1-in-5 businesses offer flexible work hours for parents

26 Apr 2018

New survey reveals extent of flexible working arrangements, highlights include:

·       18% offer flexible hours to cover childcare

·       22% offer flexible start and finish times

·       34% allow staff to work away from the office


Flexible working arrangements are becoming more common giving parent’s different options for managing the kids these school holidays, says accounting software provider MYOB.

According to the latest MYOB Business Monitor survey of more than 1,000 small-to-medium sized businesses around New Zealand, 60 percent offer some form of flexible work options to staff – including almost one-in-five that make specific work arrangements for staff who are parents.

The range of arrangements offered include 18 percent who offer flexible hours to working parents, more than a third (34 percent) who say they allow staff to work from home, eight percent who offer four-day working weeks, and 22 percent who offer the ability to vary start and finish times.

MYOB New Zealand general manager Carolyn Luey says increasingly employees are coming to expect flexible work arrangements from their employers because of advancements in technology, such as online tools, allowing them to work remotely.

“These days, teams can work from just about anywhere thanks to digital communication, smart phones, laptops and other new technologies,” she says.

“People also are more likely to be able to negotiate flexible working arrangements – particularly if they’re a parent or primary caregiver.”

Luey says working parents rely on flexible work arrangements during the school holidays in particular.

“The average working parent receives four weeks of annual leave a year, while their children can receive up to 12 weeks of school holidays.

“So, taking time off to manage childcare can be a real challenge if you can’t change your hours or have the ability to work from home.”

While day-care centres, school holiday programmes and full-time nannies are viable options, Luey says not all parents can afford such care.

“With the right support from their employers, working parents can meet both their professional and parental duties with ease.

“It’s a matter of knowing their requirements and looking for a way to accommodate individual needs,” says Luey.

According to the survey, larger businesses are more likely to offer flexible work arrangements, with 69 percent of businesses with a revenue of more than $5 million allowing their staff to work from home.

Forty-four percent of these businesses also offer flexible work arrangements to parents, while a fifth (21 percent) offer four-day working weeks.

Interestingly the research identified that older employers are among the least likely to offer flexible work options, with just one percent of employers over the age of 70 providing flexibility to working parents. And, almost half (45 percent) of this group saying they do not offer any flexible work arrangements to their staff.

“While some SMEs can’t offer flexible hours due to the nature of their work, there are several productivity benefits for those that can,” says Luey.

“Research shows that staff who are given the option to work on their own terms have a greater sense of job satisfaction and lower stress levels, which can increase workplace productivity and efficiency.”



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The MYOB Business Monitor is a national survey of 1,000+ New Zealand small and medium business owners and managers, from sole traders to mid-sized companies, representing the major industry sectors. It has run since 2009, commissioned to independent market research firm Colmar Brunton. This most recent survey ran in February/March 2018. The Monitor researches business performance and attitudes in areas such as profitability, cash flow, pipeline, technology usage and the government. The weighting of respondents by both geographical location and sector is based on overall market proportions as established by Statistics New Zealand and is drawn from an independent survey group, which includes both MYOB clients and non-clients.