MYOB delivers flexible tools for accountants and bookkeepers to work at pace

07 Oct 2020

New functionality boosts advisor capacity to help meet SME demand for more support

Leading business management platform, MYOB, has released a browser-based feature that enables users to perform many of the accounting workflows of its popular AccountRight software, on-the-go.

The new AccountRight feature, which offers users the ability to access reports and transactions or approve payments through a web browser, is now available to New Zealand accountants and bookkeepers who are AccountRight subscribers.

“Now, our clients will have the option to use the browser to perform many of their business workflows across any device, including Mac, tablet, and smart phone,” explains MYOB Head of Product, Dale Dixon.

Providing a seamless user experience, the new browser feature will automatically adjust its screen layout across all devices and can also be used interchangeably with the AccountRight Windows App used today.

A powerful reporting suite unique to the browser has also been released. This includes a new budgeting module, cash flow reporting, and a brand-new report pack designer. 

“With an increasing demand for accountants and bookkeepers to provide advisory services, particularly through the pandemic, it is imperative that they have easy access to real-time business information,” says Mr. Dixon.  

“The browser-based reporting gives instant insight into business performance, with fully customizable reports and the ability to compare budgets from month to month, quarterly, or even year-on-year, with reporting capable of spanning multiple financial years." 

The new feature will also provide a consistent experience for accountants and bookkeepers who work across MYOB’s two popular software products for SMEs – MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight. Regardless of which product their client is using, the workflow within the browser remains the same. 

“In the new environment of increased remote working, offering flexibility in the way that our clients work is more important than ever,” Mr. Dixon says.

“Building on the success of our desktop app, the new browser-based functionality is a significant value-add that we are excited to offer our clients.”