximum funding limits, so that you have control over your cash flow.</p> <p>Timelio can fund your Australian or overseas invoices, providing a flexible, trusted and personalised online service with a fast turnaround, no lock-in contract and no exit or joining fees.</p> <p>Simply apply for funding with Timelio <a href="">here</a> and follow the easy step-by-step process.<br /> 1. Provide your company information and ID<br /> 2. Link your MYOB account<br /> 3. Once approved, upload invoices for funding</p> <h4>Here’s what our customers are saying:</h4> <p><em>“I love Timelio. As a BAS Agent with clients in many varied industries, the funding options offered by Timelio are fantastic. It is flexible, fast settlement and very easy to account for. I highly recommend it.”</em><br /> Heather, <strong>BAS Agent</strong>, Geelong</p> <p><em>“Timelio is user friendly and their rates are very competitive compare to other providers. Ability to select and fund invoices provide flexibility and is cost effective. Timelio is a very valuable business partner and I highly recommend anyone looking for invoice financing to give Timelio a go.”</em><br /> Rohit, <strong>Head of Finance</strong>, Sydney</p> <p><em>“Timelio have done a fantastic job with increasing our company's cashflow. Their "no fuss" approach to each transaction has taken the headache out of the financing process and made life very simple for us. We would highly recommend Timelio to any business looking to improve their cashflow position.”</em><br /> Nadia, <strong>Office Manager</strong>, Gold Coast</p> <p><a href="">Check out the case studies</a> to find out how businesses have used Timelio to fund their growth.</p> Fast and flexible funding. Receive early payment on your customer invoices.

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