What next? MYOB guide helps businesses navigate COVID-19 recovery

26 May 2020

As the country begins its substantial economic recovery in response to the effects of COVID-19, MYOB has released the final guide in their Business Preparedness series – this time, aimed at helping businesses focus on the next stages of rebuilding, redevelopment and growth.

The SME-focused resource has been developed to provide businesses with practical advice around coping with the wide-ranging effects of the COVID-19 pandemic – from tips on how to do business safely and where to get support, to evaluating business purpose and finding new ways of working by continuing to use new digital tools.

MYOB NZ country manager, Ingrid Cronin-Knight, says despite the pressures on SMEs throughout the country, New Zealanders have shown why they are renowned for innovation, ingenuity and determination, especially when in unprecedented territory.

“New Zealand businesses have embraced technology and changed their working models to support both their customers and employees – whether that’s through videoconferencing, e-commerce or social media. For many businesses, they may feel they have leapt 20 years in just two months in their digital transformation,” says Ms Cronin-Knight.

“Overall, we’ve shared, streamlined and connected in ways that, as we began 2020, may have been out of reach for many organisations. The job is not finished yet however – it’s imperative we continue to work together to support both our local communities and local business owners.”

The latest guide also looks at how businesses can stay nimble and improve their response to new operating restrictions, as well as reflecting on learnings from experiences of working from home and adapting them for the workplace – such as streamlining meetings or avoiding unnecessary travel.

Ms Cronin-Knight says the recovery will continue to challenge SMEs over the coming weeks and months, pointing out that it will require all the creativity, courage and discipline the business community can muster to not just survive, but succeed.

“It is going to be tough but local SME operators can be confident of having the support of New Zealanders behind them. We’ve already seen this demonstrated through everything from the shop-local campaigns to a renewed focus on domestic travel.

“Looking ahead, many organisations will have to adjust their business strategies and for some, their target markets. Accepting those limitations and finding new ways to adapt, will be a vital part of rebuilding local businesses and the economy,” says Ms Cronin-Knight.

The third edition of the MYOB Business Preparedness Guide is available now for download here.


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