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Import sales into MYOB from text files as output by your own e-commerce or database system

TransPost <h2>Do your staff waste hours keying sales into MYOB?</h2> <p>Import sales and customer payments directly from CSV and tab-delimited text files such as: <ul> <li>sales data downloaded from your e-commerce web site, eBay, PayPal</li> <li>exports from your Job Management, Sales or Order Management system </li> <li>tables exported from Excel or MS Access.</li> </ul> <p>You can also import customer data, inventory item details and jobs so that they are set up for your sales.</p> <h4>Expenses</h4> <p>You can also import your expenses via the Spend Money import.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <h3>Flexible</h3> <p>TransPost 'mappings' flexibly relate import data columns to AccountRight fields. You can define and save as many as necessary to cover your MYOB import requirements.</p> <p>You can import sales using minimal data - TransPost can add defaults and calculate the rest. Alternatively you can set up mappings that cover every possible field in MYOB. Once saved, mappings can be reused whenever you need to. Just select your import file, choose a mapping then click the Import to MYOB button:</p> <ul> <li>Optionally skip title/header rows before the data</li> <li>Import from files irrespective of column order</li> <li>Specify or automatically retrieve defaults from AccountRight for unspecified data</li> <li>Calculate unspecified amounts using Selling Price retrieved from AccountRight</li> <li>Check customer data to ensure customer for a sale or payment can be uniquely identified</li> <li>Flexibly format dates, amounts and account codes</li> <li>Use email, phone or address data to distinguish customers with the same name</li> </ul> <h3>Automatic</h3> <p>If your sales data includes new customers, you can set up a customer import to first create the missing customer cards. Customer details can also be updated. Similarly Items or Jobs can be imported or updated.</p> <p>Specify a sequence of steps to place arriving files in a nominated directory folder for automatic processing. For example, if your sales may be to new customers, use a customer import to create the missing customer cards first:</p> <ul> <li>Step 1 - Import missing customers and move file to input folder for step 2</li> <li>Step 2 - Import new Items and move file to input folder for step 3</li> <li>Step 3 - Import sales and move the file into the next folder</li> </ul> <p>If Items or Jobs referenced in your sales data are missing in AccountRight, you can set up an Item or Job mapping to import the missing details. These too can be added to a Run Sequence and picked up automatically.</p> <h3>Effortless</h3> <p>If you use the TransPost Service you can just drop input data files into the specified input folders. If you specify a Drop Box folder data files can be submitted remotely.</p> <p>When the TransPost Service is running they will be processed completely automatically. </p> <p>Just imagine</p> <ul> <li>Download your eCommerce sales to the appropriate input folder</li> <li>If data is prepared in spreadsheets just Save As CSV into the input folder</li> <li>When data arrives as email attachments just save to the appropriate input folder</li> <li>Sales reps can submit an order file from their tablet or laptop via DropBox or similar </li> </ul> <p>it is imported quite automatically!</p> <p>If the service is not running, just click the Run All Now button to process all files currently in the input folders. <h3>Accountable</h3> <p>TransPost has comprehensive logging to show: <ul> <li>If any errors occurred</li> <li>What data has been imported</li> <li>What remains unprocessed</li> </ul> <h2>Free 30 day trial</h2> <p>For more details see <a href=""></a>. Download <a href="">TransPost</a> now and try it out. </p> <p>Just install, register and use TransPost free for 30 days from the installation date.</p> <p><b>More information and download at <a href=""></a>.</b></p> Import sales into MYOB from text files as output by your own e-commerce or database system import csv
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Blue Devil, mobile warehouse management solution application integrated with MYOB

Blue Devil Blue Devil is a mobile warehouse management solution for AccountRight customers. It supports MYOB company files stored on the desktop or in the cloud. Core modules of the Blue Devil product include Good Receipting, Scan Picking, Stock Take, Stock Inquiry and Customer Inquiry. It fully integrates wirelessly with MYOB AccountRight in real time and supports the use of in-built camera barcode scanning and bluetooth barcode scanners. The system is build on the Android operating system for use with smartphones and tablets. Blue Devil, mobile warehouse management solution application integrated with MYOB WMS Barcode Mobile App Picking Mobile Warehouse Management System Scanner Scan
Less than $1 per shipment
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CargoOffice Freight Management System - Technology that delivers!

CargoOffice <p>CargoOffice is a web based freight management system designed to make your life easier</p> <p>Create shipments that capture all the requried information, generate connotes, stickers and all sorts of documentation, better yet, get your customers to create them</p> <p>Update the status of shipments with you mobile device, giving your customers a real-time view of what is happening</p> <p>Collect signatures and send the signed PoD straight to your customers inbox as a PDF</p> <p>Add your charges to the shipments and send straight to MYOB for invoicing, reducing your debtor days</p> <p>...and much more</p> <h3>Web based</h3> <p>No software to install, no hardware to maintain. Never have to worry about upgrading hardware or patching software again. All you need is a PC or Mac (or even a tablet) running a modern web browser and you can access all the functionality of the system</p> <h3>Subscription</h3> <p>Pay by the month based on your volume of shipments. No big capital outlay for hardware or licenses</p> <h3>Integration and EDI</h3> <p>Easily communicate and integrate with other systems such as Transport Management System (TMS) or your customers Freight Management System (FMS), with our extensive EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capability. We currently support a variety of transport modes from HTTP and FTP to Web services and email and file types such as CSV and XML. If we don't already support it, we can build it for you.</p> CargoOffice Freight Management System - Technology that delivers!
From $99/week
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Automate transport and warehouse management on the cloud

CartonCloud <p>CartonCloud is an affordable, cloud-based Transport and Warehouse mangement software, designed specifically for 3PL's to save time.</p> <p>CartonCloud is a TMS and WMS OR it can be just a TMS or just a WMS, whether you just want transport or you just want warehousing!</p> Automate transport and warehouse management on the cloud
$13/year - Single User Quotes/Jobs/Invoices. Optional add on features eg, $10/month per User, $5/month MYOB sync
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Job Management Software that is powerful, affordable and cutting edge.

eBoss <p>eBoss is Job Management Software built by Australians for Australian trade businesses. It is powerful, affordable and cutting edge. eBoss Quote templates will allow you to send quotes in seconds. eBoss Business reports will show you your costs and profits with the click of a button. Our custom reports will make your Admin and Outdoor staff visible and accountable.</p> <p>Do you have complex contracts and Labour charge out rates? eBoss has unlimited Labour charge out rate multipliers in your company settings. We also have flexible Cost-Plus Markup rates via each Inventory item, Client or Location.</p> <p>Whether you’re big, small or somewhere in between, eBoss has you covered with free local support and training when you need it.</p> Job Management Software that is powerful, affordable and cutting edge.
From $49/month
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The fastest and most accurate way to record staff time and attendance.

NoahFace Shift <p>NoahFace Shift is the fastest and most accurate way to record staff time and attendance. It is designed for organisations that employee shift workers, particularly in industries such as: Manufacturing, Logistics, Hospitality, Healthcare and Retail, and mounts as a self-service kiosk at the point of staff entry and exit.</p> <p>NoahFace Shift uses facial recognition technology to provide a single-touch clock-in and clock-out process, reducing the time taken to seconds and avoiding queues and employee frustration during peak periods. </p> <p>NoahFace Shift helps you eliminate 'buddy-clocking' and fraud by positively identifying individuals and automatically storing a photo of all clocking events.</p> <p>The data collected by NoahFace Shift is loaded directly into MYOB, ensuring employees get paid accurately based on their actual worked hours.</p> <p>Get ready to Shift your business to the next level!</p> The fastest and most accurate way to record staff time and attendance.

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