MYOB and Microsoft Power BI: get better insights

Take your clients' success to the next level with powerful analytics

Give your clients even better advice

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful analytics tool that can help you visualise your clients' AccountRight Live data with beautiful, interactive dashboards.

By connecting Power BI and AccountRight Live, you can easily create custom reports that analyse and customise your clients' information, combine it with other data sources and find key insights that can help drive business and give profit a boost.

With the right information, you can help your clients make even more informed decisions that lead to business success.

Discover new business pathways

Give profit a boost when the data is on your side


See the future

By visualising data, you'll be able to help your clients spot new opportunities - and risks - before they happen


Work better, together

Take AccountRight Live data and even combine it with other sources to give more powerful insights, and fuel more productive conversations


Get down to business

Power BI is quick and easy to use, so you can focus on gathering deeper insights for your clients' success


Visualise opportunities

Look at finances through a new lens with beautiful, interactive dashboards, and share them with your clients

How to get started

Get set up in minutes and harness the power of your clients' data with the MYOB AccountRight Live content pack for Power BI.