Move your practice online

Create MYOB logins for your practice if you haven’t yet:

Enable MYOB Logins

If you have multiple databases, set up logins for each one.

Make sure you’re running the latest version of your MYOB software, check for available updates at my.MYOB

Please note: MYOB AE practices not using Document Manager – please ensure you are using the Windows Explorer view for the Document tab. Click here for help and select the “Windows View” option for complete step by step instructions.

Log into my.MYOB and download your latest release from the My Products > Downloads page 

Install your latest release on the server where your MYOB practice solution is already installed. Then complete the simple steps listed under the Set up tab above. 

Open your MYOB AE or AO software, click on the cloud icon in the ribbon and follow the set up steps.

Accessing MYOB Portal

Once you're been set up, you can start using the “Live” features via the cloud icon in AO or AE, or online using the links below.

To help, we've supplied a step-by-step set up video.